Retro Friday -1990 Something...

Once upon a time I lead a jet set-life. True. Thanks to the generosity of Continental Airlines. On a whim I could be in Chicago watching a Cubbies game and two nights later having lunch in NY with friends. I traveled. Boy did I travel. All over the world. That was when life was simple. No husband, no kids. My play ground of choice back then was the Caribbean or anything where I could pack a carry-on with little more than a thong (before the expansion!) and a few odd pieces of fabric called clothing. I found it totally orgasmic to sink my feet into the sand soak up the sun and enjoy a nice cool refreshment amongst the natives and oggle at the cabana boys. Fast forward, wait, that hasn't changed! No worries. Ever. (well there was that time on a cliff in Cozumel...another story-right Jod?) The pictures you are gazing at that's me perched(ass looks wide from this angle--must be the camera?) on the "Tuna Chaser" (aptly named!) are some "sugar babes"which meant drinks, dinner and whatever for the ladies) we met in St.Thomas or St. Johns or St something many years ago.(too many Saints to remember). I use to "lure" them in with the famous Rony "dock-walk"(not this) and then I would strike with my posse'! I think it might have been the red high heel (I shit you not) shoes that were the bait. Didn't need any fishing loures here! They did request when coming aboard to removing all spikes. Lol.

Yeah--we caught this beauty! We trooled it for hours in the big ole "gyno" chair. He was huge. Well, I thought he was huge. Unfortunately we had to tag'em and let'em go.

Life with twins

As my fellow twin moms will attest(back me up girls) raising twins is anything but a walk in the park. More like hitting the lottery every day. Well, not quite every day. Exhilarating . Yes, that's it. Exhausting too. A high speed chase with out catching the villain. Bwahaha. But it is the single most rewarding thing I've ever (and I mean ever) done in my entire life. They amuse me with their funny little personalities and how smart they are. Not our gene pool--thank g-d. They have brightened our cosmos in a way I never thought imaginable. I am amazed that these two wickedly cute little people just barely 3 feet tall have us totally captivated and entertained at any given moment. More like hostage to their antics. I will share with you some of the deliciously clever things my devil children bright children will and can say on any given day. We've already conceded that our children are exceptionally talented. I know, you all think your little cupcakes are "gifted" too! Plzzzzz. Lol. You haven't met my little dynamo's. Big snort.

Katie: "Daddy cuuuuute".
Fh (faithful husband) had big meeting in D.C. last week and had to wear a suit to the office. Girls never see daddy dressed like this. His daily uniform flip-flops, t-shirt and shorts. Nice....Plus he also has lunch with the girls almost everyday. Rewards for working from home.

Mommy: "What is your name"? (Asking Abbey).

Abbey: Looking at mommy and saying "Abbey Gheeeee-leeeetter, Abbey twwwwwoooo". As if it's all one answer and why are you asking me when you know my name? She may have something there.

Katie: Pointing to mommy and instructing "Mommy, sit right there"! Ok, bossy.

Abbey: As she's looking at pictures of she and Katie, excitedly pointing. "Katieabbey, Katieabbey". Yes, siamese Twins?!

eagerly runs into their room each and every morning and and promptly kisses Katie and or Abbey. This is what fh and I hear every morning from Katie's lips. "Ow, that hurt me"! Now, where did she hear that?

Katie and Abbey recited their colours: "poo-pul", "r-ange", "ba-lew" and "lel-ooooo". Too cute.

The little schmarty pants have figured out how to stall bedtime by insisting that we read, oh, like 50 books before lights out!

A few of the different hats my girls like to display. And fh.....see for yourself.

Pool Movies

Philanthropy Thursday

For those of you who haven't stumbled upon Get in the car's blog! she is one funny, funny(super smart) chick. It's ok to call you that?! (the funny part--everyone knows you're smart) Right Jen? BUT, she learned something today that wracked her world. Her perfect world. She was brokenhearted to discover that the living conditions in New Orleans showed almost no improvement since Hurricane Katrina. It had been two years since the catastrophe shook the city of New Orleans. She was shocked. She found this so disturbing. So, tragic. How could we leave our own to live in such conditions? She is asking for all of our help in something that has touched her to her very core. To aid the folks of Katrina. She has even provided the stunning diamond(fh replaced it with something else when the re-newed their vows) ring to auction off on E-bay. The wedding ring her fh gave her the day they said their nuptials and promised "I do" forever. With her permission I have copied and pasted her entire E-bay posting. Please stop by her site to let her know you too care and want to help.

1.3 c Diamond Ring To Benefit Hurricane Katrina Victims
All Proceeds to Habitat for Humanity in New Orleans Item number: 120156286254

I have wanted to do something, anything, for some time to help the victims of Hurricane Katrina. Sadly, I am like most people. I live far from the damage. I have a busy, fulfilling life as a mother and writer. I am privileged, with medical care, adequate insurance, and family earning potential that would shelter me from the tragic circumstances of those affected by Hurricane Katrina.

I'm not rich, however. And so I go about my life musing how "one day," when we make just a little bit more, I will do something fantastic to help those in need. How many of us think this way? That if we can't do something grand, then we will not do anything at all? We will wait for the perfect opportunity to arise. Let me tell you, that is probably never going to happen.

And so fate had me at home in the afternoon today. With four children causing me to put more miles on my car than a NYC Taxi cab, I am rarely home when Oprah airs. And when I am? I am doing fun(!) things like cleaning toilets, dodging pets, agonizing over homework, or moderating yet another bickerfest between my older children. But today I was tired. And feeling sorry for myself. I had had it *up to here* with the eye-rollings and door slammings that are par for the course with preteens in the house. Poor me, right?

Oprah aired a show today showcasing the fallout of Hurricane Katrina, two years later. I was floored. In some areas, it's as if nothing has been done. Thousands of families are living in FEMA trailers that were intended as temporary housing. These families are now sick, due to the formeldehyde seeping from the particle board walls. One family shown, with five beautiful children, had the mom talking about how her children endured severe nosebleeds, were on handfuls of pills, and how her 18 month old son (who looked a lot like my own 13 month old boy) had to use a breathing aid every day, he was so sick from his own home.

I wept.

I learned that the crime rate is horrendus, rendering a certain section in New Orleans the worst in the nation. There is a fraction of the doctors and nurses there once was, few hospital beds, and an increased death rate.

This is America? This is how insurance companies pay back their clients? This is how we, as fellow human beings allow things to get? What if this were me? Or you? Or your best friend? What would you do differently?

