Baby on Board?

I love my job. I really do love my job and I'm good at what I do. I sell dreams. New homes. Expensive new homes. True. It comes naturally for me. I'm passionate about it. Just as I am my babies and fh. I've been told I have a gift. People trust me. I am a sales manager(no shock here) for a large new home builder in the D.C. area. I come into contact with a lot of people on a daily basis. Good people.Educated people. Kind people. Well, most of the time. I meet alot of people. But what never seizes to amaze me is how insensitive people can be with their probing. I know I should feel flattered that people find me so interesting, but some things are well, personal. I know to the masses I am an open book. Yes, I too would agree. Most of the time. But on my terms. When I'm comfortable sharing my inner self. Even I have my breaking point. But today I was reminded of something that I had buried deep, deep within my sole. I thought I had come to terms with. Something that I thought I had accepted. Stashed away in the vault. Well ,so I thought. But today I was blind sided by the reminder. The shield was broken today. It hurt.

This is the conversation that brought me to tears:
Me: Always ready to greet with a chipper smile and make customer feel welcome. "Hello, ladies. Welcome to XX Homes, my name is Rony."

Customer: Smiling. "Hello,, thank you, would it be ok if we looked around"?

Me: "Oh, of course"! "Is this your first time here or is there anything I can share with you about the community"?

Customer: "No, we were considering a possible move and wanted to see what was on the market out here". I'm guessing they live in D.C. or close by.

Me: "Great, where are you from"?

Customer: Smiling, "Arlington". Yep, see I knew. Of course they comment on how far the community is to D.C. (30 miles). Like it was 12 states away.....shzzz..

Me: "Ah, yes Arlington. I love the city, great food too".

Customer: As she is eyeballing me very strangely, and then there it was "Are you pregnant"? Oh, my g-d. Did she just ask me that? She waves her hand towards my dress. I actually thought she was going to touch me. Please don't let her touch me. I jump back.

Me: "Um, well, it's the"....customer trying to interrupt. please tell her to shut-up and let me finish.

Customer: Without missing a beat. "Oh, that's great".

Me: "No, no, I'm not pregnant, we were never able" as I stand there stuttering..wanting to climb through the floor....Is she still here?

Customer's Friend: As she points at my dress and tries to explain to her friend "that''s the style now", that's what the young are wearing". Yeah, my dress looks like a tent.

Me: Did she call me young? "Yes, oh, I know it's a bit revealing, but" Oh, just shut-up. When will they leave. Make them leave. I knew I shouldn't have worn this dress......

Customer: She could clearly see I was upset. "I'm so sorry, really".

Me: "It's ok, we were unalbe to conceive our own". Shit, why did I say that? I just wanted them to get out of my house.

Customer: Figuring she needs to say something. "Can we still look around"??

Me: Oh, g-d their going to say. Smiling "yes, please let me know if you have any other questions". G-d did I just say that? What time is it?? I need to go home.

Today I was reminded of something I would never experience. No matter how much I wanted it, it would never happen. I would never feel life within my womb. I would never have a big round belly like a basketball. I would never give birth. Today I cried. Really cried.

I am pictured in the dress I was wearing today. Ok, it's a bit revealing as my fh pointed out. But, the market in D.C. has been tight. I wanted to make sure my customer's all returned. I will be retiring this dress. For work anyway....

Baby Lizzie and Baby Kate

Come take a peek

A snapshot of a real life "reality" show. Our reality.

If my calculation was correct it was that time again. Time for "Nana's" bi-monthly visit to spoil her grandchildren. Oh, goody. (her only grandchildren--and probably for awhile....long while). I am lucky that Nana so desperately wants to be a part of the babies (yes, I will always call them my babies too) lives. The girls know without a doubt who the crazy one is (the lady with the presents---silly--not me)and are constantly chanting "Na-na, Na-na, Na-na" as if conditioning for a beer chugging contest! Oh, g-d help me. Jason G.(legal council) I blame you.... Too early for that I hope. *wink.*

