Tanner's 3rd Birthday!!!

Tanner turned 3 years old yesterday. He was soooo excited for his birthday to come. At first he was excited for presents but then he realized he would get ice cream(soy) and that's all he could talk about for the week leading up to his birthday. This first picture is when he first woke up and he saw his presents and balloons.

My Mom made Tanner and Kate this incredible playhouse out of fabric to go over a card table. The pictures really don't do it justice...it is so cute and he and Kate LOVE it. The second picture is for my Mom....see him trying to push his head through the window!!!!

For dinner I gave him the choice of McDonalds or pizza...he chose McDonalds. I know you are all secretly jealous to miss out on such a delicious dinner. When we got there, he wouldn't eat even one bite of food, all he wanted was his ice cream. Then we had delicious dairy-free cupcakes with dairy-free frosting and soy icecream for dessert. Again, I'm sure you're all bummed to have missed out, however the birthday boy was in heaven.

He wanted us to light the candles and sing Happy Birthday with each cupcake he ate...so we did. It was really cute.

Shad felt like it was okay to give Kate her first cupcake when my head was turned. Half of me was upset, but the other half thought she was a doll and grabbed the camera.

It was a really fun day. I decided that I would pretty much let Tanner do whatever he wanted and try to make his day as fun as possible. It was so nice to let him get away with things for a day, let him eat cupcakes for lunch, give him toys, play outside and not worry about the dishes, etc... Maybe that's what it feels like to be a grandparent.

Ama (Shad's Mom) gave him the coolest card ever that turned into a firetruck and money to buy a toy with. So today we went to Target and he picked out a Little Peoples Fire Truck that he loves. Thank you Ama.