I'm baaaaack...

Back by popular demand.

The year: Circa 1989

The Place: Hawii , Visiting my dearest friend Vicki. Use to jet over 5-6 times a year. Wish I were there.

Ray Bans. Check.

Tiny itty bitty bikini. Check.



Life Lately...

Here is my beautiful little girl. It would've been a better pic, but when Tanner wasn't trying to steal my camera away from me, he was trying to weasel in the picture himself, and then Kate kept trying to crawl away. But I still love this picture of her.

I was in the playroom snapping away pictures of Kate and then she turns around and I see a massive amount of poop all over her back, shirt, pants and various spots in the playroom. So after I cleaned her up, she crawled away as fast as she could, grabbed a bowl of popcorn and plopped down to watch tv. It was so cute.

Tanner never wants his picture taken anymore, so I always have to sneak them...hence the very serious expression.

Kate loves to look at books. It will keep her occupied for a long time...or until Tanner steals the book away from her. = )

Tanner has been really into "cooking" lately. This is he and Sophie cooking together.

That's all for now. I will write more later. Sorry I haven't looked at all of your blogs in a long time. Life's been crazy lately. Love you all.

Did someone say par-tay??

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New Wig

I've been feeling blah, blah, blah lately. I suppose it could have something to do with the extra five 10 pounds I'm carrying around like gum on my shoe. Or that my "squeeze box" doesn't hang on every word that I gush lately. Have I lost my "mojo"? I recall a time not so long ago where I was notorious for my famous sashaying dock walk. Boy could I turn a head or two. They were eager to park their car in my garage too. Baby I had it. I digress. I'm sure it comes as know surprise but I've always been a bit of a "snob" when it came to my appearance. Looking my best regardless of the price tag. Staying fit at the expense of grueling hours at the gym. Regular manicures, pedicure, massages, facials, and of course the hair. The. hair. My guy was convinced this was normal. Well, if he wanted to see the kitty. Cut dipped and clipped ready for a quick trip to the islands at a moments notice. Kitty too. I feel guilty that I have let my self go since brining the girls home. I rarely remember my lipstick before rushing out the door with shoe in hand as I jump in the car. Butt is expanding like a rubber band. Yes, things have changed. The girls are our priority. I'm not complaining. Really. I don't know how I allowed myself to get so out of shape and well, frumpy though. So, I scheduled an appointment to have my beehive coiffed. I knew I needed a little pick-up. A zinger. And then there it was. I knew this hair cut too. I made short and sassy way cute before her. I did! So, I braved it and whispered to the miracle worker what I was considering. What do you think?! I think I got my mojo back......

The Stork Has Landed!

Two years ago today I received the call that changed my life forever. I was going to be a mommy! Twins. Finally. I had questioned not working that day, but at the last minute decided what would be worse, pacing at home or at work? I was a wreck. I was restless. I couldn't focus. We had been alerted by our agency the day before that the "Stork" had landed so I was anxiously awaiting the call. The referrals were rolling in. What I didn't know was whether there were twins in our group. (45 babies) It was January 25th, 2005 at 4:59 p.m. I was shutting my computer down when the phone finally rang. I had worried that the call would come on my way home for work. I was prepared. I had printed questions I wanted to ask and I knew that I could not do this if I were in the car. I answered the phone and the person on the other end of the line identified herself as Lacee from GWCA. I let out a sigh and barely whispered "I know". She then said "I am staring at your beautiful daughter and her twin sister". Omg. My head was reeling. Did she say twins? She was asking how many cribs do you have? I tried asking the questions I had prepared but I couldn't see due to the tears that wouldn't stop. I was overwhelmed with joy. Before we hung up I asked Lacee if she had called Jeff. She said she had however he asked that she call me first, although he did ask "how many". She tried telling him about the babies but he wouldn't hear of it. He wanted her to call me first. So characteristic of Jeff. We were on the phone all night with friends and family calling as word spread of our good fortune around the world.