So I've decided that the people in New Orleans are my new best friends. I have a wedding ring set that I was holding on to, either to have made into earrings or sell and fund a trip to Europe with my daughters. It's 1.3 total carats. We bought it at Fred Meyer Jewelers in 1993. The solitaire is just under .8 carats, and the ring wrap, which is sautered to the band, is four diamonds, totalling .5 carats. It's beautiful. Shortly after my husband and I renewed our wedding vows four and a half years ago, he surprised me with a different ring, which is why I have had this one, in its original box.

We paid $1,800 for the solitaire and $700 for the wrap in 1993. It's insured for $5,000. You can see no flaws with the naked eye, although with a loup I suppose you can, since it's graded as SI, with an H color. For all the years I wore it, I received so many compliments I lost count. It sparkles like crazy, and during our lean years as a young couple, I took a lot of pride in always having that one beautiful thing.

Whoever wins this bid will be required to send funds to the New Orleans Habitat for Humanity. I will not touch a check, since I would rather get the money to them as soon, and as simply, as possible.

My hope? That you all decide New Orleans is your new best friend, or daughter, or mom, and bid as much as you can and feel good when you send that check to a charity that will help rebuild part of America. Maybe a part of you will be rebuilt, too.

If you would like to learn how more people are getting involved in ways they can, please visit where each Thursday I will be asking members of the blogsophere and beyond to put their heads together and see how we can make a difference, one small act at a time.

Click here for link:

New pics

These are a few pics of Tanner and Kate from this morning. The last one is a picture of their Halloween costumes!!! I had to get something that Tanner would actually wear. There is no way that he would wear a hat, long sleeves, mask, shoes, cape, etc. Sooo, he is going to be a BYU football player and Kate will be a cheerleader. I ordered their costumes from the BYU bookstore. I'll just have to find some football pants for Tanner and white tennis shoes for Kate. I'm so excited for Kate's costume, because her hair is long enough to put in full pigtails and I'll put ribbons in too. = )

Tanner bit Kate's finger so hard today I am surprised it didn't come part way off. The marks were so deep and on one side she had a blood blister starting to form. He got a time-out and a bite back from Mom. I was to scared to do it very hard, but it upset him anyway from pure shock. I've heard that is the way to stop them from biting. I am so sick of it. He does it when he is super excited. He'll just bite down on whatever is there....even if it's Mom, Dad or Kate.

So that's Kate's latest for Tanner's. You can tell in the picture that he has a HUGE bruise on his forehead. Two days ago in the pool a little boy threw Nemo (a large and heavy plastic fish) into the pool, but missed the water and it landed on Tanner's forehead instead. Then, that night he tripped on the driveway and hit is forehead again. Poor kid.

Tanner is at an age now where it is soooo hard to take him shopping. He wants to buy every car he lays his eyes on. I swear there is a car on every isle you go down, on some object....cereal box, arm floaty, backpack, markers, whatever, it's on there. So he always wants to get out of the cart and "play cars". Then he will look and look and say, "I think this one Mom." He puts it in the cart. I take it out, he throws a fit, people stare with faces that say, "How old is she. I can't believe she has kids. She can't even control them." Then, I pick him up while he is literally kicking and screaming and try to put him back in the cart. Then he cries all the way to the check out line saying, "Mom, I want it. I want to buy it." We got to the check out counter and they were stocking Halloween peanut M & Ms. I just wanted to buy bag and eat them all the way home. But I didn't. One of the high points of the outing. I called Rebecca on the way home and she gave me no hope, saying that Anna has just finally gotten better in stores (when it comes to wanting to buy everything).

All in all, I love both of my kids to pieces and wouldn't trade them for the world. = )

Beneath the surface

I've been caught in a blog-go-around by Christie from Our Red Thread Journey. These are a few of my favorite things.

Sound - My babies squealing and laughing
Late night snack - Wine. No surprise here.
Smell - Citrus or anything that doesn't smell like a crap fest.
Color combination - Pink and Black.
Nut - Sen. (she makes me laugh)
Time of the year - Spring.
Author - Elizabeth Seabolt.
Books - The Lovely Bones.
Vegetable - Broccolli.
Male Actor - George Clooney.
Flower - White Roses.
Vacation spot - Anywhere with sun, sand and beach. Family included.
Pizza - Emilio's Brick Oven Pizza. Good ole' pepporoni with cheese. Local establishment.
Sport to play - Golf.
Subject in school -Lunch.
TV channel - NBC.
Radio station - Don't listen to the radio. I have satellite radio.
Holiday - My babies birthday.
Perfume - Something Frenchy my fh bought last time he was in Paris.
Shoes - High heel strappy sandals.
Candy - Chocolate with nuts.
City to shop - D.C. or on-line.
Female actress - Julia Roberts (twin mom!)
Beauty products - Pevonia-spa product.
Item to shop for - Children's clothing.
I am sending this to my favorite bloggers: Crazylady Yes, Minister, Ladybugs and Dragonflies, and Primrose Princesses.

Tanner helping Shad

Tanner always follows Shad around "helping" him do projects. He LOVES using real tools and feeling important next to Dad. Today Shad was tightening some of the bolts on our chairs and I taped Tanner helping out.

In Living Colour

Wooo-weee. Dang those were some great questions. Tough questions. Not the sex questions...those were the easy one. Shzzz. Insert: Big grin. But,I did have to do some serious research for this project. There would be no "cheating"! (not that I ever did--grades proved other wise). So here's looking at me. In Living Colour. Yeah, a real movie. D-R-A-M-A. Join me as I delve into my torrid and sometimes shocking past that more often than not reads as a trashy tabloid. We all have our past. Fortunately for me I'm not one who worries what the "Jones" think (nor do I care-so stiffel it). People aspire to be like me. That's what they tell me. Really. So, grab yourself a cup of java (or whatever you're drinking at this hour) and join me as I recall some of my horrific fond memories.

