Mom's Visit

Tomorrow I go in for my varicose vein surgery so my wonderful and kind Mother came down to help me out. I also missed her a ton and called her about 6 weeks ago telling her I missed her and really wanted her to come out. Shad still calls me a "Mama's Girl". Oh well. I am a Mama's girl and happy to be one. = )

The pictures make her look like she has just been basking in the sun and making fun things with Tanner, but pictures can be deceiving. The kids and I are sick and she's totally been taking care of us all. Making our meals, cleaning up after us and watching the kids while I lay down in the afternoons. She is the best Mom. And isn't she beautiful?? No one would ever believe that she is 51 and has born 6 kids.

Her and Tanner made these fun cupcakes shaped like race cars and then decorated them. We made the cupcakes out of Deceptively Delicious so they had a cup of avocado in them and then we decided to do 100% Kamut flour. Not the best combination, but Tanner loved the healthful cupcakes and my Mom and I had no desire to eat them. So a winner recipe for us all. = ) By the way Danielle, can you tell me how to do that sit-up that burns off a cookie dough ball each time you do one? That would be a great exercise for me.

Since my Mom is here I've decided go give American Idol another go. So far so good. I would love to have voice like those people. I can't imagine.

The last pic is of Tanner and his very best friend Sophia or "Sia" as he calls her. They are so cute together. That night she pretended to be the Mom and she put him to sleep saying over and over, "Cose yo eyes". Then she would read him stories while he was pretending to be asleep. So cute.

Raising monkeys.....

Well, not quite but when the monkeys girls scream "pee-pee mommy" it's a mad dash for the loo. Yeah...potty training. Twins. I know, you're thinking "oh, what fun". Lol. As most know our parenting style is a bit unconventional...Yes, we parent and yes, we discipline and no, I don't reward for bad behavior. Shame, shame. However our parenting works for us. Although I promised myself before bringing them home, "I AM going to have them off the bottles by 12 months, *snort* AND I AM going to have them potty trained at 18 months. *bigger snort* But, once home with our daughter's we realized we had other issues to tackle. Attachment issues. (contrary to popular belief institutionalized children do not bond instantly) We were in no hurry. They needed to know they could trust us. Forever. So, no we didn't confiscate their bottles from them at 12 months. This was our time to bond with them. They did however wean themselves off of their bottles by the time they were 18 months old. They gave it up. Ours was an easy transition. They decided. Besides I was in no hurry for them to "grow-up". Not yet. I loved nothing better than rocking them at night as they stroked my cheek. We still do this. So, it was no surprise when they initiated potty training. As I reminded my "mil" numerous times when she asked "are they potty trained"? when they're ready that's when we'll train. Not until.

These are some of the things I've learned while potty training. I had no idea how exhausting potty training was going to be. For me!!! I think I've lost five pounds with all the jumping up and down and running. Did I mention running?!?! I also understand why they were so content in their diapers!

1. Never, repeat never ever, ever leave the girls unattended together in the bathroom. On discovery of why they were so quiet I could be found face down in the toilet fishing an entire roll of paper out of toilet. To which they giggled "mommy, pee-pee". What I don't know is if they had actually pee'd in toilet. If so, this would have been "progress".

2. Don't ask ever "do you have to go potty". They always respond with a healthy "no, potty mommy". I was brought up that "No" meant no! I can see I've got my work cut out for me.

3. Be prepared to move your easy chair and kitchen into the bathroom. Just as soon as I'd sit down the other one would go running and yelling "pee-pee mommy, pee-pee". We took many meals on the pot.....

4. My girls have a future in obstacle course racing. Real talent here. Running through the house with their panties down around their ankles yelling "wipe my butt mommy"!

5. How quickly they learned to carry the piss potty above their head. Full. And not spill a drop.

6. How much I would grow to love the "bye-bye pee-pee" song the girls sang each time they used the toilet. And even more when Katie poo-poo'd. She would smile and wave "bye-bye Katie's poo-poo, bye-bye chocolate"! lol..... I'll never view chocolate quite the same.

7. How they would have to go pee-pee so intensely and splash out little more than a grasshopper! It would take them a year to fill a cup at that rate. Gives new meaning to the word "pea bladder"..........

8. How they could take off running to the loo and get to the potty, pants down, yet spray all over the floor. I too have done this( back in the day) but an all night remember, right?!