The girls were 4 1/2 months in the picture above and they weighed 14 and 16 pounds! They were healthy babies. Katie is on the right and Abbey on the left. Funny how Katie was the bigger baby but is 5 pounds lighter than Abbey now.


Me: "No more flour Tanner, that's enough."
Tanner: "Why Mom?"
Me: "Because we already put in enough. We don't need anymore."
Tanner: "Why?"
Me: "Well, if you put in too much flour it will be too dry and it won't taste yummy."
Tanner: "Why?"
Me: "Well, it just doesn't taste as good when it's dry."
Tanner: "Why it not taste good, Mom?"
Me: "I don't know, that's just the way it is."
Tanner: "Why?"

2 minutes later...

Me: "Burr, I'm cold."
Tanner: "Why?"
Me: Well, it's cold in here, so I feel chilly."
Tanner: "Why do you feel chilly?"
Me: "I'm not sure Tanner, I just feel cold, maybe I should put on more clothes so I will be warmer."
Tanner: "Why you put on more clothes?"
Me: "Because I'm cold."
Tanner: "Why?"

So, these are not exact conversations we have had, but very close and I am sparing you a lot of "whys". In some ways, it is very cute how is is truly curious to why things happen and why people feel a certain way. On the other hand it can be extremely annoying.

Moving on...yesterday I made some banana bread out of "Deceptively Delicious." It had whole wheat flour, bananas, and cauliflower puree in it. It was really good and Tanner gobbled it up. Kate however, is becoming extremely picky and won't eat it. Like Tanner, she refuses to eat any sort of animal protein (chicken, beef, fish, pork) and is allergic to dairy. Except she goes a bit further and won't eat whole grain baked goods, like whole wheat bread, pancakes, etc. Of course she'll eat anything white. I don't remember Tanner being so picky at this age. I thought that came at more like 18 months. Oh well, all you have to do is look at her thighs to see she is still thriving.

Answer Questions

I've been asked the same questions by many of you, so here are the answers:

-In the pictures of Tanner's birthday, I was wearing American Eagle jeans.
-I stopped nursing Kate one week ago. I was extremely sad to have it end, but she absolutely refused to continue.
-Here are the before and after pics of my new table:



Here is a funny picture of Tanner from yesterday.

A typical morning for us:

Lastly, here are some videos from Kate's birthday last night:

Kate's Birthday!!!

I know, I know....I lasted four days and I'm back on the computer. Well, my kids are so dang cute I had no choice but to get back to posting.

Kate's birthday was Friday, but Shad was out of town, so we celebrated it today. She was hesitant about the cake at first, but once she got the hang of it, she ate SO MUCH!! She just kept eating and eating. After a while, when she started smothering it through her hair, we called it quits. Tanner was much more excited than her to open the presents. And he had a hard time letting her play with her new toys, but overall, he did quite well.

This is Kate helping with the frosting for her cake.

Here's Tanner staring at Kate's cake and presents. He sat there forever waiting for the festivities to begin.

So this next part I am mainly writing for Kate, for her to read in the future, since this is our family journal/scrapbook. Here goes:

Kate, I am so absolutely in love with you. You have brought me more joy this year than I could have possibly imagined. You fill me every time I look at you. There is something special about you, and it's not just me that notices it. I get comments from other people about how beautiful you are all the time, and then they'll tell me that it's something more. That you have a special spirit. You have been such a wonderful baby. I have loved every moment I've spent with you. I get stopped multiple times a day when we are out, with strangers stopping in awe at how gorgeous you are....and at how much hair you have. I love that you love me the most. = ) You love your Dad too, but you prefer me and I love it. You are a great eater, great sleeper and happy almost always. We love you so much Kate. Happy Birthday.