My "Mil" and I have always had an amazingly close relationship. Don't be hatin'. Not the usual daughter, mil relationship either. A friendship. You know, talk about sex and stuff... We have even discussed over the years (there was a time when she thought I might have been a bit of a handful for dh-ha ha ha. )that if I had not saved dh and married him that we would have been friends. So, it means more to me than any of you know that she wants to be a part of their little lives. A real part of their lives which translates, our lives. Package deal. When she visits she gets a front row viewing with popcorn at no additional charge of the "good bad and the ugly". No curtain calls here. We wave our "freak" flag proudly! Any hoots...I've always enjoyed her visits but now, waaaay more. Why, you might ask? Well, she begs us to let her (really) cook dinner for us (remember -- control freak here don't like anyone in my kitchen--including family) while visiting. Now, I'm not a stupid girl, however I've been thinking that maybe, there's a reason why. Could it be that she:
  • Hates my cooking. Is it possible?!
  • Prefers eating before 9:00pm.--yes we eat late... super duper late...we always have.

  • Doesn't like what I prepare. Hmm, possibility....naw!!!
  • Would rather do all the cooking-control freak herself?! No wonder we get along. Fine by me as I hate "clean-up"...

  • Wants to make sure her son is getting enough to eat. You've seen him, he ain't starving! No one in my household is. Reminder, I need to loose 10 ponds. Note to self: Talk to Sen about her work out schedule...
At any rate it gets me out of slaving over a hot stove after working all day and she gets the dirty job of clean-up. Which brings me to my next point. Days, almost hours no minutes before she arrived my schedule was altered. Under normal circumstances this wouldn't be a big deal, however I now would be working the entire time Nana was here! Crap. I know, a lot of you are thinking I'd rather be working when my "mil" visits. But, not me. I like to supervise the activities. Control freak..... remember? Lol.

So, Nana sucked up the courage and asked if she could take the girls to the pool -with the help of Mai of course-now, before I would have blurted out a big fat "No" and not wavered. Nobody but mama can manage the girls alone. No one. But, I thought what an excellent idea!!! I figured this would cure her of asking me to put them on a plane... without me. Insert, big grin. No fear there as you will see from photos (Sorry Nana--busted) how Nana had an "eye" on the children...yeah, see here...Good thing she convinced Mai how wonderful it would be to help her with the kids *shzz* . Remind me not to send the girls to Florida anytime soon or until their 16... lol.

Just for the record I hate, really hate(I know hate is a really strong word) public watering holes. No, not those kind of watering holes (martini bars, or bar-stools) but swimming pools. Now, I wouldn't say I live in the "hood" by any stretch, but well, we obviously have a lot of clueless people in my neighborhood. Stupid. I like taking the girls to the pool every chance I can. You see, even though I hate, detest public swimming pools, my little girls love the water. Just like their momma. So, we load up mommies pimp machine (not really a real pimp machine, I just wish it were) 2 days a week for fun in the sun and water.

I was a really upset the other day at the lack of supervision by the parent's regarding their children. Especially in the baby pool area. Yes, I understand it's only one foot of water. But a child can drown in less! Although we do have one monster ass baby pool equipped with fountain to boot it is not life guard manned. We were rushing to get home for naps when I noticed a little girl who appeared to be 3-4 years old swimming in the baby pool. Alone. No parent, no babysitter, nothing. So I asked her(felt it was my responsibility) if she were with anyone? Much to my horror she said yes, her mommy. "Oh", I said as I'm looking around for her. I ask, "well, where is she"? The little girl replied "at the big" pool"! I was so upset that I loaded the kids in the pimp machine faster than I ever have and sped up to the clubhouse to speak to someone with some authority. After having a discussion with someone who appeared to be important, I've never seen him before, he could have been the valet attendant for all I know or a drifter...I didn't care, I was upset... he assured me they would address the situation. Guess what? A repeat on Friday. Also big kids (really big kids) swimming, no throwing big crap in in the baby pool while they're on mandatory 15 minute break from the big pool. Grrr... Did I mention how I hate public pools?!? I know my hormones have been acting up but it makes me so angry that these children are being dropped off and obviously being unsupervised. What will it take before these parent's sit up and take notice? A drowning?! Unbelievable. Is this all the more they value life?! Ok, maybe I'm a bit dramatic, but damnit, I waited a long time for my little angels and it makes me angry....

