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It's not your mother's motherhood....
When you're wide awake at 3 in the morning, convinced no baby has ever screamed as loud as yours, it's good to know there's another mom just a click away who has been there, survived that, and written a hilarious blog about it. The new book Sleep Is for the Weak, edited by Rita Arens of, excerpts some of the best of the so-called mommy blogs. More than 20 moms fess up about everything from parenting insecurities to taking your son along to your gyno appointment. "Blogging is a virtual support group if you allow yourself to be honest," says Arens. Check out some of our favorite mom musings from the book

"After my daughter soaks her sheets, she stumbles sleepily into our bed and falls asleep. Near morning, as we're all slumbering peacefully, she pees on us. Y'all, may I just say, I am tired of the pee."
- Sheryl Patten,

"My daughter doesn't have to love me (though, yes, I know she does), but I do love her, and that is what matters. Her returning my feelings is a bonus, but it is not compulsory."
- Tracey Gaughran-Perez,

"When I'm stressed out...I conjure up myself at age 55, and she tells me to relax. 'One day,' she whispers, 'when you're an empty nester and your life is predictable, quiet, and completely your own, you'll miss this chaos. You'll miss it terribly.'"
- Risa Green,

Click on the Amazon link above to order a copy of Sleep Is For The Weak.

If you are a blogger or just a blog reader.. Order your copy today! Take your bloggy reads with you while you sit in the car waiting to pick up the kids from school, sneak in a page or two while the kids are napping in the car ( I have a whole stash of magazines & books in my car and added this to my collection) or take along while you travel...this would make a fun plane ride read. The holidays are just around the corner...This book would make a perfect holiday gift for your favorite blogger.


Blog Day- August 31st

Blog Day 2008

Are you a blogger? Are you ready to be part of something big? Do you want to leave a mark on the face of the earth?

CELEBRATE THE 4th Annual Blog Day ON AUGUST 31st

What is Blog Day?
BlogDay was created with the belief that bloggers should have one day dedicated to getting to know other bloggers from other countries and areas of interest. On that day Bloggers will recommend other blogs to their blog visitors. With the goal in mind, on this day every blogger will post a recommendation of 5 new blogs. This way, all blog readers will find themselves leaping around and discovering new, previously unknown blogs.

What will happen on Blog Day?
one long moment on August 31st, bloggers from all over the world will post recommendations of 5 new Blogs, preferably Blogs that are different from their own culture, point of view and attitude. On this day, blog readers will find themselves leaping around and discovering new, unknown Blogs, celebrating the discovery of new people and new bloggers.

BlogDay posting instructions:
Find 5 new Blogs that you find interesting
Notify the 5 bloggers that you are recommending them as part of BlogDay 2008
Write a short description of the Blogs and place a link to the recommended Blogs
Post the BlogDay Post (on August 31st) and
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Blog On!

Back to School Hair Bow Contest

Wow! We had such an amazing response to this contest that our friends from Fancy Schmancy Stuff have offered to give 3 bows away.

The lucky winners are... R.Hagan, C. Raysor, and M. Root!

Congratulations Ladies!

Plain Jane Labor Day Sale!

128 East Gay St.
West Chester, PA 19380


That's right! Plain Jane is offering 25% off their entire stock in honor of Labor Day! This promotion ends Sunday 8/31 Mention this Chester County Moms Blog for the sale!

Don't forget that Wednesday night from 6-8PM Plain Jane is offering FREE mini-makeovers. Stop by, get all glammed up then hit the town for drinks & dinner. The perfect Moms Night Out!

You got what?!?!

"Mommy, you want some juice too"???

"Olympic hopefuls"??

Rounding girls up tonight for their bath I had to laugh. They are funny, funny little girls. They love telling me about their day and what they did. What they learned. Where Mai took them to lunch. Oh, yes. Lunch out. Don't be hatin! Lol. Make no mistake ....Mai does not take the precious little princess's to McDonald's. No way. They dine at our local Vietnamese and Chinese restaurants. Lol. Such little ladies too. Sipping their soup like pros not slurping like some adults do. Their regular treks to the library now and story time! Although Katie cried. Ahhh. She is still my tender child. Anyway, another snippet of a conversation with my chicks tonight.

Me: C'mon girls, bath time"

Katie, "Cuz we're durty mommy"?

Me: "Yep, dirty, dirty, dirty"!