"Ride Sally Ride"

To summarize here is the sequel to what we fondly refer to as the "pursuit of happiness"! So I'm firing bullets at you. Duck. Take cover.
  • Abbey finally oh thank g-d after 18 hideous months of attachment is sleeping through the night. We tried everything. I even sang. Well, that was probably part of the problem. But, I think it was the quilt my sister made for Ab's of my grandfather's clothing that finally comforted her at night. It's as if grandpa is watching over her as she dreams at night. Fm comment was "don't tell anyone that, it soo creepy". I don't care who knows. I'm sleeping. All night. FINALLY.
  • I know what she has been dreaming about now too. She's been boffing Barney. That's right. I walked in on her riding Barney like a mechanical bull! Ride em Cowgirl! It became clear to me why she begged desperately for mommy to cover her head at night when tucking her in. Every night. She thought she could hide from me. She'll learn. Momma sees everything! I heard a familiar moaning coming from their bedroom the other night as we were crawling in. Not that the walls in our nest have heard any waking or quaking lately but well,now I know why she sleeps so soundly. Ride Sally, ride.....
  • Abba aka "Sally" has recently started calling me "mum" and daddy "Jaaaaaw-freeee"! She thinks it's pretty funny. We do too, but are pretty firm on her calling daddy, daddy. She can call me "Mum" it sounds so aristocratic! lol.
  • My free and easy child (Katie) has morphed into the devil in disguise. Ugggg-leeee. A one eye'd monster who when not getting her way reels her nasty head. She has a temper worse than mine. Needless to say she's been spending a little more time in her bedroom! Momma does not put up with that crap. EV-AR!
  • Katie may be color blind. We can hold up a screaming red shirt and ask her "What color it this Katie"?. She smiles and very quickly and with self-assured confidence expounds "Bluuuuue"! Ahhhhhhh...... She is so unaffected by most things. Easy going, happy go lucky not a care in the world. Yes, she rides on a different bus.....
  • Katie is our Little Princess. She exclaimed yesterday "mommy, feet" as she pointed to her feet. Me: "mmmm, yes those are your feet" to which Katie replied "I can't walk, carry me"! She is our "little princess don't let my feet touch the ground girly-girl"!
  • Katie is our true girly-girl. She throws a fit if I try putting jeans on her. "No, mommy, dress"! AND, her bows and clips are always in place. Abbey, well that's another story. She looks as if she's been riding the bull.....
  • We dry girls off with a towel fresh out of the dryer when bathing or showering. They love their warm towel. I know Sen, we are creating monsters.
  • I knew the day would come and yes, I was dreading it. It was inevitable especially since the beefcake came into the picture. Mai had her first "overnight" with the boy! I was startled when she bolted through the door last night in a hurry. I know she's an adult,(24) but I worry about my girl. Anyway, she excitedly told us she was getting some clothes (me wondering why she needed clothes) because they were going "clubbing" and she was going to spend the night(what did you say?) with Wes. You can imagine my response. "Ohhhhhhhh". I wanted to ask, " Do you have protection"? "Are you prepared for this"? "Just remember, no means no".... I couldn't stop talking about it as we went to bed last night. Fm was hoping I would. I half heartedly asked Fm(which really meant I need to discuss this shit with her) "Do you think I need to have "the talk" with her"? He looked at me and rather firmly said, "She is an adult". Oh, he just doesn't get it. I hope he didn't stick his dippity dooo in her Venus fly trap! Not Fm, beefcake!!
  • I assumed everyone read my blog. But, I recently discovered that my mom doesn't! Doesn't even skim it. Ever. Yeah, that's right. WTF? My mom's retort when asked (by family member)why she doesn't read it was "I don't want to know about that stuff"! What, your grandchildren? Or your daughter? Makes it sound like a bad thing. It's not as if it were a porn site! But why do I act so surprised? I keep hoping it will change. One. day. It makes me so sad what little interest they have in my girls or me. She will probably learn of this post as a few family members do read this stuff I call my life! I am more than grateful that nana insists upon being a part of the girls lives. She has been a part of their lives since we returned from China. And she flies in for her bi-monthly vacation, although she might not think of it as va-kay. Now that's love.
  • Daddy and Mai both celebrated birthdays this month. Daddy turned 37 and Mai 24. I hosted a party for Mai and her friends complete with a home cooked Italian meal and cake from the Cheese Cake Factory. Beefcake came too. Pictures to follow.... I snuck a couple pictures of them sitting together. It looks as if they were afraid to touch one another! lol. They are very cute together and we do like him. Sweet guy. Daddy bought Mai the new razor and added texting on our plan for her. What a softy......

