Childhood memories

I have been tagged to do a meme by Kerri to list 5 childhood memories. Well, as long ago as that was..I actually had to call sister to remind me of my "fond" memories. I know there must have been some memories floating around up there just needed a jiggle.

  1. I remember when I was about 12 (maybe 13) my dad bought us a pony. Not only did he buy the pony but he built this awesome riding rink and shed for pony. My dad's brother had a gorgeous horse farm and I remember feeling like we were the shit. Literally..... Pony was sold when he bucked(the damn horse never moved quicker than a walk) V3 off of it and she broke her collar bone. Our stable days soon after were spent at Uncle's.
  2. I remember my first (and last) motorcycle. My dad (he was a sucker for his four girls) bought himself a big ole ride and he figured it would smooth things over with mom if he bought us girls a "bike" too. Crazy man. I think he secretly wished we were boys. We loved that motorcycle. Until my sister V3(seeing a pattern here...) oh yeah, we four girls all have the same initials. Sorta like cousin Daryl and other cousin Daryl... youngest sister and I share a middle name too... must have run out of L names by the time she was born. Anyway, bike was sold after V3 took a chunk outta the house(slammed in to it) with it and then ran it under dad's flat bed truck! Apparently she forgot which was the brake and which was the gas. She was not hurt but dang was she shook up. We knew we were going to be in big trouble with mom. V3 was only about ten years old at the time. V2 and I were told under no circumstances were we to put her on the bike. Her feet barely touched the ground. No way! Well, we obviously did not listen well. She fixed us. She sold the bike immediately.
  3. I remember vividly the first (yes, there were many more) party my mom busted. I was a sophmore in high school and my best friend J. (still bf) had a big party at her house. (drinking--and other stuff kind of party...) Her mom was kind enough to go to her granny's so we could enjoy ourselves! I would never agree to this with my own girls. My mom and dad had dropped me off (I think I had been grounded prior for something so they took me to party) and as they were pulling away from the house they saw a bunch of the football players running towards said friends house with 12 packs under each arm. My mother being the ever so sharp eagle puss(you would have thought she was an effing detective) that she was back then instructed my dad to whip their "ride" around and follow the boys in. I'll never forget the words that bellowed out of my moms lips(as I stood clutching my bottle of Tickle Pink) as she grazed the threshold. "I'm calling the cops, where are your parent's J."! Jesus! I could have dug a hole to China at that point. My other girl friend was under the kitchen table hiding and hoping my parent's did not see her. I've never seen 100 kids disperse so quickly. Needless to say my threats of quitting school never panned out. Instead my parent's eventually moved us to a remote town which I couldn't get away or out of quick enough. "Slowtown"....
  4. I use to stay at my dear, dear friend T's almost every weekend in high school. I loved staying at her house. Her mom was so awesome and totally cool. We would drink her dad's liquor(unbeknown to her parent's) and then we would streak up and down Cherry Bottom Road doing gymnastics and splits! We would duck into the bushes when we heard a car coming. We thought we were so daring. Well, until we almost got busted by her dad one night. We heard a car coming but it was coming down her lane. So we ran into the house. It was her dad pulling down the driveway! We both jumped into bed and dove under the covers. I can't remember to this day if we had a chance to get our clothes back on. Ahhhh.....yeah we were definitely a little on the wild side.
  5. I remember visiting my great grandmother's every weekend up until I was about 12-13 years old. She always had something coming out of the oven (usually hot homemade bread) or some type of homemade stew on the stove top. We use to spend every holiday at her home until she was killed in a car accident. The family never really recovered. She and my great grandfather were the matriarchs of dad's family. I use to love going to their home. As they got older I would help grandma clean her house.Memories....
Well, I don't know if that's what you were looking for but those are my memories. There are a few others however a bit randy so I won't go there..... I am tagging the following to share their childhood memories.

Just remembered a couple of memories that made me smile. Staying with my grandmother over the summer's and listening to Paul Harvey while she fried up some of her home cooked fried eggs, potatoes and home made biscuits. I can smell the bacon now. Also my grandfather rescued a couple raccoons and my grandmother cared for them until they were about 10 or so years old. (kept em in a giant cage in their backyard). Use to fry up chicken wings and buttered corn for the coons. Cutest thing I ever saw was "Susie" taking pen and of grandpa's pocket and playing with it. They turned them loose but they came back!

Get in the car!

S'plain it to me...