Katie: "Cuz we have bugs in our hair"?

Me: laughing "Umm, no... no bugs in your hair silly girl".

Abbey: "No Katie, cuz we got crabs in our butt"!

Me: "Hello. Nooooo, you don't have crabs in your butt"..... I hope......they don't..........what next?!

Ok... gotta go. My girl is delivering her speech endorsing our next Commander in Chief! We can hope............

Cheap School Supplies

Good Day Philadelphia on FOX 29 had a segment on this morning on where to find cheap school supplies. I found this information on their website and thought I would share these amazing deals. If you know of another back to school item on sale and not included on this list please leave a comment or email us at jenn@chestercountymoms and we will add it to the list.

1 pack of 24 count Crayola Crayons - 22 cents at Target
3 SPIRAL NOTEBOOKS - Found at Walmart for 5 cents each
(or COMPOSITION NOTEBOOKS - Found at Target for 50 cents each)
4 2-POCKET FOLDERS - Found at Staples for 15 cents each
1 DOZEN PENCILS - Found at Staples* for FREE!
1 LARGE PENCIL ERASER - Found at Target for 69 cents
1 BOX COLORED PENCILS - Found at Target for 89 cents
1 DOZEN PENS - Found at Dollar Store for $1 or at Staples - Two 8 packs for 50 cents each
2 GLUE STICKS - Three pack found at Dollar Store for $1
1 PLASTIC PENCIL CASE - Found at Staples for 50 cents
1 RULER - Found at Staples* for FREE!
1 3-RING LOOSE LEAF BINDER - Found at Staples for 25 cents
1 PACK LOOSE-LEAF PAPER - Found at Staples for 79 cents
1 BOX REINFORCEMENTS - Found at Walmart for $1.88
1 PACK OF DIVIDERS - Found at Target for 87 cents
1 TI34ii CALCULATOR - Found online at for $16.49
1 SCHOOL BAG - Found at Toys "R" Us for $9.99 and came with FREE lunchbox!

*Click here to view Staples weekly FREE Back to School promotion

L'il Darlins

Mother knows best and that’s exactly what the founders of L’il Darlins, LLC are banking on. They are revolutionizing the infant & toddler market with the coolest and most practical must-have accessories for any baby.

Leslie Smith teamed up with her mother, Jeanne Roth, to create this ground-breaking company that caters to the trendy moms and children of the world. Jeanne brings her many of years of business expertise and Leslie offers her knowledge as a school teacher. Both are creative and detail oriented-leading to their successful company. Plus, talking about keeping it in the family, this mother-daughter duo tests all their children's specialty items on Leslie's three daughters-who just happen to be Jeanne's 'Lil Darlins.'

L'il Darlins offers a one stop shop of fashionable and functional must-haves for moms and infants & toddlers. This precious online boutique, launched by the mother-daughter team, is now adding mommy essentials to its collection of pint-sized gear and goodies! L'il Darlins' brand new Nurse Purse ™ gives breastfeeding moms on the go a convenient and discreet way to store their nursing gear-and look trendy at the same time!

For infants & toddlers, L'il Darlins' full body Bib-A-Roo™ has your messy little eater covered from their chest to their ankles. The Bib-A-Roo™ prevents stains and protects those designer duds! Also part of L'il Darlins unique collection are their specially contoured, embroidered Burpee™ Cloths that never fall onto the floor because they're curved to stay in place on mom or dad's shoulder.

L'il Darlins has exclusively offered Chester County Moms blog readers a 15% discount on all their products! Enter CCMOM15 on their website when ordering. Happy Shopping!

Dancing With The Stars - New Cast Revealed...

