Canine Creature Comforts - Frazer

Canine Creature Comforts is a one-stop grooming,training & doggy- daycare located at the intersection of Rt. 30 & Rt.401 in Frazer. There is also a doggy boutique that has leashes & collars, bedding, toys, dog food, gourmet treats and unique gifts for dog lovers. The trainers and groomers are great! My dogs attend the day care program and love it! I have 3 Boston Terriers that don't like to go outside when it is cold or raining. Now when it is raining or cold they go to Canine Creature Comforts and get to play all day instead of being cooped up in the house. And.. best of all they are exhausted when they come home!
For more information please visit or call Amy at 610-269-8407... Tell her.. Duke, Lulu & Penny sent you.