The Nominees......

Well, hooty-hoo. What a surprise! Let me, ummmm digging for my notes, ahhh, yes there they are tucked safely between "the girls" say "thank you for awarding me the coveted Blogging with a purpose award"! Does this mean you like me?! I am flattered that the oh-so talented and inspiring Daleea at Jewls of the heart and Christy who is waiting so patiently to bring her babies home and Lil Sofia's momma. who said and I quote "if I was a kid, I would definitely want a cool mom like her" nominated me for this award and lastly Sammie at Just Keep Swimming. I'm honored to be honored in the same circle as so many wonderfully inspiring people. I'd like to think I have purpose. I started this bloggity blog thing last March. Or was it last April?! It all began as a way for me to journal my day to day activities and in the process raise my twins. But it has grown into something far more. I have gained so many warm and wonderful friends here and in the process I've discovered I'm having a pretty damn good time! Thanks for reading. Even us "old" babes have a purpose....

So, the rules are: Always rules....

1. Awarded parties must nominate five people who have not received the award.
2. The blogs that receive the award must serve some purpose.
3. In their post about the award they need to link back to the original entry.
4. Awarded parties must post the award banner on their site. The banner must remain linked to Eric Novak's site.

You know what they say about rules. They were meant to be broken. I'm flying my freak flag today and I'm making my own rules. These are the blogger's who make me think, laugh, and cry. Some days all in one reading. Most have already been nominated but there special to me.

Sennie at search and destroy is my twin in every way. In every way (right....) but the smarter one. It started off slow but has become a lifelong affair. My leading lady. She is who I seek out when I need to vent,(scream) a shoulder to cry on, or ask advise about anything. She's my Erma Bombeck. I look forward to her posts everyday with anticipation as if the first day of school. She tickles me. Everyday is something new. It may be funny, thought provoking or something she is fiercely passionate about. She has no fear of retribution for her beliefs or opinions. I admire her most for this. When it comes to her beloved children and fm she truly is a "Superstar"! You rock.

Daleea at Jewels of my heart. She won my heart. She was last year's sleeper who has become this year's run away at the box office. Rumor has it she is up for an Oscar. (prepare you acceptance speech...) She has allowed us to press our faces up against her window and peep inside of her world. She has heart. Damn does she have heart. The girl is the most talented of anyone I know. She is the new face on my blog. Yes, she designed it. I am pressing her to design for others. She and I have spent many nights up late laughing until we cry. She is my favorite children's designer. Again, another talent this lady has. Oh, and her photography. Amazing! And oh, there is the children's book too.... She is a sweetheart and oh so loved by so many. She is always there with a kind word or a hug. A portrait of good and a gift that I treasure knowing. Thank you Daleea for stepping into my craziness. I promise not to bring you to the dark side.

Christine at Sopia's Mom. Now this lady has one smokin hot hubby. So it would be fair to say I check her site more often than any. Obsessed? Umm maybe. She leads such a charmed life. Country living at it's finest. Simple and pure. With exception of the undesirables down the lane. (right Chris) She has such a cute feisty spirit. Warm and witty with a touch of innocence peppered with a touch of snark. She shares such a magical relationship with her children. The tales she weaves of the kids, dogs, and the guinea's keeps(and Him) me on the edge of my seat. She's another one who has an eye for photography too. Magnificent! Another blogger buddy who should set-up shop and charge a fee for her services. She is one talented lady.

