Yester Year 1989

Hat. Check.

Ray Bans. Check.

Famous Red Shoes. Check!

Need I say more. I may have even worn the red shoes to the beach!

On our way back to states cleaned up and all purdy with our famous motto "what goes on on the island--stays on the island".

For my family who reads my blog, no I have no shame. We all have a past (you included--you know who you are) I for one can laugh at myself. I enjoy life to it's fullest.

Now I must go make my rounds.....happy reading.

Do I remember?

Someone asked recently if I would share our adoption story. I must admit I was a bit stunned then flattered. I mean, someone wanted to know our story. I've never thought of us as all that interesting(yes, jaded and sarcastic--me that is) or exciting so I guess I was a surprised. We're like so many other families. Dysfunctional. Don't hide your head in the sand. We all have our problems. Even the best of families. Some not as noticeable as others. But we manage to get through the day with a smile and in some cases a bwaha bwaha. Some days are fucking harder than others. That's why wine was invented....for mommy. *wink*

For those of you who don't know I married the boy next door. Yes, it's true. Back Street Boys with the sheer babe factor. He was more than I'd hoped for in a partner and lover. No need to go there.... We began our friendship as friends. Just friends. After all he was 10 years my junior. But he became much more than that. My confidant. My companion. And yes, my friend. We did everything together. He even tagged along as I did my Christmas shopping. This before I knew that he was Jewish. I adored him. Still do. The love was just so natural. I knew I would be his wife long before he did. What I didn't expect after so many years of being single and alone was that we would not be able to conceive our own children. For anyone who has experienced this you know all too well the feeling of loss for something you've never had. A real emptiness. After many, many test and the results always the same, "inconclusive" my doctor told me what I already suspected. My time had passed. I had expired eggs. Damn old effin' eggs. I had left my first marriage almost 10 years earlier just barely 30 because he didn't desire to have children. Now here I was with the man I loved and I couldn't give him children. I was not prepared for this. I didn't expect not to have my own children.

With a lot of soul searching we decided we still wanted a family and now more than ever. We made the decision to adopt and yes we (me with a little prodding) asked for twins. Jeff was nervous. But, not me. I said, "what would it hurt to ask"? Right? Besides our agency had cautioned us that the odds were so very slim. We were approved to adopt twins. We somehow passed that test. We didn't put much faith at all at being matched with twins however. I had read the statistics(lowest multiple rate of all countries) for adopting twins from China. It did not look good. This is about the time I met her. She said we fit the profile. No children and the extra criteria nexessary for twins. She said we would get twins. How could she know? She was so sure. I on the other hand didn't want to believe. Oh, how my agency must have hated my repeated calls to remind them of my desire to adopt twins.(I didn't want them to forget about me). I remember her telling me one day don't call anymore. What, I don't understand. She said "they know, don't worry". I wanted to believe. I did not want to get my hopes up. So, we only chose one name. I didn't want to allow myself to be disappointed when we got the call and there was just one baby. I wanted to be happy whatever we were matched with. I had heard of families who were angry or disappointed for not being matched with twins. They are out there and yes I've met them. So sad....

After many excruciating delays lost packages and anxiety we finally received word that the "Stork had landed". I was working that day. We knew we would be getting a phone call regarding our referral we just didn't know when. It was January 25th 2006. I fought it with all that I had but I could not concentrate on work. It was just too difficult. I could not focus. I was jumpy. I kept looking at the clock. I did not want them to call me on my way home from work in rush hour traffic. Not D.C. traffic. I remember looking at the clock. It was 4:59pm. I was agitated. No, I was pissed. I had not gotten the call yet. I had seen on the group site(you all know of this I'm sure) I belonged to the referrals had started rolling in. There were no reports of twins. I had a sinking feeling we were not going to be matched with twins. I started to log off my computer when the phone rang. My heart nearly stopped. As I write this the feelings all come hauntingly back to me as if it were yesterday. I looked at the caller I.D. on my phone. It was my agency. My heart skipped a beat. I answered the phone. My hands were shaking. The person on the other end said "this is Lacee from Great Wall China Adoption". I let out a sigh and said "I know, I've been expecting your call". My head was spinning. I was holding the typed questions I had memorized and wanted to ask. But there were no words on the paper. Everything was a blurr. Then I heard her say "I'm looking at your beautiful baby girl...I let out a gasp and she continued "and her beautiful twin sister". I didn't think I heard her right. "Did you say twins"? Oh my g-d. Seven months old?! I couldn't think straight. I was thinking who will I call first? She said she was e-mailing their referral picture. And then their they were. They were the most perfect, beautiful little girls I could have asked for. They were mine. I couldn't stop saying "Oh my g-d they're huge", they are so big." They were healthy! I asked if she had called Jeff and she said she had, but he told her not to tell him any details but to call me as I would want to be the first to know. Naturally. As always Jeff thinking of me. Then the shock set in. Two. Two of everything. We had one bed and a friend was letting us borrow it. That was it.