9. Or after asking (right before leaving the house) do you have to go to the potty and both say firmly"no". But after strapping them into their seats they would squeal "mommy, pee-pee". My response, "you are kidding, right"? Shit.

10. Hearing the water in the loo but discovering that they're washing their hands in the pee-pee potty!

11. How comfortable I became dragging the potty around with me like a body part....everywhere!

12. Laughing that the girls went through four rolls of toilet paper while at my parent's home. In two days! And not stop up the toilet!!

13. And my favorite...what was I thinking when I decided to take a road trip (of more than 5 minutes---in a car) in the midst of potty training. By myself. Oh, what fun!

But, we're getting there. Only diaper at nap (yes we still take an afternoon nap) and at bedtime....I can only imagine what driving will be like...g-d help us!

On the road again..

Part II... Our trek continues....
Run for your lives if you see us pull up. We give new meaning to the word excess baggage. Oh yeah, we have our issues too. Not one to travel lightly we packed everything everything including the kitchen sink. I gotta hand it to Uncle Rock and Uncle Dex for putting up with a bunch of females for a 24 hour period. Not to mention having to take a number to get into the bathroom! Dead. Last. But, we sure enjoyed those "smelly" soaps the boys insisted we use. Mmmm-mmmmm. And I think I was able to convince Rock that "no, I had not left sweet thing(s.t.) and I was not on the run......*snort*......he honed in immediately that I was not wearing my marital rings.

We arrived at Sam's with barely a slight hiccup. I'm sure if I'd purred an licked on "Sophie" (as s.t. calls his nav system) she may have cooperated a little better. I phoned Sam straight away and she she stayed on the phone until we were idling in front of her compound. I had the good fortune to meet the effervescent tall and handsome man that makes Sam weak in the knees (that is what you said, right Sam?) and the adorable Cullen! I had no idea the kid was so tall. Within minutes of arriving my girls found "the room". They stood with saliva dripping from their fly traps gazing in awe at all of little Miss Kieren's things. They did not know where to start first. It's as if they had been handed the keys to Disney. We were there long enough for them just to get comfortable when we were on the the run again. But this time to Auntie Heather's. We were treated like movie stars the minute we crossed the threshold. Her hospitality would have put Scarlet O'Hare to shame. She prepared a mouth smacking delicious meal that my children devoured and me too! After dinner the big people did a little wine tasting that left us all feeling a little loopy. We loaded the troops for our final destination of the evening. The Beagle B& B. By the time we arrived the girls were wound up and it would be several more hours before they settled down. We were handed the keys to the "Presidential Suite" upon check-in and escorted to the oh so private wing of the house. Here is where we would spend the next couple hours laughing and chatting it up. We awoke the next morning to five inches of snow on the ground! Sam graciously offered us a room at the Inn for an additional stay, but I knew my dear friend Jody would be disappointed not seeing us while in town. So, after showering and eating breakfast I once again loaded the kids and luggage into the car. Thank you Sammy. We had so much fun..... and can't wait to do it again.....when it's warmer.

After a hairy drive back to Columbus we were warm and snug as a bug waiting for Jody to arrive home. We decided upon her arrival due to it being so damn cold to stay in and watch American Idol. Jody picked up a couple salads from one of our favorite dining establishments while I uncorked some wine. WE sucked and swirled the grape and were enjoying ourselves until Katie with a sweep of her little hand knocked over my wine. My red wine on Jody's oh-so white carpet! Oh shit. Her home is like walking into a beautifully decorated model home. Simply gorgeous. We quickly tried to remove the stain, sadly with no luck. She did call me later the next day to say she was able to get the stain out. Whew.....I thought I was going to be replacing an expensive rug!

Finally last stop on the tour. My parent's nest. Awwww. We. Were. Tired. I think the unpacking and packing the car plus getting the girls in and out of the car had taking it's toll on me. Plus the severe cold. My dad met us in the driveway and carried the girls and the bags in. We spent the entire day with my dad as my mom was working. Our plan was to leave the next day but once again another ice storm. After conversation with S.T. we decided it was in my best interest to stay. He did not want me driving through the mountains in the ice with the girls.

