My Little Princess's

Momma, you shouldn't have! This is the look on their faces when I presented them with their new Cinderella dresses.

I question how it happened(nothing to do with them glued to the telly 24/7) but over-night the girls discovered make-believe. They have begged and pleaded with me for the last week to wear their holiday dresses to play in. They think they are the real Cinderella dresses. I wouldn't even consider it. As I think back I have to ask myself "why not" considering what the dresses cost. Anyway, I finally caved and agreed to buy them Cinderella dresses. Just so we're clear on something I am not one of those parent's that shower my kids with expensive gifts or possesions nor bribe them in anyway shape or form for good behavior. It's expected that they will be good. There is only one ruler in this kingdom. Moy. I refuse to jump through hoops or guilted into "keeping up". Oh, where was I? So, I ran over to Target and found the most beautiful (seriously) dresses.They only had one of each dress. I considered buying the Disney dresses to save a few bucks but there was no comparrassion. This was the dress Cinderella wore! I just knew it. I was caught up in it too. See for yourself. I cry my eyes out every time I gaze at them gliding down the staircase. Ahhh, beeee-you-tiful! I can picture them in 25 years! I hope I'm around to witness it.