I will finish it up with a conversation I had with a group of moms, whom I had absolutely nothing in common with at the pool.

Skinny Hot Mommy: "They are so cute".Real emphasis on cute. I know what that means. Preparing myself...

Me: "Thank you". Beaming and so proud. Waiting for her to strike.

Skinny Hot Mommy: "Where'd you git them"?

Me: Stupid, disgusted look on my face, yep, I knew this was going to happen, "China".

Skinny Hot Mommy: "The bathing suits"?

Me: Blushing, and totally embarrassed. "Oh, no, I thought you meant the children, Kohl's I mean, I bought the suits at Kohl's children in China". Me thinking to myself, Oh, just shut-up now. Stupid mommy with foot in mouth! Disappear.

Skinny Hot Mommy: "The suits are adorable, but the girls are precious". Look on her face that says I feel sorry for you. No, I feel sorry for your children.

Me: "Oh, thank you".......

Note to self: Do not assume you know what someone is going to say before they say it.... Makes mommy look like total idiot. Packing up bags and children and going home now. Embarrassed. Will I be able to muster up the courage to go back? Especially since all moms are skinny and hot!

p.s. I like taking pictures of my cute kids.

"Oh Crap," shouts Tanner, in the middle of Sacrament Meeting

Kate can now sit up pretty good by herself, even on the floor. It's so cute to see them sit makes them seem older .

Well, this is right after Tanner pushed all of her toys on the floor and he is gathering up his cars around the house to load up on her tray.

And this is them playing cars together. Tanner shared so good this weekend. He would always let Kate touch his cars, even the cool ones. Kate still doesn't love it, but I think to Tanner, she is his best friend.

This is right before church. I know she's my own, but I have to say, she is seriously beautiful.

So onto the "Oh Crap" story. So we're sitting in Sacrament Meeting yesterday and Shad opens up a bag of fruit snacks (he says they're for Tanner, however Shad is very choosy about the Tanner's Sunday snacks and half magically disappear during church). So back to the story-the fruit snacks fly all over and Tanner says, "Oh Cwap." Shad and I look at each other, to confirm that he actually said that. Our saving grace, was that it was in the middle of an intermediate hymn. I blame my Mother completely. She always said crap and now I say crap. I figure the sins be upon the heads of the parents right? So thanks a lot Mom. = ) For those of you who aren't family members--I am totally just teasing my Mom. I don't blame her at all. = )

No time.....

This is my life lately. Hangin' on by a paw...... How are you all surviving?

The Year was 1978

It's Funky Friday and you know what that means.
It's time for me to divulge a little more of myself to you.
Can you stand it?

The following article was published in the local paper in September of 1978 of the small town where I once lived. This was actually news worthy back then. Could you imagine? Of course so were (still are) the obituaries and the local criminals. A regular National Enquirer. It reeked of scandal. Meet small town
U.S. A.

Ten senior girls shown below will be on pins and needles *snort* life altering event until Monday's student body election and results are over and they know whether they will be the 1978 Homecoming Queen or one of her two attendants. Insert: loyal subjects.....

Oh my g-d. It was worse than any sleazy politician running for office. The lovelies would "corner" their prey in the lunch room where they had no where to run or hide. Vultures. They were on a mission. I've never seen anything quite like it in all my life. But, hey I had only been at this small country school for 6 weeks. (Yes, my parent's moved me in my Senior year-I was a bad girl). But there was a lot at stake here. I know you're thinking college scholarship or *gasp* money--we all like money. But, no, these girls had campaigned their entire school career for this fleeting moment. This was about who was more popular and of course the "coveted" crown. Sort of like here in "blogland". It's all the same. We're just older now. lol.

Ok, who can guess which 3 it was? Stay tuned next week when the ballots (no hangin' chads either) are in and the lucky three are given the "lucky" rose. Their lives will never be the same. Bwahahaha... What will become of them?

Update July 26, 2007

Kate absolutely lights up when she sees her Daddy. She cuddles up close with her cheek next to his.

Sporting their new rims. Kate seems really excited about Tanner holding her, doesn't she?

It's been so fun to dress her in "big " clothes...something besides a onesie. Her hair is getting so long that we always have to have it in a clip or it's in her face.