Salome's mom asked: Who has influenced you most in your life and why? This one was clear. My dear, dear friend and previous boss. Calvin Harvel. He gave me my big break. He believed in me. Truly believed in me to my very core. I had been divorced for a very short period of time my alimony had run out (yeah I received alimony) and knew that I needed to escape the insanity of the airlines. Needed to find something that would pay the bills so I didn't have to keep "dancing" for dinner. Ok, so I made that up. I had re-located to "Hotlanta" with hopes of discovering who I was and holding out on a relationship. You know. A re-birth. Somehow I missed the statistics that the female to male ratio was 100 women to every guy. Great place to be if I decided to take one for the home team. I was not that desperate yet. Anyway, I found the relationship(with a male--scam artist-bank rolled me) too, but it would end up costing me more than my very soul. I knew I needed to make some alterations with my life. It was spiraling out of control. Sooo, I answered an ad in the Journal for an outside sales rep. Why did I think I qualified with no experience? Yeah, I was full of myself over confidant and had nothing to loose. Some how I browbeat convinced Calvin into hiring me. From there it was a love fest. Not in that way! He gave me the self admiration to do something that I was not aware I could do or was capable of. He rescued me. I launched a start-up division which I created on my very own and with his support. It was totally foreign to him. He was my biggest advocate. He would travel into Atlanta once a month for meetings with us. He enjoyed riding along with me when I had sales presentations to make. He would get so amused watching me in action. I know he was proud of me but also worried about my mental state because of the scum bag I insisted that I loved. It was he who had the good sense to transfer me 12 states away to escape the addict. Not really 12 states, but far enough that I was able to make a clean break. He was smart enough too to know not to dismiss the looser. The heart only wants what it can't have. Right! So, when he proposed the idea of me opening a new territory and promoting me, well I was simply flattered. I didn't realize until I had set up shop in my new digs what he really had done for me. We have stayed in touch over the years. I hope he always knows how much I love and admire him. He still makes me smile whenever I think of him. He will always be my shinning star. If it wasn't for him I wouldn't have met fh and I wouldn't have my two miracles.

Sam asked: What the most obnoxious thing anyone has said to me about adoption and how did you react? Gosh, there have been numerous. I will give you a few that turned my stomach. "You can just go over to China and buy a baby cuz they just spit them out over there". And, "Why didn't you have your own children"? Most hurtful. (September 17th-21st is looking like the travel date...mark your calendar).

A&MG asked: Where's the most interesting place you've ever had sex? Hmm, I had to think about this one for a while. Had to really dig into the time capsule. Yes, there have been some pretty miraculous spots (not in a parked car either) including the airplane. Yep, I'm a member. But I would say the one that still makes me smile and blush at the same time was in the lavatory at my girl friends parent's home. We were all there for a celebration dinner and I had taken my incredibly "hot" hot like melt your panties off gorgeous guy I had been dating. Her mother even drooled. He was 7-8 years older, salt and pepper hair and one of my "gold" club members. I worked for the airlines back then-not an Escort service. I think everyone knew actually pretty sure they did what we had transpired. We had an exuberant smile pasted on our faces and were totally unconcerned with anyone else as we licked and purred on one another. We didn't stick around too long after that. Had other plans.

Steffi B. asked: If I've ever participated in a wet T-shirt contest? Shockingly no! I've never had the desire to show the girls to an audience. My ass, yes, not my twins.

Noemi asked: What do you considered your best quality, and why? Also my worst habit? I am compassionate to the very core of my soul. About everything. I don't don't do anything half way. I also hate to see anyone suffer. Person or animal. It's senseless to me. I detest violence of any kind. My worst habit? Oh, this one is easy I'm ashamed to say. I'm a perfectionist. I can not stand things out of order or messy. Drives me crazy.

Isabella's mommy & daddy and Mrs. Incredible asked: Do you plan on adopting anymore children? What is something you have to do on a regular basis? What is the first thing you do every morning? With a heavy heart (and for my sanity) no we will not be adopting any more children. Would I like to? Yes. I know that one caused a few eye brows to raise. The reality is that with the extreme wait times now and not just China I fear that I would not qualify. I will be 47 next year. I do need to be alive and kicking to raise this precious beings. They deserve that much. I have my legs and eye brows waxed every 2-3 weeks and pedicures every 2 weeks. I have to have "Rony" time. It's my true pleasure. I so enjoy having my leg hairs ripped out and then tweezed. ouch. The first thing I do every morning. Pee. Don't you??

Sophie's Moms asked: Name something you do when no one is looking that you would be embarrassed about? You mean besides picking my nose?! No, really. Umm, getting busted by fh surfing different porn sites. Hangin' my head now..... Why do you think I've had so many computer issues? I can't help it I'm curious.

Jewels' of my heart asked: Where is your dream vacation? It's no secret I love the beach, sun and sand. I dream of us renting a big villa in the south of France for a month. It may be a wait. What is my most embarrassing moment? You mean besides sashaying my big creamy ass with my dress tucked in to my big granny bloomers? Is that not enough? Yes, getting arrested is right up there too. Bad girl. Charges were dropped. That's what transpires when you hire a legal gun.

Eggrolls and chopsticks asked: What is the one thing you did that you never want to have to explain to my babies? Getting arrested. I hope they never do anything that brainless.

Ms. Dragonfly asked: Would you be interested in sending me your hand me downs? Sure. I'm flattered you like my vein. And was it a difficult choice to get the "ladies" enhanced? Would you recommend it? No, it was not difficult. I was starring divorce yes, it was pre-meditated on my part in the face and I wanted to make sure I was "marketable". With Double AA's I was not feeling to confidant. Lol. I would recommend it if it was what you really wanted. If you were doing it for the right motive. For you that is. Would I do it again? Conceivably.

The Lovely Lori asked: What did you eat for breakfast this morning? The same thing I eat every morning. Yogurt and coffee. When was the last time you went shopping for yourself and what did you buy? I'm laughing at this one. I do all my shopping on -line these days. My favorite store is I order 6-12 dresses at a time. Free shipping and the best part the most expensive dress is maybe $32.00! I try the dresses on in the privacy of my own home and return anything that doesn't work for me. It's simple. With clothing 2 (you and you know what I'm talking about) there is scarcely any left for mommy. Well, that I feel good about blowing on myself. I love the web-site. I also shop on-line at the Black White Market. I now hon in on the super deals. What would surprise me? If I were pregnant. Now that would surprise me!

Jennifer asked: What group did you fit into in high school? I was an "it" girl. Tons of friends. Very popular. Dated a football player. Blah, blah, blah.....puke!

Kerri asked: If you could invite anyone in the world over for a glass of wine who would it be and why? I had to think about this one because there are so many people whom I love and admire but I would venture to say Bono. I applaud him for being able to fly under the "paparazzi and sidestep the hoop-la that goes with being a super star. But I so respect his dedication and support for world peace. The world could use more caring free spirits like Bono who are not afraid to open their crusty old wallets. It doesn't hurt that I love their music too. That's an added bonus.