Cindy at Double lucky. I feel fortunate to have Cindy in my life. We are two 46 year old mom's raising twin daughters with careers! She and her handsome hubby adopted twin baby girls from China too. And she has a really big career that requires her to travel. All over the world. Did I mention a really big career. She has a crazier schedule than me. She and I have spent many a night on the phone cheering on one another or finding a solution to the recent crisis. We lean on one another for support. I'm so glad she's in my life. She has the sweetest disposition and the cutest belly laugh. I can't wait until the next time we hook-up.

Sammie at Just Swimming. She has had a few challenges put before her that would make the strong cry in pain. But yet she manages to always look for the positive and wear a smile. I've never heard her utter an unfavorable comment regarding anything. Her inner strength is so inspiring. I applaud her for her determination and drive. And once again I find myself in the company of yet another friend who has an artistic gift for designing. She creates gorgeous tabbie blankets in beautiful colors and fabrics. Plus I love the way she writes. She can tell such a story. I can say I had the pleasure of meeting Sammie this summer. She is as real in person as she is through her blog. We yaked and chatted like we had known one another forever. Some people just have a way like that. Thanks for being there babe.

No posting for a while....

I'm not going to post for a while....just a warning Amy = ). I've been on the computer way too much ignoring my little ones and the laundry is piling up. So I'll post again and check all of your posts in a couple of weeks. Love you all!!!! Lizzie

The things they say

This is my most favorite stage with the girls. Spellbounding! The 4th of July and New Year's Eve all wrapped into one. They are so more cognizant of their turf. Sometimes too much. As I learned today.....

Abbey: "Mommy, what's that"? Squenting her little eyes to get a closer look.

Mommy: "What, baby". As I'm stepping out of the shower.

Abbey: "That". Creeping closer to me eyes peeled on the target.

Mommy: "What?". Knowing with Abbey there is no 'unexpected".

Abbey: Her gaze fixed upon my meticulously trimmed mound and squeals, "Mommies who-who" and then typical of Abbey reaches up and rubs it. Note to self: Must shave it all off....

p.s. There has been some mention *snort* how the girls would react when they got a glimpse of the one eye'd peeper. The girls shower with daddy. A lot. It was only a matter of time before they would notice the differences. Daddy was stepping out of the shower one morning when it happened. As they were playing in our bathroom when Abbey stopped in her tracks. Her eyes got really, really big. She could tell there was something oddly different about daddy today. And then there it was. This gigantic (wishful)---don't lie you too) thing hanging like a tether ball between daddies legs bouncing side to side. It tickled her. She got this wicked grin on her face and started squealing. I turned around as she was whacking his "man tool" as if it were a punching bag. Just waiting for it to bounce back up! Katie seeing this wanted a hand at it too. Fm immediately took cover. He did not think it was as funny.....

It's my party

Lol. Yep, that's me. I just love the sound of my own syrupy seductive voice. Who doesn't right?! I had to remind myself that THIS. Is. MY. BLOG. No one else's. I can talk about whatever I want to here. Nothing is off limits. Nothing. This is my place to expound, vent, or express myself like an engorged bossom waiting for her youngin. Verbose? Exhausting? Comedic? Heartfelt? Guilty. I like to talk. I'm taking off my bra and panties and I'm going to talk about what I want to. Whether it's flimsy, meaningless, or something I"m passionate about. I've realized that I don't always "let it all hang out" gasp and this year I'm gonna. So, if it offends let me show you to the door now.....

She bugs me. Really, really bugs me. I just don't get what all the fuss is abut.I suffer through as she interrogate interview many of my favorite star as she flits her manicured hands in the air as if swatting flies. Flipping and tossing her hair around like a teen with a crush. AND the way she leers at her prey subject with her gigantic choppers. Could they be any bigger?! She can barely get her collagen lips over her teeth. Freaky. Surely she's heard that "less is the new more". Ugh. Clearly fighting with the aging process as she clings onto what was. It pains me. Who you ask. Jill Rappaport. She and this illusion of good. Now that's a whole other post. Ok, I feel better. Next up.