We spent all evening on the phone calling family and friends. My neighbors threw a baby shower that would put most bridal showers to shame. Champagne, chocolate fountain. They bought everything. Literally everything.

If you asked me did we expect to be matched with twins I would have to tell you "not at all". Were we surprised. Damn straight! Were we excited? Beyond belief. Life is not anything what it once was but I would not trade what I have for anything in this big wide world. I feel like the luckiest woman on this earth. I have great kids, and I have a husband that is truly out of this world and I have her.

So, there you have it..... that's my careful for what you ask for your wishes just may come true. Mine have. You ask, do I remember? I'll never forget. For the record she was right. She always is. For the record if you are lucky enough to know someone like her count your blessings. Thank you sweet friend.

Enjoy pictures of my babies. It doesn't get much cuter than this.

Permanent Teeth Marks on My Forehead

So, still no camera so I can't show you the fabulous new injury on my forehead. Yesterday we had a bunch of people over swimming (about 21 moms and little kids) and Tanner and I had a little accident. As he was about to jump into the spa for me to catch him (his favorite thing to do in the pool these days), I told him to wait so I could move another little kid out of the way. Well, he didn't wait, and his two top teeth landed in the middle of my forehead. It was deep enough, that there will definitely be a scar of Tanner's teeth on my forehead for the rest of my life. One of Shad's first comments was, "It's going to always look like you have a big zit on your forehead Liz." Way to be compassionate Shad. = ) So as I was saying my prayers last night, a thought came to me. Of all the accidents that could've happened in a pool with 21+ people (most being 4yrs and under), who cares that I'll have a scar on my forehead. I actually went to bed grateful for the scar.

Hello Miss Kitty!

Ride em' Cowgirl! (Wild Wild West!)

Reining "rodeo" champs!

Family Foto Fun Friday Challenge #36
Post your pictures on your blog and leave a link and a comment here before 6/29/07.

This week's photo challenge is "Wild Wild West". Want to play? Here are the very simple rules. Ok, I have to fess up we don't have any "wild wild west" fotos of the girls, however someone was good enough to provide fotos of my girls while visiting on her farm, I don't remember these being taken...were we sipping the good stuff? Actually, I don't remember being there either when I think about it. Hmmmm...

Next time we're at our favorite petting farm maybe I'll see if I can get the girls in the saddle! I'm guessing this is what the little monkeys would look like all saddled up and ready to ride! Cute....

I need advice!!

I really need to buy a new digital camera and I need some advice. The things that are most important to me are:

latency (Time it takes in between shots. For example I want to be able to take several in a row without much lag time)

Start-up time (how long it takes your camera to get ready for that first shot after it's been sitting in standby mode)

movie option-it has to be able to take short video clips

Sooo...if any of you have a camera with all these features, PLEASE tell me what kind of a camera it is and the round about price. Thanks!!!

It's All you about you Ms Queen Bee!

But of course. Our own little "Queenie". What else is new. You have yourself a following girly girl. A real fan club. No, not the Mickey Mouse kind either.

Ok, so I let the cat outta the bag. I know some will be roasting your arse off, no not to be mistaken for mine.....buckle up babe it's gonna get bumpy. They do love you doll.

Today my friend is your birthday. Not quite the big one but still reason to celebrate 36 effing years on this big universe. You look mah-velous! I only wish I were there with you uncorking a favorite bottle of wine or two and sitting up until the wee hours laughing and telling stories. I know I have told you before but I feel so lucky to have you in my life. My world. Fortunate. People do come into our lives for a reason. You were my reason. You were there for me during the tough times. The dark times. You are still here with me. You are the one who taught me how to scrap book. Make a life book for my babies. Long distance. You were patient with me... oh so patient. I'm laughing at my insecurity of attempting it the first time. You held my hand and assured me that it would be great. It was.

I know when I'm having one of those days you're the one I want to talk to. You always have a way of making everything alright. You so get me. With you there is no judging. Oh, yeah there was that time... You are kind and compassionate and a terrific mom and wife. You are able to easily laugh at yourself and also you can admit when you're wrong although that happens so rarely. True my friends.

I know from many discussions how much you adore your babies and fm. I also know that he loves you more than China. Lucky you.....You hit the "jack-pot" with fm.