A special Family asked: If you could have a night on the town with anyone dead or alive, who would it be and why? Wow. This one was difficult too. I had to do some endless thinking. I would so enjoy an evening with Princess Di. For me there was something "real" about her. Not only her philanthropy work but also her interest in fashion, music and travel. She was ferociously protective of her children which won my respect and devotion for her. Was it that she discussed her depression? Openly? Maybe. Was it that there was infidelity in the marriage? Maybe. Not that I condone this, but it made her seem as if she too could be vulnerable and human. Not put up on a pedestal. Did I feel her pain for being a walking flash bulb? Absolutely. An innocence the Monarch had never experienced before. She was a tender loving soul. She laughed easily. A humanitarian. Her most important role was being a mother. Like most of us. It was important to her that her boys be able to experience the "simple" life also. I believe she tried to instill values and morals into her boys. Even if only in their lives for a very short time.

Lilly asked: How did you pick China? And what lead you down the road to adoption? I don't want to come off with some cheeky comment as if to imply it was an easy decision. We gave serious considerable thought about which country. In the end the cards were stacked in China's favor due to the favorable health of the children in comparison to the other countries plus we love, love the Asian culture. Did I mention we love the Asian culture? Did we interpret this to mean our child would not have "attachment" issues? No. We whole heatedly expected it. After all our children spent the first 9 months of their tiny little lives in an orphanage. We ripped them from the only humankind they had grown to love and trust. But other than a cold and a raging ear infection our girls were healthy. What brought us down the path of adoption? After many, many brokenhearted years of trying to no avail to have our own biological children we finally conceded it would not be our time. As many of you have gotten to know me, I just couldn't let it rest though. I knew I was destined to be a mommy. Little did I know at the time that I would be a mommy to two! As is my nature I am a pusher. Not in the drug sense, peddling it on the street but rather I want it and I want it now. So, was my quest to adopt. We haven't looked back since.

Mr. Brian asked: What one thing do you most want to be remembered for after you pass away? What was one of the worst thing you did as a teenager that you hope your kids will never do? What first attracted your husband to you?? You mean besides my sense of style and comedic personality?! Lol. I hope most to be remembered for my compassion for life and my family. With each passing day I realize how lucky I am to have them in my life. I hope they always know how much I love and adore them. I hope my children NEVER ever smoke or drink. I'm ashamed to say I did both. What was I thinking? I think what attracted my fh to me was my ease and ability to laugh at myself. He did whisper (not for the blog he said) that he loved my compassion too.

Crazylady asked: What anger management class worked best for you? Lol. Only you my friend would ask that. Alchol, and meds. Not necessarily in that order! Which reminds me, time to take my meds.

Chris asked: How many sexual partners have you had? Hmmm, I had to consider was she also referring to one night stands?! Don't look at me like that. Hmm, but if you're asking about relationships I've had a total of seven including my fh.

Coughchick asked: What was the hardest part about adopting twins? If you mean actually adopting them, I'd say the damn wait and not knowing if we were going to be referred twins. But if you mean having twins it would have to be mastering a routine that worked with our crazy big careers. Intimate alone time where we didn't fall asleep in the act of love making. Yeah, that was tough.

Mommy24treasures asked: What is your favorite meal to cook and what is your favorite time of the day with the "twinkies"? Very sharp of you to remember how much I enjoy cooking for my kin. I love nothing better than whipping up something and watching in bliss as my family devours it. My favorite meals to prepare are warm and hearty. I love my orange chicken over a mound of hot steamy rice. We are talking about food, right?! My second would be my veal marsala. I'm starving now....My favorite time of the day with the babes is bath time. I love nothing better than hearing their little squeals and giggles as they splash in the tub. Too cute.

Lisa asked: Does the carpet match the drapes? Sorta. Does gray count? Favorite candy bar? Anything chocolate with nuts. Paper or plastic? Paper. How much money is in your wallet right now, change included? $1.02. Sad.

Yes, Minister asked: Do you have a place for the kid videos that is hidden from the one for you and dh?! Don't have videos as we're way more fun than any movie. The monologue is better too.

Nancy asked: What is your favorite childhood memory? Spending the summers (alone) with my grandparent's. I loved every minute of it.

Anon asked: What is my opinion on the Chew Blog? For those that don't know I represent my agency in conducting workshop for prospective parent's adopting from China. Although I don't know the family in question there are no guarantees with adopting. Just as there aren't if you were giving birth. They are not cute little puppies you can return because they are broken. They are precious, precious children who deserve to be loved, nurtured and cared for in a warm loving environment. I have seen a lot of discussion recently about disruption and dissolution. There seems to be some confusion as to the terms based on families in the US adopting Chinese children. A Disruption is defined as the decision by the prospective adoptive parent (s) to decline a child while in China, but before the adoption of the referred child had been finalized. A Dissolution is defined as the decision by the prospective adoptive parent (s) to relinquish their legal rights as the parent of the adoptive child, after the adoption of the child has been finalized. It is not possible to "return" a child after leaving China to China. Once the adoption has been finalized, the child cannot return to China as an orphan. If parents relinquish their parental rights after they return from China, it would then become a domestic matter and would follow US Federal and State guidelines for domestic adoption. One should never entering into adoption without giving it a lot of though and consideration.

To "anon": yes, (laughing) I am a total nut. How perceptive of you to observe. However, I do not demand your affirmation nor do I need your "huba-huba". What right do you have to pass judgement on me? You don't know me. I'll let you in on a little secret. I know exactly who I am and what I'm about. I surmise sadly you don't as that's why you insist on keeping me on your blog roll. Your life must be so mundane. I must interest you or why else would you continue to stalk me? My hunch is that you still do it military style. Have some fun and shake it up. Your man may like a little variety too. Stop hiding behind that "toothy" grin of yours and have some dang fun. It's ok to let your hair down. Oh, almost forgot---I do have suspicion of who you are. Shameful. You call yourself a mother? What lessons you must be teaching your children. Tsk, tsk. Now run along....come back only when you can play nicely.

Heather asked: Can you tell us/me more about what it is like to live life w/ an au pair living in your home with you? As you know, I seriously consider it... but worry I'll feel too uneasy about having to give up my privacy. Thoughts? Insight? Etc?Love,Heather. Heather, if you would have asked me this a year ago you might not have received the same response as today. I was an emotional wreck initially. There was an acclimation period as you can well imagine. Huge for me. Fh and I went from just the two of us to five people all living under the same shelter. It was an eye-opener. We were all trying ferociously to balance and make it work. I worried constantly that she was comfortable and not homesick. Not to mention her adjusting to our way of life and the different cooking. We did set ground rules as we felt there needed to be some guide lines. She did have access to a car pretty much at all times. We never felt it was necessary to set a curfew as the girls have all been over the age of 21. That said we've also only ever had Asian girls in the house. There is a total respect for FH and I and I attribute that to their culture. I've never had any confrontations and they have in turn never given me reason to question their behavior. As far as privacy in the beginning it did take some getting use to. But, she is family now and I wouldn't ever want her to feel she was not welcome or worse not family. We have so enjoyed learning about her culture and customs. There is an innosense about Mai that is so captivating. We are lucky to have her and our girls love her to pieces. She treats them as if they were her little sisters. It's a win-win situation for us. I would be more than hapy to discuss in more detail with you.