I detest road warriors. And especially in rush hour traffic. As I sit in my car anxiety ridden calmly idling waiting my turn to move an inch I see him out of the corner of my eye. He's weaving in and out of the traffic. For a minute I feel like I'm back in China! He looks good. Or so he thinks in his big bad black shiny machine . Jut daring anyone to jump out in front of him. And then there here is. Bam. Squeezing into a space clogged thicker than an artery. Jerk! You're so cool in your your big ole stinkin Hummer. Look. At. You. And get off the phone. Romeo. I'm assuming you can read cuz you had to pass a motor test in order to drive that pimp daddy smokin machine thing. But, could you not see the big yellow sign? The one that says "hey you lame ass, lane ends merge here, moron"! WTF? Of course there is the other scenario too. You know the ones who sit in the passing lane driving 45 mph trimming their nose hairs. On the beltway! Shzzz.

This has been my week in the car on the beltway. I hope this is not going to be a daily occurrence!! I thought for a minute this morning I was back in south Florida. Well, not because of the weather, but the elderly behind the wheel. Their lives are good and the martinis are free flowing everyday. Life is one big party. But not here. Not in our nations capital where everyone works. Or is a politician. lol. Not a high concentration of retirees in this area. I observed this boat in the passing lane causing everyone to pass in frustration. And then there she was right in front of me. Like a hood ornament! She finally moves to the far right lane. I'm inching up on her left when I feel her very close. Very, very close. SHE WAS. She was again changing lanes but merging into my lane! My heart was beating so hard I thought it was going to jump out of my chest! I slammed on my horn (on the beltway) and in her semi-conscious stupor she swerves. I suspect a little "nip" in her coffee. Anyway, she swerves right and then back to the left and almost smashes into another car. Then she's back in my lane. We were sharing my lane. Again. I'm all about the elderly keeping their independence but for the love of g-d not at the expense of a life. I glance in my rear view mirror and she was in the median where the two lanes met. I'm sure she was shook up. I know I was.

Tanner's 3rd Birthday!!!

Tanner turned 3 years old yesterday. He was soooo excited for his birthday to come. At first he was excited for presents but then he realized he would get ice cream(soy) and that's all he could talk about for the week leading up to his birthday. This first picture is when he first woke up and he saw his presents and balloons.

My Mom made Tanner and Kate this incredible playhouse out of fabric to go over a card table. The pictures really don't do it justice...it is so cute and he and Kate LOVE it. The second picture is for my Mom....see him trying to push his head through the window!!!!

For dinner I gave him the choice of McDonalds or pizza...he chose McDonalds. I know you are all secretly jealous to miss out on such a delicious dinner. When we got there, he wouldn't eat even one bite of food, all he wanted was his ice cream. Then we had delicious dairy-free cupcakes with dairy-free frosting and soy icecream for dessert. Again, I'm sure you're all bummed to have missed out, however the birthday boy was in heaven.

He wanted us to light the candles and sing Happy Birthday with each cupcake he ate...so we did. It was really cute.

Shad felt like it was okay to give Kate her first cupcake when my head was turned. Half of me was upset, but the other half thought she was a doll and grabbed the camera.

It was a really fun day. I decided that I would pretty much let Tanner do whatever he wanted and try to make his day as fun as possible. It was so nice to let him get away with things for a day, let him eat cupcakes for lunch, give him toys, play outside and not worry about the dishes, etc... Maybe that's what it feels like to be a grandparent.

Ama (Shad's Mom) gave him the coolest card ever that turned into a firetruck and money to buy a toy with. So today we went to Target and he picked out a Little Peoples Fire Truck that he loves. Thank you Ama.