On the road again..

Part II... Our trek continues....
Run for your lives if you see us pull up. We give new meaning to the word excess baggage. Oh yeah, we have our issues too. Not one to travel lightly we packed everything everything including the kitchen sink. I gotta hand it to Uncle Rock and Uncle Dex for putting up with a bunch of females for a 24 hour period. Not to mention having to take a number to get into the bathroom! Dead. Last. But, we sure enjoyed those "smelly" soaps the boys insisted we use. Mmmm-mmmmm. And I think I was able to convince Rock that "no, I had not left sweet thing(s.t.) and I was not on the run......*snort*......he honed in immediately that I was not wearing my marital rings.

We arrived at Sam's with barely a slight hiccup. I'm sure if I'd purred an licked on "Sophie" (as s.t. calls his nav system) she may have cooperated a little better. I phoned Sam straight away and she she stayed on the phone until we were idling in front of her compound. I had the good fortune to meet the effervescent tall and handsome man that makes Sam weak in the knees (that is what you said, right Sam?) and the adorable Cullen! I had no idea the kid was so tall. Within minutes of arriving my girls found "the room". They stood with saliva dripping from their fly traps gazing in awe at all of little Miss Kieren's things. They did not know where to start first. It's as if they had been handed the keys to Disney. We were there long enough for them just to get comfortable when we were on the the run again. But this time to Auntie Heather's. We were treated like movie stars the minute we crossed the threshold. Her hospitality would have put Scarlet O'Hare to shame. She prepared a mouth smacking delicious meal that my children devoured and me too! After dinner the big people did a little wine tasting that left us all feeling a little loopy. We loaded the troops for our final destination of the evening. The Beagle B& B. By the time we arrived the girls were wound up and it would be several more hours before they settled down. We were handed the keys to the "Presidential Suite" upon check-in and escorted to the oh so private wing of the house. Here is where we would spend the next couple hours laughing and chatting it up. We awoke the next morning to five inches of snow on the ground! Sam graciously offered us a room at the Inn for an additional stay, but I knew my dear friend Jody would be disappointed not seeing us while in town. So, after showering and eating breakfast I once again loaded the kids and luggage into the car. Thank you Sammy. We had so much fun..... and can't wait to do it again.....when it's warmer.

After a hairy drive back to Columbus we were warm and snug as a bug waiting for Jody to arrive home. We decided upon her arrival due to it being so damn cold to stay in and watch American Idol. Jody picked up a couple salads from one of our favorite dining establishments while I uncorked some wine. WE sucked and swirled the grape and were enjoying ourselves until Katie with a sweep of her little hand knocked over my wine. My red wine on Jody's oh-so white carpet! Oh shit. Her home is like walking into a beautifully decorated model home. Simply gorgeous. We quickly tried to remove the stain, sadly with no luck. She did call me later the next day to say she was able to get the stain out. Whew.....I thought I was going to be replacing an expensive rug!

Finally last stop on the tour. My parent's nest. Awwww. We. Were. Tired. I think the unpacking and packing the car plus getting the girls in and out of the car had taking it's toll on me. Plus the severe cold. My dad met us in the driveway and carried the girls and the bags in. We spent the entire day with my dad as my mom was working. Our plan was to leave the next day but once again another ice storm. After conversation with S.T. we decided it was in my best interest to stay. He did not want me driving through the mountains in the ice with the girls.

I didn't realize how found of "Barney" Abbey had become. However I heard this banging noise after I had put her down for a nap. bed. I placed her up against the wall as she is our "flipper". Well, much to my surprise when I came down the hall it was her head that was smacking up against the wall as she was mounting Barney! Not knowing what else to do I closed the door and left her to enjoy herself....... I still am a bit disturbed about it.....I hope this is not a sign of her sexual appetite.