Anonymous said...
Why aren't Rose and Marie from Salsa in China blog on your twinkie's link list?Cate. Interesting question Cate. Why would I?! Weird. No, way weird. She is not a friend of mine. Nuff said.

Kate Cooking

I've always kind of prided myself on how early Tanner started sitting on the counter to watch me cook and then eventually helping me cook. Well, today Tanner wanted pancakes, Kate didn't want me to set her down, so I thought, "Hey, it's time for her to start sitting on the counter." Of course she loved it, and again, my head started enlarging at the fact that my 7 month old baby was on the counter while I cooked. Well, I turned to grab a spatula and within 2 seconds the pancake batter was all over the counter and Kate was just gobbling it up, raw eggs and all. I love how quickly the Lord will humble you when you start to get too full of yourself.

The first pic is before the spill, the second is during, and the third is after she got cleaned up. By the way, Tanner was going to flip out if he didn't get his pancakes soon, so I got a rubber spatula out, scraped the batter back into the bowl, and made his pancakes. Yum.

Here's a video of her this morning.

Strike a Pose

No, it's not the "Miss America" runner's up, but you've heard the expression I know you have the longer you're with someone you start looking like them? True. My "girlie-girls" and I have been getting together for an annual(girls only) trip for the past *cough* cough* millinium 25+years. Standing reguirements: Sun, fun, alchol, sand, beach and fun! Did I say alchol? And fun?! Yes, fun! We're scattered all over the country like lighting bugs. As one can imagine planning anything at this stage of our lives is like a game of craps. It can be a bit sketchy trying to plan something that works with all of our funky schedules. But, man oh man do we still treasure getting together. We still laugh our asses off at some of the crazy things we use to do and wear. We're like a fine wine. We just get better with age. Check this out. We honestly did not plan this--- all of us modeling the same "skimpini". We busted out laughing when we all dis-robed and we were all wearing the same suits. Unplanned. Really. It was bound to happen sooner or later. WE have rubbed off (no we do not rub one anather..shzz)on one another after all these years!


This first pic is one of Kate and my friend Shari's son. They're about 6 weeks apart, have gone on several double dates with their parents (since Shari and I both nurse, we always bring them with), and had RSV in the hospital together. In this picture they are sitting on the side of the pool while the rest of us are swimming.

Update August 23, 2007

I never really posted again about my veins, so here it is. Boring to most of you, but some of my family wants to know.

I had my first appt a couple weeks back, and I loved the doctor. I've never met a surgeon that was so humble. He took so much time explaining things and answering questions-he was great. I also like him because this is a very small thing for him, not a money maker. He does big surgeries on the veins in peoples hearts, so I know he's not just trying to rob me or make up stuff. Last but not least, he's on our insurance plan, so if the procedures are medically necessary (which they are) they will be covered at 90%.

Since I don't know all of the medical terms, I will explain it the best I can. Pretty much my blood goes down my legs fine, but can't go back up very well. It's all caused by a vein in my thigh (not my calf where all of my veins bulge out). The blood can't quite make it up all the way, so it spills over into these other veins. He will fix (basically sear the inside of the vein so it closes) the vein in my thigh, and he says there is about 70% chance or more that it will solve the problems in my lower leg and it might take care of the ones in my ankle (but those are caused by some other veins too). There is a chance that my veins have bulged for so long, that even after the upper vein is fixed, the veins will work properly but might not go back in. Basically, nothing is for sure, but this is our best bet. I am just excited for the pain and itching to go away, especially before I get pregnant again because then they're horrible. This is the least evasive surgery and the one he thinks will fix problems. If it doesn't there are other steps after that. We'll see. I probably won't get it done until after I go to Oregon (I bought tickets last night), which will be in October. I have to take it pretty easy for 3 weeks after it's done.

So, yes I am going to Oregon from Sept 22nd to October 2nd. I am sooooo excited. I can't wait to smell the salty air, eat fresh fish and crab, and pick fresh veggies out of Mom's greenhouse. I am excited for Tanner to play in the sand, go to the aquarium, eat salt water taffy, make cool shaped waffles with my mom, see my dad's boat, see crab (and hopefully eat it), for everyone to see Kate and of course see my family. For my siblings: can you all come up the weekend of Sept 28-30? I don't think we'll be going to Eugene, so if you wanted to come to the beach house that weekend, we'd love it.

Tanner and Kate were both in bed by 7:30pm last night, which is an out right miracle in our house. It was soooo nice to just be with Shad for a while before we went to sleep. Tanner will only go down that early if he doesn't fall asleep on the couch earlier in the day. Unfortunately now that Kate goes down earlier, she wakes up to eat in the middle of the night. I'll have to figure that one out again.

Kate is continuing to love all real food, just no baby food. However, she is now constipated all the time. It is sad. So today I made some all-bran muffins for her and hopefully that will help. Tanner didn't care for the muffins...I guess they're little too grainy for him.

I have started planning our next ward activity. Yippee. Shad says I'll never get released unless I have a better attitude. We're going to have a ward movie night and watch a movie in someones back yard on a big screen. Everyone will bring their own chairs, bean bags and blankets and we'll provide popcorn, soda and candy. We are going to watch the movie "Cars". Right after that we get to do a trunk or treat and somehow I got nominated to provide a trunk or treat for 3 wards. Again....yippee. Then it will be our Christmas Party. If anyone has some fun, simple ideas for Halloween or Christmas-let me know.

Love you all!!!

