Tanner is driving me nuts

So do your toddlers ever drive you crazy? Today is just one of those days. I swear the more one on one time I spend with the kid, the more he demands and whines. We made pancakes together, colored cars, played with stickers and watched videos on the computer of him (over and over) all before 11am and now he is soooo whiny! Nothing I do is right now. He wants to go swimming but doesn't want to put on his swimsuit, he wants to play with Kate but not let her touch any of the toys, and on and on. His response to everything for the past hour has been, "NO, STOP, MINE." And he says all three words in a row really fast. If I just get up and do my own thing...laundry, dishes, bills etc, and ignore him, he plays so much better! Am I just never supposed to play with him? A friend told me that her toddler is the same way so she saves all one on one playing for the afternoon. So I resorted to putting on Baby Einstein for him and he's much happier. He rarely watches tv anymore (we cut our cable a while back). I wish he'd fall asleep. He is sooo tired! Good thing he is so dang cute. Okay so enough complaining about someone I love to pieces and would do anything for. = )

So some fun things about Tanner....here are a few things he says lately that crack us up:

-anytime you ask him to do something he doesn't want to do or to eat something he doesn't want to eat, he responds, "Not reayee. Maybe layer." (not really, maybe later). It's a crack up. I'll say, "Tanner do you want some bread?" And he'll respond, "Not reyee. Maybe layer."

-I'll tell him we need to change his diaper and he says, "No. Not poop poo, just pee." OR "No, just a toot." So I'll smell him and look at him and say, "Tanner you pooped." He'll smile and still insist while I am wiping it off his rear end, "No, Tanner just tooted." Sorry if that was too graphic for some of you.

-Whenever I get Kate dressed and put a clip in her hair, Tanner smiles and says, "Kate handsome." No matter how many times we encourage the word "pretty" he still calls her "handsome."