After talking to my Mom yesterday I decided to print out my blogs and put them in a scrapbook binder as a family journal. Soooo.....I will be putting the date on all my titles and hopefully my writing won't get too boring since I want it to be a blog/journal.

Anyhow, Kate is now 6 months old!! It has gone by so fast. She is still so pleasant, happy and content. She's total -cries if she even gets bumped, gets her feelings hurt if Tanner yells to loud at her, or takes away her toys, etc. Whereas Tanner at 6 months could fall off the couch and not even make a peep-he was so tough. I've been trying to feed her solids, but it's been unsuccessful. It's so much easier just to latch her on, and as you can see from the pictures, she's not lacking in nutrition. = )

Tanner begs to go swimming all day and watch the "new moobie"(parent trap). Lately whenever Kate is talking too loud or cries, Tanner looks at her and says, "Too loud, Tate." If she still continues to cry or talk, he'll say it louder, "TOO LOUD, TATE!" It's hard not to laugh when he does it.

Tanner is always trying to get Kate to play cars with him, but doesn't want her to touch the cars. He will push all of her toys off her highchair(when she is in it), and pile it high with his cars. Then he'll say, "Kate play cars." But when she picks up a car, he takes it away. I'll tell him that he has to pick out 1 car (out of his 100 cars) to let her play with. He picks the same car every time- a hideously ugly neon orange car. Kate's a good sport about it.

Shad just got a new calling. He got released from YM, after 7 years, and is now the Elders Quorum President. I'm the activities chairman-loads of fun (can you sense my sarcasm?). I've been trying to do it with a cheerful heart, in hopes that once I accept it willingly, I will be released. Hasn't happened yet.

Now that it's been 6 months since I had Kate, I finally feel more on top of things now. I am really enjoying life and especially Shad, Tanner and Kate. Well, Tanner has been begging to "go swimmin' Mama" so I'm off. Have a good day everyone!


There you have it. My twins are celebrities!

Your Celebrity Boob Twin:

Jennifer Aniston


You know most people would not be too alarmed about receiving a big brown envelope in the mail from Homeland Security. Of course most people probably didn't experience what we did either over a year ago trying desperately just to bring our little girls home. After all we were in the PRC and we weren't going anywhere until some questions were answered and to their satisfaciton. I still break out in a sweat even talking about it. Another day, another story.... So, yes, we(still) get a little uneasy about receiving anything in the mail with Homeland Security plastered all over it even after so much time has passed. Over a year. I haven't forgotten. But we (yes, both of us) were a little more than upset yesterday when we received a formal document from Homeland Security along with our dossier. The document stated: This home study is being returned to you because eighteen (18) months or more have elapsed since the date of completion of advanced processing. Your approval has now expired. Are they for real?! If you are interested in pursuing an international adoption, you will need to file a new form I-600A with the appropriate fee. What the flipity flip? Please note that as of July 30, 2007 a new fee schedule will be effective and the filing fee has changed. And? Please see the website for more information......
Adoptions Unit (no name-naturally)
District #7
fuckity, fuck, fuck. AND our government wonders why we question everything they do. They have no system in place or an adequate process........Obviously big, big holes in the system. no, earthquakes. Typhoons! Further more they have not idea (obviously) that:
  1. We've been to China They should, they issued our visas! and back......
  2. We adopted twins. Cleared customs in Chicago with the little monsters-- (yes, monsters they had not slept in over 36 hours--monsters)does this not get entered into a big data base... hmmmm, it's not to difficult for immigrants either I'm guessing.

  3. We've been home about 16 months... Again, where is the security here.

  4. We are in the process of re-adoption. Someone please help me understand this.

Has anyone else received anything like this? Crazy shit man.

Tanner's Favorite Movie

This is Tanner's most recent FAVORITE thing to watch. He calls it "Mommy's new moobie." On Saturday when I was reading HP, his sitter watched this with him and it's ALL he's wanted to watch since. It reminded me of how Meg, Emily and I used to watch Parent Trap III and Parent Trap Hawaiian Vacation, over and over and over growing up. I loved those movies!