Heavy Weight

No. But Abbey thinks she has a "new" diaper equipped with a fashion belt. lol. My little "Houdini" (yes, both of them)have been pulling their diapers off the past couple weeks and for no reason other than because they could. Now, up until this point it was not a problem. You see where this is going. Abbey was crying(hysterically) yesterday morning "mommy, poo-poo, mommy, poo-poo, and a little louder "poo-poo mommy". I laid there in the bed looked up at the ceiling and smiled to myself. Ahhh, my girls really do love me. Nothing makes me happier than hearing my babies call my name. They do need me . But in a flash it occurred to me that maybe it meant what I thought it did. I frantically jumped out of bed and flew down the hall my feet barely touching the ground. Too late. There stood Abbey with her ass cheeks wrapped around the rungs in her crib and pointing(like I couldn't see it) to the giant warm steamy mound in the middle of her crib. Ewwww. It looked as if an elephant had taken a giant crap in her bed! That was not the half of it. There was crap everywhere. Everywhere. Did I say everywhere?! On the sheets, the bed, the bedding, her stuffed animals. Not today. I had no time for this. Not this morning. I was minutes to running out the door for work. Crap. Literally. What a great day to start my day.

As I was driving home I was sharing with fh about my morning drama. Car talk is the only time we have quiet time. Anyway being the "schmarty-pants" fh suggested tape. Insert grinning now. I ask, "What kind of tape"?! Fh replies, "duct tape". I asked "do you think it will work"? Fh, "oh, it will work, trust me". Well, not only was it tape, but "Gorilla" tape. So far Abbey has not figured out how to wiggle out of her "new" diaper. Lol. Well, we're safe. This week anyway.

Enjoy the pictures of the chickies.

Where ya From?

While I'm wracking my brain busy over here compiling my lies answers to your probbing thought provoking questions(some more thought than others--hee hee) for me I have something I'd like to ask all of you. There is no right or wrong answer, just wondering how you all would answer. Me and a friend of mine have a difference of opinion when asked "Where ya from"? She thinks it means where you were born. I have
always been running moved around a lot and do not live remotely in the area of where I was born or even the state. (haven't lived there in years--and most of family not there either). So, I have always answered where I just moved from. And being in new home sales I sell to a lot of "re-lo" people, people not from the area. I live in a highly transient area. People move in and out faster than the Concord. Anyhoots, whenever I ask someone I am usually asking you "where are YOU coming from"? (I could care less where you were born..what will that tell me?) My friend always responds by telling the interrogator where she was born and grew up. So, what do you think?

I'll be posting my responses tomorrow to my "Ask Me" post.

Update, I will be posting The Ask Me blog next week. I'm not half way through it and I'm slammed at work......Be patient. I promise not to disappoint.

Ask Me, Ask me Anything.....

I'm joining the masses. Yes, I'm a joiner. I've seen some craziness going around on a few other blogs like him and her and her and even her! I can't stand it when you're all whooping it up and I'm not! I don't want to be left out. It looked like they were having way too much fun. It's the "Ask Me Anything" post. If you've ever had a question or been curious about me (I know I'm an open book) ask away. For those of you lurkers come out, come out where ever you are. I'd like to meet you too! I'm thinking this could be vewwwy, vewwwy interesting.....I'll try to answer as you ask however I'm a full time working mommy I do work so be patient with me. Ok, let's see what you got. Bring em on.

Tanner's Playdough Food

We got a big set of playdough from Costco this weekend and he LOVES it. He likes to make all different kinds of food with it. His favorites to make are brownies, noodles, marshmallows and fruit snacks....I wonder why he likes to make those?? = )

I've decided the less clothes Tanner wears, the easier my life is. It would be so much less laundry if he just wore a diaper all day, however when I suggest it, he says, "I want clothes Mom." Too bad.

Our talks went well yesterday. We spoke in the singles branch and just let me describe the numbers to you. When sacrament started, there were 7 members, 1 bishopric member, 1 high councilor, 2 missionaries, 2 speakers (Shad and I) and 2 kids (Tanner and Kate). After about 10 minutes 2 more members showed up. So our family of 4 was almost 1/3 of the congregation. I'm so glad I got to go to BYU. Can you imagine dating with that small of pickings to choose from? They had no ward business, the sacrament passing took literally about 3 minutes, and the sacrament hymn only had 2 verses. So about 13 minutes after the hour, they turned the time over to me. Shad and I were the only speakers. I tried to drag out all of my stories with more details so we would fill up the time. It was cool to be in a singles ward again though. They were so quiet and reverent (all but Tanner of course), taking notes while Shad and I spoke.

Well, I'm sure the kids will wake up any minute and the dishes are glaring at me from the counter as well as the groceries in the sacks begging me to put them away. Love you all!!!

View from my Nest

Christine from Sophia's Journey wants to see the view from our front porch. Miss nosey pants.

We have a couple famous folks(really famous) who live in the hood, on our street, so I can't complain about our
view. We live in "skin" county and he lives directly across the street from us and I sold him his home which was just 4 doors to the right of us.(they moved--nothing to do with the restraining order). No, there is no stalking, well ok, so I'm lying. Any excuse to get a glimpse of how the famous live. Plus it doesn't count if they know you're stalking. Right?! We have taken to walking the dog every hour on the hour just to peer in their windows.

We don't have anything too exciting going on in our life so yeah, we are a bit star struck and fh thinks they are tight. lol. Not slingin' back beers yet but he did get him V.I.P. tickets to opening day since his connection moved! He's big man. Lol. Not to shabby of a view though....Dropping names? My bad! Bwaahaha.

Our TV "broke" again

I forgot to post before that our TV "broke" again almost a week ago. Tanner got a little too obsessed with Summer Magic, to where in was on from when he awoke to when he went to sleep at night. He didn't necessarily watch it, but had to have it on. So, someday when Tanner reads this he'll realize his parents blatantly lied to him about the TV. He was concerned for a couple of days, saying that, "Daddy will fix it." But unfortunately Shad couldn't fix it. = ) Darn.

Tanner Jumping

Love, BC (before children)

Fh use to hang on every thing that flew out of my mouth. True. When I had something important to say (stop laughing).Now we barely have time for a peck as we're both racing out the door.

We were celebrating Thanksgiving at fh's grandma's 10 years ago. My first time meeting his tribe. I love how "sweet" and so in love we were . AND g-d sooooo young. I had him with every breath I whispered. Young love. This is before wrinkles had set in on me and before fh had turned "salt-n-peppa" . Ahhh, age, it's a beautiful thing. I still love you baby!

Kate Video

Kate's Strawberries

Well, I found something new she loves to eat...strawberries. She gripped them so tight, and then if one by chance fell, she started throwing a little fit. It was really funny.


Posh says new L.A. house ‘totally major’

Maybe not, but you know it's a slow day in the media world when this is all they can come up with. I'm going on the record and stating I had that hairstyle 10 years ago. Have the pictures to prove it, AND I think mine looked better.

And this?