- Kim Kardashian: Paris Hilton's former BFF, this 27-year-old is now more well-known for her E! reality show, Keeping Up With the Kardashians — and her famous booty.
- Lance Bass: The former *NSYNC member, 29, came out of the closet in 2006. His autobiography, Out of Sync, was a New York Times bestseller.
- Cloris Leachman: The 82-year-old starred on the Facts of Life, which aired from 1979 to 1988, The Mary Tyler Moore Show and Phyllis.
- Ted McGinley: The 50-year-old actor played neighbor Marcy D'Arcy's husband on Married…With Children, and also starred on Hope & Faith from 2003 to 2006.
- Brooke Burke: Now a mother of four, Burke hosted E! party show Wild On from 1999 to 2002.
- Toni Braxton: The "Un-Break My Heart" singer, 41, has won six Grammy Awards, and sold over 40 million records.
- Misty May-Treanor: The 33-year-old won gold in beach volleyball (with partner Kerri Walsh) at the 2008 Beijing Olympics.
- Maurice Green: Green, 34, is a two-time Olympic gold medalist sprinter. He once held the world record for the 100m, with a time of 9.79 seconds.
- Jeffrey Ross: Dubbed the "Meanest Man in Comedy" by New York magazine, this stand-up comedian, 39, has hosted roasts for Donald Trump, Drew Carey and Hugh Hefner.
- Rocco DiSpirito: The former Manhattan chef, 41, became a household name thanks to his temper tantrums on 2003 show, The Restaurant.
- Warren Sapp: This defensive tackle, 35, played professional football for 13 years, both on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Oakland Raiders.
- Cody Linley: The 18-year-old played Miley Cyrus' beau on Hannah Montana, and acted in kid's movie Hoot. He's the youngest contestant ever to appear on the show.
- Susan Lucci: The actress, 61, has played diva Erica Kane on soap opera All My Children for 38 years.

Shine up your dance shoes...The seventh season premieres September 22 at 8PM

C. Raysor Photography- Hot Deal!

Chrissie Raysor from C. Raysor Photography got in touch with us to let us know that she is offering a special sale just for the readers of the Chester County Mom's blog! Contact her before Sept 15, 2008 to book a session, mention the Chester County Moms site, and you'll get half off the session fee AND a $25 print credit to use with your order! Your session doesn't have to happen by Sept 15, you just have to contact her by then! Email her at to schedule a photo shoot!"

MOMS Club State Luncheon

Lonna, Laura, and Yvonne attended the yearly State Luncheon in Scottsdale this Saturday. Over 100 women attended from various clubs all over the state. They arrived at 9:30am and had fun setting up the display the whole Board worked on. This years theme was "Mommy Boot Camp" so the ladies went all out with it!

Thanks to the clubs many donations from our members we received the 1st Runner Up Award for Best Basket. Way to go group!!! The ladies learned a lot when each position broke up into groups and from other club members throughout the state. They came back with lots of fun ideas and a few changes that will be taking place soon. Below are some pictures from the fun day. They walked away at 3:30pm with 4 Club awards, Yvonne with two Mommy Awards, and Laura with a basket.

Back To School Tips

It's that time of year again -- back to school! If you've got a house full of moans and groans over the prospect, try using some of these great tips for making the transition for sleepy summers smooth.

Two weeks before school starts

  • Get your child to open up about his expectations for school. Ask him if he feels excited, anxious, or a little bit of both. Talk with him about specific worries he has for the upcoming year.
  • Explain the upcoming school routine in detail. Go over your child’s schedule, including the times by which he’ll need to wake up, eat breakfast, and be ready to leave the house. Have a couple practice runs beforehand.
  • Make the transition from summer to school bedtimes by starting your kids going to bed fifteen minutes earlier each night about two weeks before school, with no more staying up until ten or eleven o’clock at night.
  • With your child’s help, brainstorm and come up with a list of his favorite lunches and snacks to pack for school in order to make grocery shopping easier and for quick reference on school nights.

A Week Before School Starts

  • Make sure your child feels comfortable with how he will be getting to school. Drive the bus route with him, walk with him to school the first week, or find an older child to walk with him. Review safety precautions regarding traffic and strangers.
  • Make back-to-school shopping into a special outing that includes lunch for just the two of you.
  • Store out-of-season and dress clothes where your child doesn’t see them to avoid fights over wearing a party dress to school or a bathing suit all day.
  • Put away your child’s clothes in matching sets, and let him have the independence of choosing which set he’ll wear that day.
  • Make sure your child is comfortable using the school’s bathrooms by himself, and choose school clothes that are easy for your child to pull on and off himself. Opt for elastic waists over zippers or snaps.