I didn't realize how found of "Barney" Abbey had become. However I heard this banging noise after I had put her down for a nap. bed. I placed her up against the wall as she is our "flipper". Well, much to my surprise when I came down the hall it was her head that was smacking up against the wall as she was mounting Barney! Not knowing what else to do I closed the door and left her to enjoy herself....... I still am a bit disturbed about it.....I hope this is not a sign of her sexual appetite.

Bed Hopping

We bed hopped our way through Ohio last week on a fun filled adventure. I can tell you who has the best soaps, (french milled) who's sheets are made for a queen and who has the fluffiest Egyptian towels ever. AND who makes a cup of java that literally makes me moist between the loins. Full lead! I enjoy my coffee. Nothing warms my heart more than to see the half and half starring back as I peer into the refrig and a nice bean to suck on. We were not in any spot long enough to settle in too comfortably. Five beds in eight nights. You would have thought we were on the run! No sooner had we arrived and carried in enough luggage for Paris Hilton then it was time to check-out. Brought back memories of my airline days but without the diapers. All the while dragging the piss potty into each hostel as if it were the golden latrine for the Queen herself.

After careful planning I had worked out the details of our travel itinerary. Remind me to have my head examined the next time I decide to travel with the gran-amals alone in the midst of a winter blizzard. Alone. To Ohio. Must have frontal lobotomy.

February 15, 2008 depart northern Virginia 9:00am 11:00am for Zanesville, Ohio to stay with sister and her husband in their humble abode. We had originally planned to stay with my parent's but my mom was really sick so had a change of plans last minute. Will catch them on the tail end of trip.

February 18th, 2008 depart Zanesville for Columbus to hang with long time friends Dex and Rock.

February 19th, 2008 depart Columbus for the emerald city of Dayton to stay with "The Wizard".

February 20th, 2008 depart Dayton for Westerville, Ohio to stay with long time friend "Jo-Jo".
February 21, 2008 depart Westerville, Ohio for T-ville, Ohio to finally visit with mom and dad.

February 22, 2008 return to northern Virginia. We got stranded an extra day due to the ice storm so didn't depart until Saturday. All was good as we were enjoying ourselves.

We finally arrived at my sister's after a slight detour due to my stupidity to turn on the nav system inability to recall that Ohio is north of Virginia! I did well in geography and I've made this trip a trillion times. I promise you. But as I recall the events leading up to our dash for the border I realized I left behind a marked material possession. My wedding ring. It was one of the first times in my life I remember feeling as if I'd left something behind. As I drove my heart felt really sad not to have sweetum's with me. Of course I would later discover there was speculation of "why" I wasn't wearing my rings.

Highlights and moments of our trip. Part I.

Well, within barely 24 hours of crossing the Ohio boarder we were sitting in the the the local ER with Katie. I'm not an alarmist, however when she started gasping for air I knew it was time to seek professional help. The doctor seemed to think my sister's dogs threw Katie into an attack. I would never have guessed it. We have a dog. Different dogs, different dander. He was hesitant to note it as an asthma attack, however hurriedly ordered a breathing treatment and predinzone stat. Within seconds she was running the halls and screaming in ecstasy. She would have a repeat performance the following evening minus the ER. Thank g-d I had the sense to fill the prescription he prescribed!
Anyway, after three fun filled hours of insert: sarcasm giggles and grins in the ER Katie was discharged. They ran the halls faster than Flo Jo racing for the finish line with their blankies draped around their necks yelling "Cinda-brella mommy look at me"! Licking and lapping the ER floors and using Pinky and Barney as a mop ---they did, oh, oh and singing at the top of their lungs. The single cutest moment was when Katie squealed "I got hiccup in my butt"! But no we would spend yet another 30+minutes there charming them with their undeniable cuteness. Why you ask were we still there? Someone *cough* sister left the lights on in the car. The staff could not have been any nicer. They treated us like movie stars. The security guard jumped me my car and then delivered my children to me as if they were his own flock. Sweet man. He got a good chuckle out of knowing that I had know idea where the hood release was!

While shopping at the mall the next day I ran in to an old school mate. She had her two grandchildren with her yes, grandchildren who were about K & A's age. I know she thought K & A were my grandchildren as she asked twice if they were mine. She was as sweet as pie and still so darn cute. Anyway as the girls were skipping and jumping a mentally challenged girl asked if the girls were twins. Now, I assume she was "challenged "because of the conversation that transpired. I smiled and replied "yes, they are twins". She seemed to ponder this for a moment and said "are they the same age"? I looked at her and repeated again "yes, they are twins, they share the same birthday". She starred back at me and then started laughing and said "nah, they're not". To which I said "yes, they are". I walked away realizing she wasn't challenged. She was an idiot. I'm still laughing.

