Barn Yard Fun

Momma and her babies seek out yet another petting farm.

I'm a city girl really a beach girl but damn do I love my barn yard friends. I've even been quoted recently as telling dh who is nutty for me(ha-ha) that I want a goat--as a pet! His only response was "will it mow the lawn"? At least he was listening. of us at yet another animal farm....yes, I drive around looking for farms. The girls were so sweet feeding the animals. I think the owner of the farm may have been a little more than excited when we finally packed up our things and left. I'm sure there was a brief moment where he asked himself if we were moving in! Katie and Abbey drained all the Sanitizer dispensers in the time we were there. They really should raise those higher than 3 feet tall! Especially when your target audience is only 3 feet tall. Shzzzz.

I don't want to hear any 'guff' about my barn attire! I thought we all looked stunning. The animals loved us too. Had nothing to do with the red bucket I was carrying either. We even helped herd the animals back in the corral. I think I know what I want to be when I grow up......secret agent ya need any help?!