The Night Before/First Day of School

  • Take pictures, and pick one spot to do this each year, such as the front porch or steps.
  • Make a big family sit-down dinner the night before or after the first day. Talk through some of the highlights of the summer and state one goal for the coming school year.
  • Pack all the items you and your child need for work, school, or day care and load the car. If that’s not feasible, place coats, bags, and lunch boxes by the door.
  • Pack lunches and refrigerate sandwiches — sometimes this is easiest to do while making dinner. Put your car keys with the sandwiches if it helps your remember to add the sandwiches to lunch boxes in the morning, or put a note on the lunch box to remind you.
  • Start the school year off right by making the first day something to celebrate. Have a big breakfast, decorate the kitchen, serve a favorite meal, and hand out new lunch boxes or school supplies.
  • Bake your child a batch of his favorite cookies as something to look forward to after the stress of the first day.
  • Pack something familiar in your child’s backpack to make him feel more comfortable, and something new to make him feel special.
  • Make up a goodbye ritual. Don’t sneak away, even if you’re tempted to avoid a big teary scene. Give a hug, a kiss, and a warm but firm goodbye. Don’t ask for your child’s permission to leave, return after you’ve left if you hear your child cry, or bribe your child into letting you leave.
  • Tape a picture of yourself and your partner near your child’s coat hook or cubby area. Your child will be able to take a peek at Mom and Dad whenever she likes.

It's Cake Time!

I would like to give a big Thank You to Cake Time, for the delicious ice cream cake for my sons jungle themed first birthday.

What is Cake Time? Cake Time is a site developed for parents by parents to help ease the stress of planning and organizing parties and activities so that you can...
  • Search for venues that can host your party!
  • Have a cake delivered to any location -- your home, your workplace or any party venue!
  • Submit a review of places you've been to help build our party planning resource!
Click Here to be directed to Cake Time or visit them at

Powder Hour at Plain Jane in West Chester

Mark your calendar ladies...August 27th... Plain Jane Powder Hour is Back!

From 6 - 8PM at Plain Jane located at 128 E Gay St, West Chester, PA...
Free makeovers and champagne! What a fun girls night out! Get all glammed up then hit the town and go out for dinner.

Remember you can always book your own girl's night "powder hour" by calling 610-918-2030

Save The Date...

Chester County Moms has partnered with Elite Personal Training Studio for a "Sweat & Swag" event on Saturday, September 6th. Join us for a FREE Boot Camp work out from 8am - 9am. Elite Personal Training Center is located at 571 West Uwchlan Avenue (Rt. 113), Exton, PA.

Elite Personal Training hosts a Boot Camp work out EVERY Saturday morning... a perfect playgroup "Mommy Only" event. (hint, hint). All profits are donated to Alex's Lemonade Stand. The work out is FREE but a $5 donation to Alex's Lemonade Stand is encouraged.

The first 30 people to register will receive a Boot camp T-shirt and a "swag" bag full of coupons and goodies from Chester County businesses.... Elite Personal Training Studio, My Gym Children's Center, Wegman's, and Classy Mommy... just to name a few.

We are also going to raffle off a Graco Enzo Compact Stroller as well as several other goodies. So mark your calendar and come out and sweat the morning away with us and support Alex's Lemonade Stand.

To register please email Register today to secure your swag!

**If you are a business owner and interested in donating a raffle item or coupon to your business for the swag bags please email

Musings From A Housewife Give Away

Jo-Lynne at Musings of a Housewife has an awesome give away going on for a handcrafted piece of jewelry from Swede at Heart.
She is picking a winner on Thursday so head on over to her blog and enter today.

Shore Shot Photo Contest have done the family vacation to the shore.. Submit your "Shore Shot" photos to NBC 10 and enter to win a free gas card and a two night stay in an Atlantic City hotel and go on a "Mom-cation".

NBC 10 is looking for the most creative and clearest photos, so send in your best! One winner will be chosen each week.

Click here to see the official contest rules and submit your "Shore Shot" photo.

The next American Idol!

I love my little girls so damn much. I know people wonder why I'm always smiling. It's my girls. They make me smile from ear to ear when I think about them. They're like one of my blue pills but way better. They are my sunshine! Both are so very different. Ab's is our thinker. Analytical. As a baby learning to walk she would try and try to get up only to fall repeatedly on her butt. Pulling herself back up with the determination of an athlete. Pushing herself like nothing I've ever seen from a child her age. A. baby. It was overwhelming. For me. She would after much exhaustion break down and cry. It was heartbreaking. I was afraid her spirit would be broken being defeated. But it never fazed her. She makes me smile with her determination. Oh, she also makes me cry sometimes with her stubborness! She is my daughter. Has to have the last word too! But, she is one bright little cookie.