5 Things Meme

Heather at The Ownes Twins blog has tagged me. I know, is there anything you don't already know about me? Well, in the event you are interested in what makes me tick like a crazed momma here is my list.

Five Things I Was Doing Ten Years Ago

  1. Going to the bathroom---ALONE.
  2. Running from a BAD relationship...
  3. Sleeping Late.
  4. Living in Florida and sucking on the juice.
  5. Working Out Don't remind me.
Favorite Snack Food
  1. Wine
  2. Cookies
  3. Cheese and Crackers
  4. Brownies
  5. Wine
Five Songs I Know All the Lyrics To: (you must be kidding... I make up the words as I go along).
  1. Bruce Springsteen Born to Run
  2. Tom Petty Heartbreaker
  3. Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star
  4. The Itsy Bitsy Spider
  5. The Wheels on the Bus
Five Things I Would Do If I Were A Millionaire
  1. Donate 100,000 to orphange that cared for our children
  2. Buy a sail boat (A big one-there went the million)
  3. Surprise Jeff(really mommy) with a Porsche Carrea 911 -- his fav
  4. Buy Jeff a Explorer 2 Rolex (I see him foaming at the mouth when he sees one)
  5. Buy Jeff a Paul Reed Smith Guitar--he collects guitars

Five Bad Habits
  1. Speed demon --- 3 speeding tickets this year! First tickets in a gazillion years
  2. Loss of memory ...old age
  3. Short fuse
  4. Not getting enough sleep--stay up reading all my favorite blogs
  5. Pa-tay Mouth! Big time......

Five Things I Like To Do

  1. Sleep--before the girls I never slept--now sooo tired
  2. Shop--- without the girls--otherwise it's done on-line
  3. Alone time under the sheets with Jeff(although this is not as frequent since the babies)
  4. Suck on the grape
  5. Go to the bathroom-Alone...

Five Things I Would Never Wear Again
  1. Mini skirts --- these should be against the law on most--especially if your show casing the "who-who".
  2. Big hair--too much maintenance--bad for the ozone!
  3. Spandex -- g-d how I loved my spandex in the 80's
  4. "Tit" top not appropriate at my age.
  5. Steletoes--back breakers and hard to do jumping jacks in.

Five Bloggers I Tag for This Meme:

Double Lucky,

Secret Agent,

2 kayaks

Heike and Sara

Yes Minister

Stop back and let me know you have posted so I can see your list.

Sorry about not posting all five bloggers. That's what happens to the brain....


Well, I just finished and I LOVED it. Just a few thoughts before I head of to bed (I'm sure to dream about HP all night. = )

Oh how I love Snape!!!! I always thought Snape was good, but figured he was still a jerk. I thought that in the end he would help Harry and be on the good side, but we still wouldn't like the guy. I had no idea how much I would love him by the end. Those memories of he and Lily in the pensive. Amazing. I probably felt more emotion for Snape than anyone else in the book. Oh and when Dumbledore asks, "But this is touching, Severus, have you grown to care for the boy, after all?" Dumbledore asks again, "After all this time?" Snape replies, "Always." I also loved it when he was in his study and Phineas Nigellus was talking to Snape through his portrait, "Headmaster! They are camping in the Forest of Dean! The Mudblood... (referring to Hermoine)" And Snape replies, "Do not use that word!"

This book makes you think different of Dumbledore doesn't it? I always looked at him like Harry did...perfect, but it showed he was just a man, brilliant of course, but could still make mistakes.

Finally we find out why Dumbledore had complete trust in Snape.

I choked up when Neville was describing his Gran's letter, "She sent me a letter telling me she was proud of me, that I'm my parents' son, and to keep it up." She's finally proud of him!

The whole book reminded me so much of the Holocaust. How Voldemort wanted only the pureblood and how everyone had to be so secretive. The muggles being Jews and the Death Eaters and Snatchers being the Gestpo. Voldemort reminded me so much of Hitler and Stalin.

I can't believe what a coward Malfoy is. Harry saves his rear end and then he still goes back to the Death Eaters.

Of course I loved how protective Ron was of Hermoine.

So many more thoughts are swarming my head right now, but I am exhausted and need to go to sleep. I baby Kate and still let her nurse whenever she wants at night, so I'd better get to bed.