What the heck is the difference between 24 months and 2T? I just came back from a day of shopping and am a bit perplexed with the whole sizing thing..... Could they make it a standard across the board? No need for all the guessing.

If anyone out there knows I would love to be enlightened.


"Before I was a Mom"

I use to think being a mom was easy. (yes, I judged from afar) That was before I became a mom. I know now it is effing hard! As I sit here watching my girls play with one (rare occasion) another without hitting or screaming I think about the things that have changed in my life since the babies and the things I swore I'd never do!

  • "I''ll never let my kids watch T.V. ever". Does it count if it's edumakational?
  • I've never left the house without my purse or drivers license. Had a sinking feeling I had put it on car and all my personal effects and tampons were strung all over my neighborhood. Relieved when lm confirmed it was still safely sitting on the counter.
  • I've never gone to the grocery store without a wallet. Yeah this too has happened to me with a cart load of groceries and a line of people. The mind....
  • I've never missed a doctor's appointment nor showed up a week early for that matter!
  • I have missed more mandatory work related meetings than I can count.
  • I didn't know that dementia would set in so early.
  • I have not used the word "No" so much in my life! Note to self: Must come up with a better word.
  • I have not had so little sex since bc. Sorry honey--just so damn tired.
  • I have not slept through the night since bc. The slightest noise and I'm awake--the rest of the night.
  • Sleeping in? Oh yeah, 7:00am.
  • I have not been so tired in my entire life. Dog ass crawling tired.
  • I never thought it possible to miss my "spa" treatments.
  • I haven't worn lipstick in so long that when I do the girls look at me like I'm an ailen.
  • I have not laughed so hard or for that matter cried too.
  • I never thought that I would be a sucker for a "pease mommy, pease". Yep anything they want!
  • I've never taken so many fotos of same subject (my gorgeous sweetie pies) in my life! Over 10,000 and counting.....
  • I know what a landfill is....(I've changed more diapers than you can imagine).
  • I never knew raising twins would be so challenging. I know I told you it wouldn't...jokes on me.
  • I never knew being a mom would be so gratifying.
  • I know what it is to love. Unconditionally.
"Mamarazzi" in action again.... see for yourself the cutie pies helping daddy water our 3x3 Barbie lawn.

Water anyone?

I arrived home from work tonight and daddy had already fed the girls dinner. Could I get any luckier?! He is such an awesome daddy. Especially since mommy worked all weekend. Talking to people who wanted to buy my houses but couldn't afford them. Dreamers.

I gave the girls big mommy kisses and cleaned them up and poured us a glass of juice (Yeah,we all have a glass of juice before bed--mine the grape-naturally). We have been having unusually pleasant weather so the babies and I slide out to our "Barbie"deck for a little drinky-poo and play time. Daddy had promised to take Mai driving. (she's taking her drivers test on Friday). The following pictures are of the girls playing in the water and my flowers. It looks like (after closer investigation that maybe they plucked all the petals off mommies flowers earlier today.......Sen, I don't think your Squid has anything on Guzzling Katie! Check out her sippy cup of choice... ha ha....

Today I say "I do" and so our life begins....

Here's a little schmaltzy sentiment for you. Seven years ago today I said "I do". Did I have any idea of what was in store for me? Or what my life would become? Or that we would someday be rearing twins? Clinging to what was once sanity? Guzzling fine wine(since the chillins) as if it were an IV?!. Living in D.C.? Did you sweetheart? Did you? I often ask myself if you had it to do over again, would you? Easy, tigger we're connected at the hip now or as you said (remember our vows) until death do us part!(you're not dead...) You know (or at least I hope you do) I wouldn't even have to think twice--no one holds a candle to you! I love you oodles and oodles and don't know what I'd do without you. I'm glad there's you to smile at me, and to share my thoughts and dreams. I'm glad you love me too. You still take my breath away baby. Yeah, honey I would marry you all over again! I wouldn't change a thing. Well, maybe a little more sleep and a lot more sex, (did I say that out loud?) but my life is so much more than I ever imagined.

I find myself bragging(shocking) that I have such an amazingly patient(need to be with the crazy one) loving husband and two fantastically scrumptious little girls and Mai! Makes me tingle all over with pride or else I pee'd myself. Yeah, so I'm a bit of a cheeky crazy momma who loves her family. I can't help myself.