My Kate is our little entertainer. Singing. Dancing. Tumbling. She's a natural. Her smile can light up a room. She's still a little shy with people she doesn't know, but out once she feels comfortable with you. She may just drop her panties and moon you! Seriously. She seems to do this when Mai's boyfriend comes over! It's nothing for her to break out in one of her favorite tunes, with her "make-believe" microphone in tow. Head bobbing and foot tapping. Her creative juices flowing. Katie is as graceful as a swan. The girl makes it look so easy too. I know I need to get her into dance. Both girls are quite sweet, although Katie loves nothing better than sitting in our laps and snuggling. She's a hugger. Oh, g-d I hope she never out grows that! Ok, yes, I do know she most likely will. But.....not yet....she is after all only three!

I was preparing dinner the other night and overheard the following conversation by the girls:

Abbey: "Don't leave Katie".

Katie: "Do you want me to stay with you Ab's"?

Abbey: "Yeah".

Katie" "I'll stay with you Ab's til your done".

Abbey: "Thanks Katie. I love you".

Ok, when I heard that I got all chocked up. I had to see what was going on. I walked into the bathroom and I just cracked up. Katie was sitting on her stool with a book and Abbey was sitting on the throne. I said:

Me: "What are you girls doing"?

Katie: "Abbey's going poo-poo and I'm waiting with her".

Abbey "Yeah, I go poo-poo, Katie has her doodle board".

Katie: "Stinky, mommy".

Me: "Boy, you can say that again"! Smiling and thinking to myself "now, if they would just wipe one another's butt's"!!

I nearly cracked up. I asked sweet thing later if he thought they would always be like this? Sitting in the bathroom while the other one takes a dump and talking as if were the most natural thing to do . He looked at me and said "yep, I think they will".

I hope they're always this close with one another.

Summer Fun

Tanner has loved having his friends over this summer. These pictures are from this morning with his little friends, Sia, Ben and Will.

NBC 10 - All That & More Sweepstakes

All That & More has some great prizes to give away for parents and their kids. Are you looking for tickets to see The Wiggles, tickets to Sesame Place, and stuffed animals for the kids? Or maybe you just had a baby and need a diaper bag or baby carrier. Well... you can win some of these fabulous prizes on All That & More. The Kidz Sweepstakes runs until August 26th!
Click here to enter and remember, you can enter once a day to better your chances of winning!

I entered the Kidz Sweepstakes Contest on NBC 10's All That & More Website yesterday for Wiggle's tickets and just received a call saying we won! Woo-hoo! I won 4 tickets to the show tomorrow night...the hottest ticket in town! I am so excited! Stay tuned for pictures.
Thank You.. NBC 10 & All That & More!

Besides the awesome Kidz Sweepstakes going on right now there is lots of important consumer information on the All That & More web page.....Information regarding, the mortgage crisis. The probelm was so bad last month that, the president signed legislation aimed at helping struggling homeowners who find themselves trapped in the foreclosure process. It's also providing free help. Click here for tips on facing and surviving foreclosure, housing agency contact information, and more.

There is a 4 minute workout that some say can reverse scoliosis in children, which is a condition that causes a young person's spine to curve. Click here for complete info.

Classy Mommy Weekly Giveaway Round-Up

Thanks to the Chester County Moms for letting Classy Mommy share our fantastic giveaways with our local neighbors!

We've got a ton of DVD's this week. Enter to win Smart People and Backyardigans DVDs here. Classy Mommy has daily entry giveaways so you can increase your chance of winning by visiting more often. You'll also find these giveaways still open: a cheeky modern monkey Dante Beatrix backpack, Strawberry Shortcake DVD, and Thomas & Friends The Great Discovery DVD.

Good Luck!

Pool pics and videos

The pool has been so fun lately. Now that Tanner can swim, he ALWAYS wants to go swimming, and Kate likes the water much more than she used to. It's been great. And to answer your questions, yes our new home has a pool. The video of Tanner below, shows some of his new skills, but it barely shows what a good swimmer he's become. It's hard to get him on video.