Sister's dahling man slave prepared a supper greater than the "last supper" for us. Deer Steak. Succulent. No surprise my sweetum's is not a hunter. Not of the four legged kind. At any rate we were tempted to stay another night!
The older I get the more unexpected "Flo" gets. So, it should be no surprise that I would spring a leak as we arrive to spend the evening with "the boys"! Not only did I forget my wedding ring, but my "protection" as well. Dex made the mistake of calling to see if we needed anything while out picking up our Chinese take-out. I figured, well, he asked why not. His response was "Pink or blue"?! My man wouldn't (ever) pick up my feminine stuff! The boys also tolerated the piss potty sitting in their dining room as we dined on gourmet Chinese. The girls would run back and forth peeing in the potty as we sat devouring our delicious meal sucking and licking our fingers. No inhibitions with those two. They'd drop their panties, pee and grab the potty and dump it in the sink. Kitchen sink! Eww.. Gross.
To be continued.........
p.s. All clothing and blankets were washed after the hospital visit...

Oregon Trip

I ended up taking a last minute trip to Oregon to go to my Great Grandmother's funeral. My dear friends, Shari and Lillie took turns watching Tanner and Kate while Shad was at work, so I could go all by myself!!!! I have such good friends!!! It was so nice to only have to pack myself, fly by myself, eat my meals while they were still warm, take a shower without two kids staring at me through the glass shower door, etc. I missed my kids and hubby a ton, but it was nice to have a couple of days off.

Highlights of my trip:

Meeting Miles, my brother's new baby boy. He was so precious and I fell absolutely in love with him.

Seeing my most of my siblings and their spouses. We missed you Danielle!!!

Seeing Gracie, my sister Rebecca's little .

Staying over at my dear sister Amy's house with her husband Mike. They were so kind to put me up for 4 nights in their apartment!! Mike was so sweet and even let me sleep in their bed with Amy while he slept on an air mattress because my back was hurting so bad. Thank you Mike.

Watching my sister Megan, firedance.

Hanging with my brother Jake, who miraculously had the whole weekend off!

And of course seeing my parents, Grandparents and other family members at the funeral. I was really glad that I ended up going to the funeral. It was really neat to hear more about Grandma Grace's life and seeing her one last time. It was nice to have closure.

Lastly, my husband was amazing while I was away and this is what I came home to:

A clean house!! Not only did he watch the kids for 3 full days and 4 nights, he did laundry (I didn't know that he knew how) = ), went grocery shopping and cleaned the whole house before I got home. He didn't complain at all. He was really nice and told me that he didn't realize how busy I was during the day and how many poopy diapers I change. = )

Here's a video I took of Kate before I went to Oregon.

Here is Kate with her current black eye. The picture doesn't really do it justice. Tanner and Kate were on the top landing of the stairs playing and I think Tanner though he needed a little more room. So he "scooted" her over, also know as "pushing" her down the stairs. Thank goodness our stairs are split so she landed on the middle landing which is carpeted. There is a long blister under her eye and a scratch on her nose. Poor kid. She cried a little about getting hurt, but what she was most upset about was not being able to go into Tanner's room with him, while he was in time-out.

Tanner's been really into calling me Lizzie lately. I'll say, "Tanner, I'm Mommy" and he'll say, "No, you're not Mommy, you're Lizzie!"

Which way?

With the expense of some of you snorting out loud (Sam be still) I will give you an upfront view of our trip to Ohio. I have made this trip from northern Virginia 100 million times and well, gosh darn I know how to get there. But, as we were wiping the crumbs from our face at the McDonald's we stopped at in West Virginia I asked the worker bee how far to I-70? After scratching her head and repeating "I-70" three more times she finally said she would get someone who would know. Well, the "manager" politely told me I needed to jump on I-79 North that I had gone oh, um about 75 miles out of my way! I smiled and told her very politely (I really did) no, I've traveled this route a gazillion times AND I always go SOUTH on 79!! Much to my dismay I was wrong. Especially AFTER I quickly turned on the "nav" system (that had not been turned on) and yes, she confirmed too that I needed to be going NORTH. Who would have thought from Virginia to Ohio I should be traveling NORTH?! I must have thought I was heading to Florida. Yeah, that's it........ laugh, laugh hard.... I'm a wallking mapquest.! Needless to say I am using my nav system to get to "The Beegle Inn". See you soon sweets!
Update: I knew you'd all get a chuckle out of my sense of direction. I do get lost in my neighborhood and I live on a dead-end street. To Potomac River!! We are having a fan-tas-tic-o time and the girls love this "bed-hopping"... ahhh truly like their momma... We are having lunch at the "Mowhawk and taking a mini car tour of downtown Columbus and then... and then... we're off to see the Wizard. Bwahahaha.