I want to share the anniversary card(exactly as she wrote it) Mai made for Jeff and I. It made my heart swell that she even knew it was our anniversary! I don't remember talking about it. Note to self; Must remember what I talk about...not that I forgot honey. I'm not a weepy person but I found myself chocked(touched my heart) up and slobbering like a St. Bernard! I was speechless. Not only did she make the incredibly sweet card but she also included amazing gifts she had brought from her home country--Thailand.

Dear Rony & Jeff, (host mom & dad)

Happy Wedding Anniversary!

I wish Rony and Jeff are lovers (so do I) who are the most happiness in the world. I'm so glad

that your are my host parents. (o.k. now I'm sobbing ).

Thank you so much.

Love Mai..

Sweet Mai... we love you too. You are like a daughter to Jeff and I and we feel more than lucky to have you in our life. Thank you, thank you for being a part of our big crazy universe and sharing your world with us! Big hugs and Le-smooches to you my dear sweet gorgeous child. May your year with us be filled with loads of love, laughter and fond memories.

Happy Anniversary my dear sweet husband, I love you more than the Universe. (top that!)

Rony xxooxx

Play date.....

We were invited to a play date yesterday in our neighborhood. At first I was flattered and then doom set in. Had they not heard about my little terrors? Let me just say I was a bit um, let's say reluctant intimidated as most of the moms in my neighborhood are all in their early 30's. And none nearly as old as snack shit moi. BUT, hey I thought it sounded like a good excuse to get out of the house! You know-- share the sunshine. (insert sarcasm) with them. Of course my kiddos do play like boys. Big boys. Rough too. They'll arm wrestle you for a pretzel! They're loving on one another one minute and the next they're swatting, touching , and pinching each other. Some days just looking at one another is enough for a melt-down. Yesterday Katie smacked Abbey up side the head with her plastic bowl. (apparently Abbey acted like she was going to touch Katie...drama....)Yeah, didn't know if this play date thing would be a good idea as my girls are little bruisers!

We did survive our first play date without any incidents, oh, yeah Abbey did hurl a bocce ball across their family room. My heart stopped for a minute. Thank g-d her baby was out of the flight pattern! Anyway "mamarazzi" did not (idiot) take the camera. Write this down Sen. This was a first! ha ha. Too many things to think about as I was packing the stroller. Water, diapers, snot rags, baby wipes, sunglasses, sun screen, hats, sippy cups, and enough snack to feed a nation, bottle of wine for mommy not the girls! Maybe that's what I should put in their sippy cups? Oh, well you get the picture. This could be a once in a lifetime moment as the jury is still out if we'll be invited back.....

We did get fotos of girls playing outside after we got back. Check out their cute,cute, cute outfits. Compliments of their oh-so, so fashionable "Nana". Thank gawd Nana is a shopper! ha ha.... I'm warning you now Nana, the girls will be stealing your foot-wear and jeans. Look-out. (doubtfully they'll ever be wearing my oh-so shapely size 9 boats)Too cute our Nana. *wink*.

Enjoy pics of girls, daddy, and Mai. Mommy taking fotos. I need help, *sigh* I know, but clearly you can see I find them extremely awesome... they are yummy. Just look at em!

Warning----heed with caution

For those that don't know what it means. Proceed slowly. It may get a bit bumpy. I unfortunately say it like I see it!

Well, I've had a bit of time to think about the public lynching (must have made X --no I won't tell you who feel warm and fuzzy knowing that people could say such hateful things--name calling from adults?--nice) that I received this week and I do have something to say. I'd much rather have a frontal lobotomy. Or, maybe I should just shoot myself instead. Yeah, sure. I was dragged though the mug with my shoelaces tied around my neck. I personally would have handled the situation differently. But I personally give people the benefit of the doubt before jumping to conclusions. After all you don't know me how dare you judge me?

This I do know:

  1. My children are the most gorgeous precious babies on this earth! No comparison-- ever!! NO need for substitutions. Irresistibly cute. Don't be jealous. See fotos for yourself...
  2. I would have contacted the person (duh) in question rather than put it out for the masses. I don't need anyones confirmation or the thrill of dragging someone from their nose hairs to make myself feel better (my self esteem is in check). I guess I'm just not mean spirited. (don't bother bashing me--- I will delete your post). This does not exemplify the type of behavior I would pass to my children nor want them associated with. To much drama for my ass.
  3. I don't write this post to be anything more than a journal for my kids. I'm sorry that You found it boring. Don't read it! Oh and excuse the grammar errors. I'm usually in a hurry and don't check. Who gives a flying fuck-really? I don't see you make fun of the blind too? Nice.. What is your blog address? I would love to read all your interestingly funny and informative news flash. Not.
  4. I'm shocked that you didn't learn anything here. Did I forget to mention what my kids said today?! "I love you mommy". "Mommy, poo-poo". "K poo-poo". ""Daddy poo-poo". Peeeeaaase, mommy, peeeeassse". Is that enough for you or should I tell you how they toss their clothes in the clothes basket too and washed the cars?! Einsteins.
  5. If you have something to say don't leave an anonymous message. Unless you're chicken shit and have no balls.--Which obviously you don't.
  6. If you really had credentials you would have signed your name boldly(haven't known a doctor yet who doesn't--well a real one anyway) and not hide behind the key board. You claimed to be a professional, are you?! I too have studied for the psychology exam. (really) My guess is you didn't pass....My friend(who I helped study) has two thriving practices with a Dr. title. Don't use your psychology bullshit on me either. I'm quite familiar with it...
  7. I refer to my children fondly as "twinkies" nothing behind it. Please don't inflict your thoughts or opinions (you call yourself a professional?)on me regarding the meaning behind it or your prejudice. I don't buy into any of that "black-white" stuff my family is one giant melting pot--we got it all going-- we even have brown bear and a jew--- ** gasp* Did I forget to tell you we're raising our twins jewish? Idiot. Again, credentials......
  8. Treat other's as you yourself would want to be treated. Is that too hard for you? Before you jump to any conclusions ask........not to difficult... Again I'm a pretty easy person... but don't think you can come in and flam me without so much as a kiss! So, if you want to comment I've set this up for registered visitors only! (this is for all the cowards who think they can come in with their little "quips" and then run. Don't think so -pal).
Wow. I too feel much better getting that off my chest. This blog thing is grrrrrreat! I think I'll go for a run now. Or not. Note to self: must take my meds...

I welcome you to stop by my site as long as you play nice. I work, full time outside the home. Some days are better than others. Let's just leave it at that. I'm a nice person and a good mom and I love my dh. Yeah, I make mistakes, who doesn't? I have to go, my family needs me.

Have a great day!

Home Schooling?

I was chatting with one of the girls I work with today when she blurted out that she was home schooling her child. (something about problems with the school and kid) Ummm...(puzzled) I asked. "How can that be"? "I mean you work from 11:00am-6:00pm". Who the flip is teaching the kid? Better yet who is supervising?

Me: "Uh, how do you home school when you're working"?

Worker bee: "Oh, she has all her homework finished before I leave for work". (Worker bee leaves house at 10:00am)

Me: "Well, what does she do the rest of the day"? G-d I could think of a million things I could get into.

Worker bee: "Oh, she watches T.V. or plays on the computer". We watch Nogin in our house. Great education. Well, for a two year old. I don't know about a 16 year old. I'm guessing she's not watching Nogin... The last thing I would want the kid on unsupervised would be the computer!

"Don't you worry about her interaction with other kids"?

Worker bee: "No, she isn't that social". Yeah, that's weird.

Me: "You don't worry about what she's doing all day"? I would be frantic--kid in an empty house all day-- I'm thinking parteee! (I too was young once).

Worker bee: "Oh no she usually sleeps too". Alone, right?

Me: "Yeah, that's normal". Why didn't my mom home school us?

News Flash, we won't be home schooling. I want to know they are someplace where someone is responsible! Not I need a break. *wink*

The next chapter

My nephew Chad graduated from High School last week. Gawd do I feel old. I'm just sorry we couldn't be there. It would have been tough trying to finagle another trip with just returning from O.B. Plus you know I break out in a cold sweat anyplace new with the monkeys. The O.C. would have been a gigantic playground for the girls and we all would have suffered. Me more than most..

Time truly has flashed before my eyes. I remember Chad at barely a week old. Has it really been 18 years? My sister and her dh tried for a number of years before hitting a home run. Way da go Andy! *wink* Dang, it was outta the ball park!

I've never known a woman to be so over the top to be carrying around an extra 50+ pound nor look as radiant as my sister. G-d knows how desperately they wanted this baby. She was simply glowing. She rarely complained while carrying Chad. Oh, yeah her feet swelled up bigger than elephants, but nothing in the big scheme of things. She was so ready to be a mommy.