FREE Boot Camp Workout

Looking to shed the last of your "baby weight"? Join Matt Sgro, the owner of Elite Personal Training in Lionville for a FREE outdoor workout this Saturday morning from 8-9am at Elite Personal Training Studio, 571 W. Uwchlan Ave.(Route 113) Exton, PA 19341. The workout is "Boot Camp" style but, don't worry Matt, promises no in your face yelling just great trainers dedicated to getting you back in shape.

Roll out of bed, come as you are and get a great FREE workout to start off your Saturday. Everyone that participates recieves a FREE Boot Camp T-shirt and can enter to win 1 FREE 1/2 hour personal training session with one of the Elite Personal Training Studio trainers. How cool is that?!?

The Elite Personal Training Studio's Boot Camp with a Purpose donates ALL profits to one of our favorite charities...

The workout is FREE but a $5 donation to Alex's Lemonade Stand is encouraged.

The Chester County Moms team is very excited about the partnership with Elite Personal Training Studio and is putting together a "Sweat & Swag" event on September 6th. You know when we do swag.. we do it big!

Click here to link to the Elite Personal Training Studio Blog.

Hope to see you on Saturday morning...

Business Card

We have our free business cards now!
Ask a board member when you see them for a few
to hand out to potential new members!

Tales & Toys Tuesday

My little guys 1st Birthday is coming up so we took a trip to our favorite local toy store, Tales & Toys for him to pick out some toys that he liked for his very own Tales & Toys "Birthday Bin".

What is a "Birthday Bin"? The Birthday Kid gets a "Birthday Bin" with their name written on it and they ( or Mom and Dad) get to go around the store picking gifts for party goers to come in and purchase. When the bin is full it stays at the store and as your party guests come in to shop they are directed to your bin. It takes the guess work out of gift giving. You know that if your child has a "Birthday Bucket" at Tales & Toys they will receive gifts that they really wanted.

100 Ridge Road, Suite 15 • Chadds Ford, PA 19317


We're Moving...

Such a bittersweet experience. We have loved our home and neighborhood these last couple of years. So many of our friends live out here and we've really made this house feel like our home. However, with the real estate market being so horrible right now, we figure it's a great time to get a good deal on a home closer to Shad's work. So we are moving at the end of the month. The upside: 1/2 block from Shad's work and central to most everything in the area.

I have been packing like crazy. With Shad being so busy at work, it's pretty much just me, myself and I packing up the whole house. Oh yeah, Kate and Tanner are also a big help. = ) At least they think they things, putting things in boxes, taking things out of boxes, etc.

So that's it. Who knows how long we'll stay in this next house. We seem to make a habit of moving every 2 years, but we hope to stay in this one a long time. We'll see.

Toddler playgroup

The toddler playgroup met today and everyone had a good time playing and catching up!

Celebrity spotting in Exton...

Actress Danica McKeller, otherwise known as Winnie Cooper from the Wonder Years, will be holding a book signing starting at 7 pm at the Barnes & Noble in Main Street at Exton tonight promoting her new book, Kiss My Math: Showing Pre-Algebra Who's Boss.

Last year, actress and math genius Danica made waves nationwide, challenging the “math nerd” stereotype and giving girls the tools to ace tests and homework in her unique just-us-girls style. Now, in Kiss My Math, McKellar empowers a new crop of girls—7th to 9th graders—taking on the next level of mathematics: pre-Algebra.

Lands' End Holiday Art Work Contest

Chester County Moms received an email about this really fun contest and we love to share great opportunities with you! So here's another one from one of our favorite brands. This project is both fun for you and your kids and will have you all smiling through the holidays!

It's the Lands' End Holiday Art Contest! This year's theme is "Holiday Fun." What do you do to make it special? Go sledding? Decorate cookies? Trim the tree? Send Lands' End your best holiday drawing and your art could go from your refrigerator to their catalog.

*Artwork must be done vertically on a single 8½" x 11" piece of paper
(no matting).
*Entrants must be 12 years old or younger as of August 14, 2008.
*One entry per child.
*Entries must be postmarked by August 14, 2008.

Winning drawings may be published in the Lands' End Holiday 2008 issue or on the Lands' End Web site. Three prizes will be awarded in each age group: 1 to 6, 7 to 9 and 10 to 12.

The selected artists will receive:
FIRST PRIZE: $500 Lands' End Gift Card
SECOND PRIZE: $250 Lands' End Gift Card
THIRD PRIZE: $100 Lands' End Gift Card

Send artwork and entry form (found at or a 3½" x 5" card with child's name, date of birth, address, telephone number and signature of parent/guardian. Entry form or index card must be signed by a parent or guardian.

