Heavy Weight

No. But Abbey thinks she has a "new" diaper equipped with a fashion belt. lol. My little "Houdini" (yes, both of them)have been pulling their diapers off the past couple weeks and for no reason other than because they could. Now, up until this point it was not a problem. You see where this is going. Abbey was crying(hysterically) yesterday morning "mommy, poo-poo, mommy, poo-poo, and a little louder "poo-poo mommy". I laid there in the bed looked up at the ceiling and smiled to myself. Ahhh, my girls really do love me. Nothing makes me happier than hearing my babies call my name. They do need me . But in a flash it occurred to me that maybe it meant what I thought it did. I frantically jumped out of bed and flew down the hall my feet barely touching the ground. Too late. There stood Abbey with her ass cheeks wrapped around the rungs in her crib and pointing(like I couldn't see it) to the giant warm steamy mound in the middle of her crib. Ewwww. It looked as if an elephant had taken a giant crap in her bed! That was not the half of it. There was crap everywhere. Everywhere. Did I say everywhere?! On the sheets, the bed, the bedding, her stuffed animals. Not today. I had no time for this. Not this morning. I was minutes to running out the door for work. Crap. Literally. What a great day to start my day.

As I was driving home I was sharing with fh about my morning drama. Car talk is the only time we have quiet time. Anyway being the "schmarty-pants" fh suggested tape. Insert grinning now. I ask, "What kind of tape"?! Fh replies, "duct tape". I asked "do you think it will work"? Fh, "oh, it will work, trust me". Well, not only was it tape, but "Gorilla" tape. So far Abbey has not figured out how to wiggle out of her "new" diaper. Lol. Well, we're safe. This week anyway.

Enjoy the pictures of the chickies.