Sen, you are more than a friend to me you are like family. You are a sister to me. If I could have any wish come true it would be that you and I lived much closer together. My wish to you is that you have the best dang spankin' birthday ever. I love you ---- Rony

Now let the good times begin! Happy Birthday!!!

Over Exposed 1991

Yep, those are my sweet golden cheeks! Where did they go? I keep asking myself the same question? No, the picture is not "airbrushed" and yes my bum sat up at attention as perfectly as my enhanced titties--back then. Once upon a time I was an avid runner(don't look at me like that-you meanie-look at my ass) and fitness guru. I spent an ornate amount of time in the gym working out to have the body of purrr-fection. Great place to meet single attractive men too. It was a cold day in hell if I missed a work out. I was a freak. True dedication. Um, I think the word that comes to mind is narcissist... lol. Pictures you are viewing are taken

from one of the many playgrounds that me and my entourage frequented.

No hangin' here, and look thighs don't touch! I want that body back!

On reviewing "area 56" recently I've noticed that my ass has truly fallen. No amount of me bending over and touching the floor will lift it off the floor. So, when I need a little "boost" I pull out my "yester-year" pictures and tell myself "you are beeee-you-tiful even with your saggy ass can!

Thank g-d for that smart intelligent woman who invented "Spanx". Truly after my heart. Someone who gets it. No jiggle what so ever and what's even better tucks, and sucks it all in. I don't know that I would be wearing it with my swim suit(yuk-yuk-yuk) or that I would dare brave it and put a thong on my rear today --- but I can still feel good about myself! Ok, ladies... pull out your skeleton's! Steffie first...Crazylady needs no encouraging.

Barn Yard Fun

Momma and her babies seek out yet another petting farm.

I'm a city girl really a beach girl but damn do I love my barn yard friends. I've even been quoted recently as telling dh who is nutty for me(ha-ha) that I want a goat--as a pet! His only response was "will it mow the lawn"? At least he was listening. of us at yet another animal farm....yes, I drive around looking for farms. The girls were so sweet feeding the animals. I think the owner of the farm may have been a little more than excited when we finally packed up our things and left. I'm sure there was a brief moment where he asked himself if we were moving in! Katie and Abbey drained all the Sanitizer dispensers in the time we were there. They really should raise those higher than 3 feet tall! Especially when your target audience is only 3 feet tall. Shzzzz.

I don't want to hear any 'guff' about my barn attire! I thought we all looked stunning. The animals loved us too. Had nothing to do with the red bucket I was carrying either. We even helped herd the animals back in the corral. I think I know what I want to be when I grow up......secret agent ya need any help?!

Amy's gone

I am so sad. Every time someone in my family visits I mourn all over again that we don't live closer to each other. I am so jealous that each of my siblings live by at least one other sibling. Amy and I had so much fun together. Tanner and I were both sad all day after she left.

By the way, my camera broke, so until I get a new one (hopefully this week) there won't be any new ones. Here are a few of Kate though from Amy's camera.

Foto Challenge #35


Donna's Family Foto Challenge#35

This week's photo challenge is "Love". Want to play? Here are the very simple rules.

We wanted to play this one as we gotta lot of love to share.....and some great "love" shots!Girls "loving" on one another and for a change not fighting, pinching, and hitting. *sigh*.

Mommy (no, that is not a beached whale!) and babies day at the pool.

Jeff and I on our way to meet our daughter's for the first time. I think that was the last time I wore lipstick!

Mommy trying to figure out how to feed two at a time? What you don't see here in the foto I too was eating...multi-tasking.

This was the way to travel! They couldn't get away from us strapped to us like the "Una-bomber".


Mommy and babies opening gifts on their birthday.

"My peeps"!

Return to sender.....

I keep hearing that song in my head, "Return to sender"when I heard the tales of daddies day with the girls.....Apparently daddy had a bit of a rough day with girls and on "Daddy's Day"! I'm only sorry I did not get to witness it. *snicker* He said they were terrible. All day. Whining, whining, and more whining. If one climbed up in his lap the other would get upset and start screaming. Abbey even bounced Katie off his lap a couple of times! She's a little bruiser. He had had it by the time I got home. He swore he was sending them back.... ha ha. Of course he was only kidding. I'm guessing daddy needed something to entertain the little chicklett's so he

gave them mommies address labels.

The babies and I played on the deck for an hour and then I gave them a bath and put them to bed while daddy mowed the lawn. I think he needed to release some steam..

Happy Daddy's Day!

My darling sweet husband. I still like the sound of that seven years later.

