The next American Idol!

I love my little girls so damn much. I know people wonder why I'm always smiling. It's my girls. They make me smile from ear to ear when I think about them. They're like one of my blue pills but way better. They are my sunshine! Both are so very different. Ab's is our thinker. Analytical. As a baby learning to walk she would try and try to get up only to fall repeatedly on her butt. Pulling herself back up with the determination of an athlete. Pushing herself like nothing I've ever seen from a child her age. A. baby. It was overwhelming. For me. She would after much exhaustion break down and cry. It was heartbreaking. I was afraid her spirit would be broken being defeated. But it never fazed her. She makes me smile with her determination. Oh, she also makes me cry sometimes with her stubborness! She is my daughter. Has to have the last word too! But, she is one bright little cookie.

My Kate is our little entertainer. Singing. Dancing. Tumbling. She's a natural. Her smile can light up a room. She's still a little shy with people she doesn't know, but out once she feels comfortable with you. She may just drop her panties and moon you! Seriously. She seems to do this when Mai's boyfriend comes over! It's nothing for her to break out in one of her favorite tunes, with her "make-believe" microphone in tow. Head bobbing and foot tapping. Her creative juices flowing. Katie is as graceful as a swan. The girl makes it look so easy too. I know I need to get her into dance. Both girls are quite sweet, although Katie loves nothing better than sitting in our laps and snuggling. She's a hugger. Oh, g-d I hope she never out grows that! Ok, yes, I do know she most likely will. But.....not yet....she is after all only three!

I was preparing dinner the other night and overheard the following conversation by the girls:

Abbey: "Don't leave Katie".

Katie: "Do you want me to stay with you Ab's"?

Abbey: "Yeah".

Katie" "I'll stay with you Ab's til your done".

Abbey: "Thanks Katie. I love you".

Ok, when I heard that I got all chocked up. I had to see what was going on. I walked into the bathroom and I just cracked up. Katie was sitting on her stool with a book and Abbey was sitting on the throne. I said:

Me: "What are you girls doing"?

Katie: "Abbey's going poo-poo and I'm waiting with her".

Abbey "Yeah, I go poo-poo, Katie has her doodle board".

Katie: "Stinky, mommy".

Me: "Boy, you can say that again"! Smiling and thinking to myself "now, if they would just wipe one another's butt's"!!

I nearly cracked up. I asked sweet thing later if he thought they would always be like this? Sitting in the bathroom while the other one takes a dump and talking as if were the most natural thing to do . He looked at me and said "yep, I think they will".

I hope they're always this close with one another.