Oh yeah, and I loved that I was wrong, and Harry lived!!!!

Love you all!!!

Busting out

It was only a matter of time before my girls joined their idols up north. BUT, I was not prepared for the carnage I was to encounter yesterday morning. Denial that it would happen to us. My perfect girls. Bwahahaha. Katie had obviously been studying her get-away for days like a true caged criminal as I later would discover pictures Mai had been taking of the escape artist caught red-handed in the act with leg thrown over the rail trying to bust loose. Anyway, it was your classic "jail-break". She hoisted herself over the railing, hopped on the dresser and then jumped to what she thought was soon to be freedom. Er, well so she thought. You will see the little monkey even figured out how to climb back in the crib! ha ha...

I could here her talking away to daddy as I was getting ready for work. Well, I thought she was talking to daddy. She kept squealing "hi daddy, hi daddy, hi daddy". Funny now when I think about it I didn't hear daddy saying anything. Should have been a lights on for this bright girl...This is the conversation between Jeff and I while I was getting ready for work.
Jeff: "Have you been in the girls room"?
Me: "No".
Jeff: "You haven't been in their room this morning"?
Me: "No".
Jeff: "You haven't been in there this morning"?
Me: as I look at daddy and say a little firmer "No, I haven't why"?
Jeff: "Come with me then, you've got to see something".

As we push open the door to the girls room and see Katie standing in the middle of a total mess. Much to our surprise it had been destroyed. Trasssssshed. Baby wipes everywhere and vaseline smeared on things it shouldn't be. Katie standing in the middle of it all said so calmly "Hi mommy", and grinned from ear to ear. Yep, she was beyond proud. She had created a master piece. A real work of art. As you will see from photos. Jeff and I just started laughing and "mamarrazi" grabbed the camera. Memory shots.

Abbey stood in her crib with the baby wipe container on her head- yeah par-tay girl like her momma and jumped and giggled as if to be saying good job Katie. Great, that's all she needs. More encouragement..... Now, crazylady what do we do?! We have one monkey who has figured out how to get out of the bed (she stays in the bed when we put her to bed at night) and one (which is my wild child) who has not. Help, help, help. My fear now is that she could hurt herself, but I can not put Katie's mattress on the floor and not Abbey's or Abbey will pitch a fit and none of us will get any sleep. You know what that means. If momma doesn't get her sleep momma aint happy. Anyone have any suggestions or ideas? Where are you crazy momma when I need you.......

Love Bug

A special lady and talented writer over at DragonFlyandlady Bug wrote this magnificent book. I can't get my hands on it fast enough! I want it, I want it, I want it. If you are reading this *hint* hint* hint* feel free to buy it for the girls. Remember two of everything. They're not so hot on the sharing these days. Plus, I would like Elizabeth to sign it for the girls.

Order here.

Tanner's Trike

He rides his trike ALL DAY LONG. He loves it and I love watching him do it. I can't believe how old he is getting!

Blast from the past---1985

It's Friday and you know what that means. A blast from the past. I dug this photo out of the time capsule. Had to blow the dust off. Shzzz... I'm still laughing...

Skinny legs. Waist 18 inches. Skirt barely covered the "who-who". Area 56 had not arrived yet. Skinny arms. Big hair. Sheer craziness. I have nothing to add other than who kidnapped me?! I want that body back.

My little sleeping beauty

Beware Cat Lovers

Tanner LOVED Ama's cat. He would walk out the front door (in the wasn't dangerous) find her cat and bring it back in the house to play. He loved it until it made his eyes poofy and nose run. Bummer.

Yea! Shad's staying!

Shad was going out of town for the weekend and now he is staying, which is FABULOUS news for me because now I will have a FULL weekend to read Harry Potter. I hope you find as much joy in this as I do. = )


Paradise? Heaven? Call it whatever you want but it was sheer ecstasy for me. Not in a rub my loins together kind of ecstasy either.

Me and the kiddies were invited to spend the day at our friends M & R's (adopted from China too) succulent new pool while splashing and frolicking in the water and sucking on cool refreshing beverages. Now, you don't have to ask me twice, me, Miss can't get my fat ass out there round the pool quick enough to disgust all who has the privilege of catching a glimpse of it. Un-covered. Plus it sure beat the pee-pee kiddie pool in my neighborhood. Their pool was 20 degrees cooler than my pool........