Beegle Bed and Breakfast

Oh, thank g-d the hotle confirmation finally arrived. I've had the car packed ever since she hinted to stop by. We are excited! You're wondering where the Beegle Bed and Breakfast is located? The oh so famed tourist town of Dayton. She did say "Do drop in..... little did she know we would... So what if it's a seven hour drive. We've booked the Presidential suite requested turn down service and round the clock room service. Other than that we won't be much trouble at all. Yep, we're stoked. Did I just say stoked?! Can't wait to see you sweets. I'll bring the wine and some snappies....

p.s. Sen your were only saved by the sheer misfortune of not having passports for the little people. Don't fret, we're working that out....

Thinking silly me SC (sweet cheeks) might be missing us while we're away say to him tonight while preparing dinner.

Me: "Honey, you're gonna miss us while we're gone". We're going to be gone a whole week. A. Whole. Week.

SC: smiling a wicked grin... "Ummm, yeah, sure I'm gonna miss you guys".

Me: "No you're not. I can tell. What do you have planned"? Sleeping in...watching whatever he wants to on T.V. Doing whatever the heck he wants without a care in the world. Oh, he's NOT going to miss us.

SC: "Working". Liar.


SC: "I've got a lot of work to do".

Me; You're not gonna miss us at all".

SC: "Maybe you could take the dog too. I've already got the party planned in my head"!

What makes you tick?

I don't know about you or not but I'm tickled to death to resume to my regularly scheduled programs. I know I will. Yes, I'm a T.V. addict and proudly admit it. Although I love blogging and find it therapeutic it can also be grossly time consuming and challenging to come up with new and fresh material each day at the expense of holding your interest. But my research reveals that the WGA membership will be voting on whether to end the strike. Cross your fingers......

I know some of you think you know me. But how well? It's no secret that I can be umm how do you say it delicately, an OPINIONATED beeotch who is passionate about her beliefs and the twinkies. Nah. But I also have little ticks that bug the shit out of me. Pet peeves. I'll admit I'm a little (hush Sen) O.C.D. For fun I'll list mine and in turn you leave things that make you a little nutty or freaky. Think of it as therapy. But free. This time...

I hate, hate, hate cars that tailgate. To send a message I clean my windshield while driving 50+mph. That's right. Throwing water on the clean black car behind me. Guess who slows down?! I'm sure they were cussing up a storm too.... Bwahahaha me with a sheepish grin on my face. Lesson learned.

People who drive in the passing lane and turttles are passing them in the right lane. Move over.

The toilet paper MUST roll over and not under on the ring. If it doesn't no matter where I am I will change it. Beware Sam I'm coming.....

I have a rule at my house. Clothing that needs washed has to be turned right side out before going in the dirty clothes basket. Meaning SC (sweet cheeks) turn your skivies right side out or else momma folds them the way they come out of the dryer. I ain't your maid. Teaching the girls to do the same...

All cans and boxes in the pantry must be facing the same direction. And food in the refrig is stored according to category. Meaning milk on one shelf, yogurt on another, and momma's juice in the "special" place. Dont' mix it up. I like my stuff neat and orderly.

I only use wooden hangers. Yeah, I like my woods. *big grin*

I can't go to bed until everything has been picked up and put away. Including the children.

I am fanatically about my annual mammograms and gynological visits. I never miss.

Bed has to be made every morning. My house, my rule.

I can't leave work until all phone calls have been returned, and everything on desk is put away.

I am fanatical about my feet. I schedule a pedicure every two weeks. Even in the winter.

Although I like a clean house, I detest cleaning. No surprise there! Baby Katie is taking after her momma... oh bother.