Send to:
Lands' End Kids' Art Contest
1 Lands' End Lane
Dodgeville, WI 53595

For a complete set of rules, visit Hope you and your kids enjoy this project and contest!

Tanner and Kate

These aren't the sharpest pictures, but they were moving around, so it's the best I could do. Tanner and Kate really are the best of friends and I love it. It has to be one of the greatest joys of being a parent, watching your kids love eachother so much.

I wrote a post a while ago about Tanner finally sleeping on his own after 1 1/2 years. Well, that ended about 2 weeks after I wrote that post and then he slept on our floor. We got sick of it, and moved him into Kate's room, and he LOVES it!! The first night was rough, but now it's great. They think it's great fun to be in the same room. At first I put their beds on separate sides of the room, but Tanner insisted on being right next to Kate. So his bed, and her crib are squished up next to eachother so they can see eachother all night. It's really cute.

Tanner is still swimming like crazy. It's unbelievable to watch. He wants nothing to do with me in the water. He jumps in the deep end, swims to the side, swims to a floatie, swims to the shallow end, gets out, jumps in again, etc. He swims with his face under the water, comes up for air, goes back under again and then once he gets close to the side then he doggie paddles the rest of the way, his eyes open the entire time. Kate finally started wearing floaties, which has been GREAT! Of course I still watch both kids like a hawk, but it's great to have them be more independent vs./ me holding them both in the pool while they fight over me.

Shad's been is Wisconsin for a couple of days, visiting with a client, and he comes home tonight. He's been so busy at work lately. I think he's the busiest and most stressed he's ever been since he started his career, but he handles it so well. I don't know how he does everything he does.

If Moms Ruled the World...

If Moms Ruled the World There Would Be a Lot Less Bellyaching!
by guest poster YK Wright

I came across and article yesterday about how a recent poll showed that 78 percent of workers feel burned out at work, and it got me thinking. The article notes that 46 percent of workers say their workload has increased over the last six months and approximately the same percentage describe their current workload as heavy or too heavy. I’d argue that my workload has increase over the past six months since having another child. For starters, I now have to do at least one extra load of laundry each week. This includes sorting, folding and putting away. I have an extra bedroom to clean, I wash far more dishes now that we have four mouths eating at each meal, I have more places that I have to take my three-year-old to keep her busy which means more hauling of a 14-month-old, I have one more person who I have to make happy during each waking hour, I have more toys to clean up off the floor, I have double the kisses, hugs, stories and prayers to say each night, there are bigger boo-boos to kiss, more reasoning to be done on a daily basis with people who don’t want to listen to me, and more weight to carry on each arm when getting in and out of the car (36, and 20lbs, respectively).So, do I get a vacation away from my “coworkers” or “employees”? Let me check my calendar. Oh why waste my time. The answer is no. Should I expect more pay? Oh, silly question. So, what does a burned out mom do to stay sane?Actually, I have to admit that I think I am lucky to have an outlet by going to work a few days a week. Others may have differing opinions. When I go to work I get to dress in something other than my usual stained t-shirt and jeans, drink coffee in front of my computer without the fear of second- or third- degree burns occurring at the hand of a 14-month-old, see and speak to other like-minded adults and eat lunch without having to stop 12 times a minute to get a napkin for someone else, wipe their butt after using the potty, refill a sippy cup, cut up more grapes, or wipe up the spilled jelly on the floor. But the bottom line is that I’m still a mom, and there is no escaping that. You get burned out and you have to deal with it. You “rise to the occasion,” do what you have to without complaint and manage as best as you can. We cant just quit. We’re moms and we’re truly blessed by the beautiful gift of of children.The article does offer some advise, however, that applies to all working people; and we all know raising kids is one hell of a job! Here are a few tips which we all can apply to our daily lives:

*Learn to say no. Reduce your commitments both at work and home.

*Get organized. Create a checklist of things that need to be addressed for that day and focus on those tasks only.

*Get plenty of rest, eat a healthy diet and remember to exercise. Working out can significantly reduce stress levels.

*Finally, give yourself a break.So, if life gives you lemons, make lemonade. And P.S. I won’t tell if you add a splash of vodka!

Pictures From The Launch Party

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