M & R don't do anything er, well, small. I had no idea what to expect. Surprisingly we had not been over in a *cough*cough* few months. Man was I blown away when I feasted my eyes on the smashing beautiful blue water from the deck. For a moment I forgot where we were. I thought we were at a "Resort"! Gorgeous. Huge. Sexy. I had this nagging urge to rip off my clothes and dive into the oh so inviting pale blue waters. (I do do that when on va-kay) I was foaming at the mouth. I'm talking about the pool. Don't get any ideas. Shzzz.

Yeah, these are our really super duper rich friends. It's hell being them....clearly from the pics! Katie and Abbey love when we go to their house for a visit. Shoe-bee has so many neat fun toys. The girls thought they were at FAO Schwartz! So fun, and no fighting....

Rockin' Girl Blogger

Sexy Steffie b. nominated me, yes me as a rockin' girl (are girls almost 50 now?) blogger. I'm flattered. Really. I have to agree with Steffi, I'm waiting for the "freak" award. We display our "freak" flag proudly here at the Ghelerter house!

I'm guessing most of you visit because you want to get a glimpse of the monkeys. I know, I know they're cute. Or maybe it's the antics of our everyday life. At any rate, I love getting to know all of you and sharing our freaky freak show with you. I'm not perfect but I give 100% whatever I'm doing. So, I am nominating mommy24treasures, jewels of my heart and Mad Race for Macey because these ladies are awesome photographers. Well, they display some beautiful photography on their sites.

Harry Potter

Okay so it's my turn to post about Harry Potter. Sorry to all of you who aren't fans. I am sorry in sooo many ways. You are really missing out.

So anyhow, I am so excited!!! I read all 6 books a 2 months ago and then reread the last part of the 6th Monday night just to get revved up for Saturday. I have a sitter lined up for Saturday so I can read the book ALL day.

Here are my predictions:

1. Snape is on the good side

2. Harry defeat Voldemort (obviously), but will die doing it.

Tanner is driving me nuts

So do your toddlers ever drive you crazy? Today is just one of those days. I swear the more one on one time I spend with the kid, the more he demands and whines. We made pancakes together, colored cars, played with stickers and watched videos on the computer of him (over and over) all before 11am and now he is soooo whiny! Nothing I do is right now. He wants to go swimming but doesn't want to put on his swimsuit, he wants to play with Kate but not let her touch any of the toys, and on and on. His response to everything for the past hour has been, "NO, STOP, MINE." And he says all three words in a row really fast. If I just get up and do my own thing...laundry, dishes, bills etc, and ignore him, he plays so much better! Am I just never supposed to play with him? A friend told me that her toddler is the same way so she saves all one on one playing for the afternoon. So I resorted to putting on Baby Einstein for him and he's much happier. He rarely watches tv anymore (we cut our cable a while back). I wish he'd fall asleep. He is sooo tired! Good thing he is so dang cute. Okay so enough complaining about someone I love to pieces and would do anything for. = )

So some fun things about are a few things he says lately that crack us up:

-anytime you ask him to do something he doesn't want to do or to eat something he doesn't want to eat, he responds, "Not reayee. Maybe layer." (not really, maybe later). It's a crack up. I'll say, "Tanner do you want some bread?" And he'll respond, "Not reyee. Maybe layer."

-I'll tell him we need to change his diaper and he says, "No. Not poop poo, just pee." OR "No, just a toot." So I'll smell him and look at him and say, "Tanner you pooped." He'll smile and still insist while I am wiping it off his rear end, "No, Tanner just tooted." Sorry if that was too graphic for some of you.

-Whenever I get Kate dressed and put a clip in her hair, Tanner smiles and says, "Kate handsome." No matter how many times we encourage the word "pretty" he still calls her "handsome."

What Season Are You?

People come and people go. But some stay. Forever. These memories I can't replace. One of those people is my dearest and longest friends D. She was recently here after a much needed visit. Long over due. I'm sitting here today feeling, well, a bit nostalgic and also sad. We laughed until we pee'd looking at old photo albums and sucking on the grape. What was up with that big hair and those oh so big sunglasses?! They really were in style back then--really.