Today is your day. It's an important day! To recognize all that you do and the qualities you possess. To say thank you for being such a wonderful daddy and husband.

Iknow it seems like we are always running barely enough time for a quick"peck" before flying out the door. Always on the go. But today I want you to know how lucky I feel to have you in my life. How fortunate I feel that you are the father of my children.

There are so many things about you that make me so proud. Your intelligence, humor, devotion, understanding, and most of all your compassion You make me so proud to call you my husband.
I love you honey. Happy father's day. Love Rony
P.s. Happy Father's Day to all you great daddies out there! xxooxx

My Little Twinkies Are Two!

My darling little sweethearts Katie and Abbey,
Today is your birthday. Where has the time gone? As I sit here and ponder about all the things I love most about you, I realize there are so many, but these are my favorites. They make my heart melt.

I love the sound of your little feet as you race down the hall squealing and chasing one another.
I love how your little faces light up when your daddy walks through the door. Simply magical.

I love when you climb into my lap giggling and laughing with your sweet baby breath. I love your wickedly cute infectious funny little laughs.
I love listening to you in the morning sing your ABC's at the top of your lungs.
I love how you laugh and babble at one another in your cribs in the morning.
I love when you crawl up in mommy and daddy’s bed for extra snuggle time in the morning with Barney and Pinky. My heart could just explode.
I love it when you call Maggie "Mo-Mo". Ahh, so sweet.
I love the way you take mommies face in your little chubby hands and give big wet hugs and kisses.
I love it when Daddy says "who loves daddy" and you both scream "mee
eeeeeeeee". I love when you're playing outside and hear an airplane, stop and look up and say "bye-bye airpwane, bye-bye" and blow kisses.
I love it that you two will always have one another. Sisters. Forever.
I love how you give one another big kisses and say "I wuv you Ta-tie- I wuv you Abbey" and hug each other.
I love when you crawl up in my lap and say "hug, mommy" for no reason other then to be held and kissed.

I hope you never get tired of mommy’s kisses and hugs. But most of all, I am so happy and proud to be your mommy. I hope you always know how much your daddy and I wanted and prayed for you two precious babies. We love you more than anything in this world. No matter how big you get you will forever always be my little babies.

Mommy xxooxx

Let the good times roll........

I meant to jump on this way earlier today. However work has a way of interrupting my blogging time. *sigh*.

Today is someone we have all grown fond of in the last few months or for some who have had the honor of knowing her for years. Lucky you. I've only come into her life as of very recently. I find her to be inspirational, loving, a great mom and oh-so proud of her children and loving husband. Yes she does make me laugh too. *wink* (hope you don't mind I stole this foto from your home while I was ruffling through your drawers) Please join me in raising your glass to wish Steffie the happiest of all birthdays and to many, many more.


Le smooch,

Can I see your's?

I've had a notion for quite some time to look through your windows. Ok, not to creep you out, I think there are laws against that. But I am curious to see what's inside the window dressing. So, I've decided I'm going to do my own meme. How's that for taking charge? I'm inviting you to take a peek into the loony bin and in return I get to peer through your windows. Invited. The rules are simple. You post fotos of your crib with a brief description of the room or rooms. Simple. So, please come in and look around. "May I offer you a cool beverage"?

This is the "love" nest where man-boy and woman make "whoppi". Yes, we have a fireplace in our bedroom however we need no heat!

Our Kitchen. This is where I work my "magic". Most meals are eaten here. Depend upon who's home things in the kitchen can get a little warm too.

Daddy's mini guitar collection minus the "Gator". This is where he serenades mommy.

The "man-cave". Gator games are watched from here during season with daddy's "man" friends. Doing what else? Farting watching the "Gators and eating Burrito Brother's taco's(shipped in from Gainesville every season)all while e-mailing one another from their lap tops. Hmmm, maybe lm (loving man) has a blog and hasn't shared with me or an on-line romance?!

Our family room. If you look real hard you can probably find the laptop shoved under the couch! We spend all of our time in this room. Picture was taken b.c. (before children) It never looks like this. Even after cleaning lady..

Our Dining Room. I especially love the chairs as they are ginormous . For my families large curvaceous bum's.

My babies nursery. I love this room the best, when babies are sleeping.....

I have tagged the following:

Crazylady (I want all of you to experience the beauty that she and fm built with their own hands-extraordinaire).
Steffie B. (I've been dying to be invited in for a drink....ok so I'm nosey. So show me the goods momma-seta).
Dragon Slayer (The nudie shots have me so curious, plus I want to see what you have hangin' on your walls).
Diana (not to be forgotten one of our favorite talented twin mommies)

Get out your white gloves...I'm on my way....