Spears-Federline divorce papers may go public

Umm, yeah, right who saw this coming? I had to snicker when I read this.

Lohan’s parents may be near divorce agreement

This is my fav. See, I told you those big glasses would come back in style! Smokin' hot.

But the big news of the day was my girls. Don't act all surprised. Is there anything any cuter? Check them out in their "baby-suits"!

The girls had their 2 year check-up--yeah and I got a tongue lashing for being 2 months late-blah, blah, blah bite me. (birthday in June). Anyhoots, Abbey is in the 95th percentile in weight and 75th percentile in height, weighs 33 pounds and is 33 inches tall. Katie Only slightly behind her is in the 90th percentile in

weight and 70th percentile in height and weighs 28 pounds and is 32 inches tall. Did I mention this is news?! Doctor was pleased to hear we

have no eating issues--- no shit-- I'm feeding monkeys. He probably accessed that mommy could stand to loose 10 pounds too. He went on to say he normally hears complaints from mom that child will only eat th

ree things. I beamed like a school girl who had just one a spelling bee on account he was so "hot" and gushed "no, no, no we don't have those kind of problems. We have other issues, true but I was too dazed to mention.

Yep, good eaters. He finished up by sticking them with the Hep A and their final meningitis shot. Clean bill of health. Surprisingly they did fairly well I think they were a bit smitten with the tall dark man. Funny, now when I think about it my girls seem to have a thing for the men. Hopefully this is not what's to come!

Here's a snapshot of the continuing movie we call our life. I know, I'm a gluten for pain. Yep, I decided since we hadn't been to the pool in a week to give it another try. You probably remember I really hate community waterin g holes (pools-you crazy people) and especially the one in our hood which causes my blood pressure to rise and my forehead to get that funny line it that's not going away. Anyway, we had barely lathered up with our sunscreen and were settling in oh, all of about 10 minutes when three what appeared to be 9 year olds showed up in the baby pool. Just minutes before I found myself wondering how long it would take for the youth to disregard the big bad note on the front and back gate. But much to my chagrin they were with their mother! There is no way into the baby pool but through the gate, (with the note attached and hanging bigger than Shaq) so, I can only surmise that she couldn't read, was blind, had her face pulled too tight from her lift or spoke a language only animals understood. Yep, they looked like animals. At any rate within seconds of her tribe running and jumping as if competing for the Olympic dive team and making wave s bigger than the effing "Titanic the hot lifeguard stood before us like a g-d. As I drolled watched him flex his muscles and his new found authority. It is his job. Managing the pool that is, not flexing his muscle

s, although what a bonus. He interogated asked how old the boys were one by one. One of the perps paused for a brief moment and eyeballed him as if to dare him and gave him the "what are you gonna do look, and replied 8 (liar) um, no, I meant 10 he said. I sat there rolling my eyes behind the oh so dark shades thinking I can't believe this shit. Just for the record I'd kick my girls asses for this type of behavior! The lifeguard tossed all of them out one by one. The kids mom(yeah, believe it or not wasstill there) who sat in the corner with her ever so watchful eye was like "wha"? As if she had just been punished. Well, she did. But she and her klan collected what was left of their self respect and scurried back to the "big" pool. Blood pressure still in check. Thank you "hot" life saver.

I heard the following conversation as I eavesdropped accidentally overheard a couple rich tweenie girls discussing, boys--while eating lunch pool side.

Rich Tweenster #1: "Oh, yeah, I mean he is soooo hot."
Me: Grinning to myself. I remember the day. Shut-up, I'm not so old I forgot.
Rich Tweenster #2 "I know, I saw him looking at me".
Me: Sorta giggling at this point.
Rich Tweenster #1 "Do you think he likes you"?
Me: Thinking, g-d I hope he does. Rejection so hurts. I remember. Still.
Rich Tweenster #2 "No waaaay, he is such a pla-yar, he wouldn't hook-up with me.
Me: Big snort. (did they hear that?) Did she just say player? And Hook-up?! Lol. Now this is funny. Middle school boys players now. The hook-up scares me though. G-d it's a different world. Or these kids in my neighborhood are growing up way too fast. Note to self: must move to the country, no isolated country off the coast of some remote island before girls start school.

Twins, twins and more twins....

fun, fun and more fun
Warning: What your about to see will make you smile. *wink* The cuteness will jump out and smack you. Now, grab yourself a glass of wine and join me as I give a re-cap of a fun-filled weekend with Rony and friends.

This weekend was more for me than anyone. It's always about me, me, me and more me! Of course typical of a "Rony" escapade of any kind it would be riddled with drama and excitement and tons of laughter and wine.Did I say tons of laughter and wine?! Yes, we were meeting her and her klan and also my dear friend Ann Marie, Dave and her twins. But, boy oh boy was this the weekend of all. Twinfest here we come! I so needed this time with other moms who were just like me. You know, twin moms, 40 something moms, working moms, adoptive moms. We were normal. Well, at least this weekend we were. Sort of......

I am still coming (oh am I coming down) off of myheroin uber high induced weekend laced with sugary twin cuteness and adult fun. Way too much fun. It was to be a celebration like none other. They were even (hard to believe) cuter than their pictures. They were tiny little itty bitty carbon copy identical twin dolls. I couldn't drink or suck up their cuteness(all of them-including mommy) fast enough. The cuteness was blinding(yes, I said that) and of course you know typical of The Crazed Mamarazzi there would be photos. Lots of photos. (hush Sen) I couldn't stop staring at them or their mommy. She was bigger than life and stinkin skinny. Truly beautiful inside and out. Sweet, kind, compassionate and so damn fun. I simply adored her. Yes, this was my first real girl crush. Don't all of you get jealous at once. We had connected so long ago by phone but now on a different level. We were friends. We had so much in common.
The day had finally arrived. I sprung out of bed like a jack-in-the box. You remember those days. Loaded with energy. Before the vim, vam voom turned me to dragging my butt on the floor and I can't get up and why did I have that last glass of wine? I set the alarm for five thirty and not a minute past. I was giddy with excitement and couldn't wait to get there. I had been anxiously marking the days off the calendar for weeks in anticipation of this day. We had agreed to meet at the famed amusement park an easy two hour drive for both. Make a plan and do it-that's Cindy's motto.