Creeps me out men who wear necklaces and bracelets. Too Miami Vice for me.

I feel the same about women too
. Don't need to wear ALL your jewelry on the same day--Mrs. T.

Big ole honking fake nails. Screams 80's for me. Bet that surprises many of you....

Ill behaved children. AND Parent's who don't parent. Ugh.

Hannity and Combs
. OMG. Could they be anymore one sided on their views.

Ok... tuning in to A.I. love the dude from Buckhead, Ga. Hot!

Golden Shower?

Now that they're talking nothing and I mean nothing is off limits. The little peepers love nothing better than showering with their daddy and are usually stepping into the shower behind him. If our shower was bigger we'd all shower together as one big happy family. *wink* It's quicker too. Anyhoots, I was blow drying my wig when I over hear the following conversation.

Abbey: "Pee-pee mommy, pee-pee" giggling.....

Me: Raised eyebrows "What did you say"? Thinking surely dh has not whize'd on the girls?

Abbey: again squealing "Pee-pee" jumping up and down and still laughing.

Me: "Ummm, hey what's going on, did YOU (dh) pee in the shower"?

Dh: Very firmly "No, eyes rolling she has to go to the bathroom".

Me: "Honey, it's ok. You can pee in the shower". (Abbey, not dh!).

Abbey: "No, no pee-pee in the potty".

Me: Thank g-d. I thought for sure I was going to have to explain "golden showers" at the ripe age of 2 1/2 years old! What next?

Happy Chinese New Year!

Good thing we had that "dry-run" yesterday. *snort* Someone should have smacked mommy upside the head and reminded her to order the girls Chinese silks before the big finale! At any rate thank goodness they were able to squeeze into last years silks. I know *gasp* last years designs! lol. Hanging my head in shame. We had a super duper great time and the girls did not cry this year when the dragon made his appearance. They were scared beyond belief last year. They proudly inserted their little red envelopes in the dragon's mouth like a soon to be groom stuffing 20 dollar bills in a stripper's garter! They beamed like a Cheshire cat. I have to admit it was cute.Our friends little girl however gave a blood curdling scream that would put anyone auditioning for a thriller to shame. Oh-naturale.....

Happy Chinese New Year to all.

Tanner went to nursery!!!!

An unbelievable event took place today in our family today.....Tanner went to nursery all by himself. Tanner just turned three years old and today was the first time he went to nursery and didn't cry the whole time!!!! He got some new leaders that he loves and they are consistently there each Sunday. So today I said to Tanner, "Today is my last day in here with you. Next week I am going to my class and you'll go to nursery all by yourself." He almost started crying, and I reminded him that Melissa (his new teacher) would be with him and that if he was really brave and stayed the whole time in nursery that he would get fruit snacks when he got home. He thought about it for a sec, looked over at at Melissa and say, "okay." Then I said in a super excited voice, "Do you want to stay in here by yourself today and get fruit snacks today when we get home?" He jumped up and down said "yes" ran over and gave Melissa a hug and said "bye". We have tried bribery before with nursery and it never worked, but I guess he was ready this time around. I am still in awe that I got to go to Relief Society all by myself. It's probably been almost 3 years since that's happened. I felt like I got to go to Disneyland. Only 5 more months and Kate goes to nursery!!!

Here's a cute conversation Tanner and I had yesterday on the way to church:

Tanner: It's so beautiful outside today.

Me: It is so beautiful outside today...the clear blue skies, the pretty green trees. What do you think is beautiful outside? (I'm looking around at our 70 degree weather, palm trees, snow-capped mountains, blossoming flowers.... wondering what he will say)

Tanner: (pauses to think) The cars.....all the cars are beautiful.

Such a boy.

Today was sooo beautiful and Shad took the kids out to play in the sandbox. Here are some pics of Kate eating the sand and Tanner discovering cat poop on his hand. By the way, we discovered the cat poop in the sandbox after Kate had eaten a fistful of sand.

Today was also the first time Tanner wore real church shoes (normally he wears crocs) and a tie!!!!

I made my appointment to get my varicose veins taken care of. It will happen in a couple of months. I thought I'd include a picture of a vein on my ankle. This is just a small part of my vein (they go up and down my leg), but it's the part that hurts the most.

My great-grandmother, "Grandma Grace", passed away this morning. She was almost 97 years old. I feel so much peace knowing she is in a better place.