As I stroll down memory lane I've realized that I have some pretty amazing friends whom I love and adore. Sometimes I take them
for granted. Life too for that matter. I know I'm so lucky to be surrounded by such quality people and loved by such great friends, unconditionally.

D. and I dated best friends in high school. Football player's. We do
uble dated and attended prom together. We spent every waking hour at one another's home. We were in one another's weddings. We have vacationed with the same group of friends over the past 20+years. Over the years the late nights have gotten shorter. *snicker* There was that year in New Orleans (you remember D....)where we even caught David Letterman on the telly back in our hotel room and we were all in our nighties and under the covers! No not together you crazy people. Not quite the night owls we once were slingin' back shots and dancing the night away to Madonna's "Vogue". Those were the days.....Yes, we grew up together. Thank g-d we grew up and got some fashion sense. I smile when I think about us now at *cough* 39(oh shut-up--it's my story) and where we'll be at 59. WE have shared in one another's joys, promotions, secrets,heart aches and disappointments. She has never judged. A trait that I admire. Yes, I truly admire her. You see my friend has a very rare eye disease which cost her a successful 20+ year career that she loved passionately. She worked for one of the largest food giants in the country at a time where it was a mans world. She worked her way to the top and not on her back. She was well respected in her field. Unfortunately this disease will eventually cost her her eye sight. The ability to drive. Her freedom. I know she must be fearful (although she doesn't show it) about the unknown especially knowing that her mother is in the advanced stages of the disease and her 15 year old daughter was diagnosed several years ago. However through it all she has never complained. She's taken it all in stride. She is so brave. She is lucky too. She has friends who love her and an awesome husband and a beautiful daughter.

Ironic that today when I was feeling blue and a bit lonely I opened my e-mail and she had sent the attached poem. Lifetime, that's what she is. I love her and I love what we have become. True friends. Lifetime friends. Family. Thank you D for always being there for me.

People come into your life for a reason, a season or a lifetime.
When you know which one it is, you will know what to do for
that person.
When someone is in your life for a REASON, it is usually to meet a need you have expressed.
They have come to assist you through a difficulty, to provide you with guidance and support, to aid you physically, emotionally or spiritually. They may seem like a god send and they are.
They are there for the reason you need them to be.
Then, without any wrong doing on your part or at an inconvenient
time, this person will say or do something to bring the relationship to an end.
Sometimes they die. Sometimes they walk away.
Sometimes they act up and force you to take a stand.
What we must realize is that our need has been met, our desir
e fulfilled, their work is done.
The prayer you sent up has been answered and now it is time to move on.

Some people come into your life for a SEASON, because your turn has come to share, grow or learn.
They bring you an experience of peace or make you laugh. They
may teach you something you have never done.
They usually give you an unbelievable amount of joy.
Believe it, it is real. But only for a season.

LIFETIME relationships teach you lifetime lessons, things you must buil
d upon in order to have a solid emotional foundation.
Your job is to accept the lesson, love the person and put what you have learned to use in all other relationships and areas of your life.
It is said that love is blind! but friendship is clairvoyant.

Thank you for being a part of my life, whether you were a reason, a season or a lifetime.

What are you? A Reason? A season? Or a Lifetime"?

We're back!

We're back and I have pictures to post from my new camera.

This is a picture of Ama.

These are pics of Tanner's favorite things in Utah....his cousins (especially Katelyn-they were inseparable) and his Ama's cat.

This is Kate after eating her first piece of licorice. Not healthy, but she hates the car and we had to drive 20+ hours round trip and couldn't listen to screaming the whole time. You can tell by the pic that she thoroughly enjoyed it.

This is Shad and I discussing (arguing) over who got to eat the most fudge we got from the BYU bookstore.

This is Tanner and his stash from the bookstore. Poor Kate didn't get anything.

On campus. We're trying to brainwash our kids early. = )

Kate and Tanner were done with BYU by this picture.

I love her cheeks!

Kate and Shad.

Tanner's first shot.

Kate and Granddad (Shad's Dad)

Love you and miss you all!!!!