We were were within minutes of the hotel (the planned meeting spot) when I decided I should feed my little hungry monkeys before meeting our new friends. I wanted to make a lasting impression, er well for the first initial meeting. The girls had barely eaten any of their yogurt before we fled what seemed to be the the middle of the night. They must have wondered what their crazy momma was up to running around at this crazy hour dragging everyone out of bed. But, as usual this would prove to be on the later side of when we should have pulled over. I heard a strange gurgle from the back seat. It was one of those noises that you instantly think "Oh crap, js-suz say it ain't so". As I squinted in the rear view mirror I could see Abbey holding her hand over her mouth and with a panic look on her face. Me too for that matter. I knew from the expression on her face we were doomed. So doomed. I asked rather nervously with a sideways glance "Abbey baby, are you ok, huh"? I had barely blurted the question out when she hurled all over the entire "mommy machine". It was a scene from the Exorcist with her spitting up chunks of morning fuel and her head spinning. Puke everywhere hanging on her like icicles from Christmas past. The leather seats, car seat and Abbey were covered in a sea of slim. I frantically rolled the windows down hoping to avoid the puke smell. Gasp, gasp, gasp too late. The smell was permeating through the sardine packed "mommy machine" like an explosive gas. Oh, shit, shit, shit. Mai pointed out that there was a McDonald's up ahead. So I whipped my stink bomb over to the left lane and as I'm trying to make a hard left I realize there is no effing traffic light and the traffic is not letting up. Oh, crap someone please let me cross. I am holding my breath, oh damn I think I'm going to be sick the smell is so gosh darn awful. We finally pull into the parking lot. Not knowing what to do first I yank Abbey out of the car. Poor thing had chunks of puke hanging all over her. Everywhere. She was so quiet. I didn't know where to begin. So, I stripped her clothes off in the parking lot and just for good measure I stripped Katie too. With twins it's equal everything. I re-dressed both of them and grabbed Abbey like a football and hurriedly head for the potty as if running for the 50 yard line. I scrub her from head to toe but she still smells like a vomit bag. I decide we need to eat, but oddly nothing sounds good at this point. Surprise. We gobble up a burger and I half ass try to clean the car seat up before hitting the trail again. Of course at this point it's like 110 degrees outside and as I open the car it hits me like a ton of bricks. Eeewww it's bad. I load the kids back up for a quick ride up the road. Or at least I hope so.

I'm nominating Cindy's man for the best hubby award because in the "inth hour" Cindy's darling super hot,super smart, super everything dh decided (insisted) upon being her personal driver,escort and all around wait on us good guy so she could have some girl time. ( girls night alone with no kids-or husbands--smart man) What a sweetie. Not only did he have his hands full with his family but he waited on my klan as if we were part of his brood. He treated all of us as if we were "royalty". Lady Di never had it so good. Truly a class act. Everybody needs an "Ed". I want an "Ed"! I don't know anyone that would have volunteered to clean up (true he removed car seat and took up to his room) the vomit covered car seat of a total stranger?!?! Big points here Ed. Big! He made sure wine glasses were filled and no glass sat empty AND feed the babies. A real babe. Lucky Cindy. Lucky us.

We headed to the park but it was short lived due to the intense heat. The sweat balls were rolling down between my loins and between my breast. Cindy asked me if maybe we should consider leaving? I think she too was a bit faint. Um, yeah. My thighs were rubbing together like a freight train and I was a little concerned that we may have a fire soon under my dress due to the intense heat. To make matters worse my underwear were soaked. Thank g-d I was wearing them!! "Yeah, I think it's ok to leave Cin". The babies had barely uttered a single word since arriving at the park. Their little heads were soaking wet. They were truly delirious. We later discover that the heat index was 108 degrees. Dangerously hot. What were we thinking?!

We arrived back at the hotel and tossed the girls in the tub and put them down for a nap. Surprisingly they went to sleep immediately. I took the opportunity to take a cold shower too to freshen up.

While babies were sleeping Cindy, Ed and I slung back a few glasses of wine and got acquainted with one another. When the babies woke up Ed (it was his idea, right Cindy) volunteered to take all the girls swimming. Umm, well, we should have known this would never work. There are 4 of them and damn if they don't just scatter and run in different directions. I sat down on the side of the pool with feet in(couldn't hurt, right?) and Cindy did the same. You probably know where this is going. No, we did not bare it all! Be - still you crazy people. We did not however have bathing suits. Yep, Cindy and I end up in the pool with our clothes on! No, we were not drunk either. Ed was having too much fun with the babies and we wanted to join him. I was in my dress and she was in her shorts and t-shirt. We laughed until I swear we pee'd. I'm sure the other hotel guests thought the "Beverly Hillbillies" had arrived! I guess if I were witnessing this I too would've thought "hicks". lol.

While Cindy and I were getting ready for our date Ed picked up dinner for Mai and himself. Again, points Ed, big points. Anyhoots, somehow Cindy and I (shocking) managed to close down Ruby Tuesday's with the help of two gorgeous martini's and great conversation. Over the course of the evening we discussed everything. I mean everything. Now, if we could just figure out how to keep our men sexually satisfied without being so darn tired we'd could be President. We could have sat up all night talking. Actually we almost did. We had breakfast the next morning together as our children trashed the restaurant and we were oblivious to it. Isn't that what parent's do?? After many, many hugs and kisses we said our good-byes and promised to get together again real soon.

The drive home was a bit rough as my brat whiny Katie screamed all the way home. We didn't arrive home a minute to early. I tossed them into bed for a much needed nap. Mommy was spent but so looking forward to another evening of fun and laughs with our friend Anne Marie, Dave and their little twinkies. Nothing better in this world than going to Ann Marie's. She has the biggest toy room of all. It's FAO Schwartz on steroids. Seriously. They got the good stuff. My girls always stand there as if to say, "where do I begin"? It is the mother lode of all toy rooms. Tons of fun kid stuff.

I'm very comfortable at Ann Marie's and because of that able to let my hair down and let it all hang out. Literally. Anne Marie is just so unbelievably good and such an incredible mom, great role model and a super great cook too. *wink*. The daddies were jamming and jumping up and down to some of their favorite blues music while the babies were imitating them. Daddy was sucking on 9% beer and loving it. So out of character for daddy. After all someone has to stay sober to drive us home. I think he might have wanted me to take advantage of him... I did want to too!

I know at one point Anne Marie and I were swinging and snapping our dinner napkins as if we were throwing our underwear at a famed "rock star". The girls just laughed and danced. Pity them they don't stand a chance in the "jive"
department or winning any American Band contest. Daddy doesn't have much
to speak of in the rythem department. He kind of bops his head back and forward. lol. Yes, this was by far one of my favorite weekends of all time. You and you must join us the next time! I promise you won't be disappointed. Nothing is off topic either. Right, Cin? Lol.

fun, fun and more fun