I can hear the phone ringing as if it we yesterday. We were all waiting for news of his arrival. We could barely stand it. The anticipation was almost more than I could bear. When oh when would he come?! But when I finally received the call I threw a bag together and hopped the first flight to Orlando. Thank goodness for my CAL free flights.

He was the most beautiful baby I had ever seen. Perfect. Enormous crystal blue eyes and a perfectly round head. We even referred to him fondly as our little "Popeye". I'm sure he's more than glad we dropped that nickname...would stud be more appropriate or "hottie"? Oh, I know... don't embarrass the grad. (eyes rolling).

I think (so I hear) he has a way with the ladies. No, not in a bad way, just that they all adore him and want to be his friend (right). I'm sure he'll be "big-man" on campus in the fall. He is a truly great kid.

I hope you know Chad how much we all love you. I hear from your mom
that she did not sob a river at graduation. I was surprised. However I think
she may be trying to put up a brave front. I know she will worry so about you when you go off to school in the fall. This chapter of your life has closed but a new one is just beginning. You have the world at your finger tips. Just remember to make good choices. *wink*.

We are all so proud of you. Sending you big hugs and smooches.

Auntie Rony

It's all about you Nana

I know I have told you how much it means to me that you are a part of our daughters lives but I want the world to know. No need to keep it a secret. These two little girls who are our still pinching myself daughters make me grin with their strong personalities, cute sense of humor and truly infectious giggles and energy. When you warned us before we brought the girls home that you would be coming for a visit (she lives in Florida) every three months whether we liked it or not, well we didn't believe it. However you have been true to your word. You make me want to pee myself with pride. I know my little girls will always know how much their Nana loves them. Yes, they will be special to you forever. They are after all your first. Did it matter to you that they weren't of your blood? No, they grew in your heart just as they did mine. You have loved them before they were ever a speck in your eye. We love you Nana. Thank you for loving all of us. You are such an unbelievably loving soul. We are lucky to have you!

Nana, Mai and I took the girls to the "pet-pet" zoo. Anyone who has heard the story knows that mommy really really enjoyed it. Maybe more than the girls. *wink* I'm thinking our next pet will be a goat!! Photos speak for themselves I think you will all agree. We finished up the day at Red Robin and boy did the girls love their chicken fingers and fries and more importantly mommies milkshake.... We look forward to Nana's next visit.

McCutie's at the Spa

Today was a good day. Yes, this is what our life has come to. Rating our days. But, it was a good day. *sigh*

The girl's first hair cut last November was so riddled with trauma that I promised myself I'd never ever ever repeat the pain. Only an idiot(be still) would put themselves through that kind of drama. I would rather walk on hot coals. Seriously. To make matters worse it was morbidly expensive -- for a child's hair-cut. Frankly I like to be kissed if I'm going to make your car payment. That said my "mil" was coming for a visit and she had mentioned(in passing) cutting the girls hair. Umm, no offense dear "mil" but we (dh and myself) aren't do-it yourself kind of people. (Meaning do anything ourselves) We insist on paying for what we want and full price. Shzzz. Yes, we're idiots. So me, Mai (g-d love her) and the girls headed to Hair Cuttery. I know what you're thinking. Well that certainly is no "spa". But it was "magical" Yeah, that's it. The girl did a better job than the swanky say-lon with the gold sheers. No $$$ haircuts for the "twinkies"---yet. If they want mommy style cuts, they'll be busting their piggy bank!
The pictures speak for themselves. We had a great time and the girls hair looks better than the schmancy fancy place we spent a fortune in November! Mama had a good time too...

It's all about me, me, me, me......

What is your salad dressing of choice? Wine.
What is your favorite fast food restaurant? Starbucks.
What is your favorite sit-down restaurant? No time to sit down, however small dive take-out. chinese restaurant near our house. we eat there every monday. Other wise known as hell-monday's.
On average, what size tip do you leave at a restaurant? Depends on service. never not left a tip, though tempted. usually 15-20%.
What food could you eat every day for two weeks and not get sick of?Chinese.
What is your favorite type of gum? Any. as long as it doesn't stick to my dentures.

What is your wallpaper on your computer? My twinkies.
How many televisions are in your house? 3 (three computers too).
How do you listen to music? Voices in my head.
What’s your best feature? My boobs-- g-d knows I paid enough for them.
Have you ever had anything removed from your body? Too much to list.
Which of your five senses do you think is keenest? My sixth.
When was the last time you had a cavity? years ago.
What is the heaviest item you lifted last? My sorry ass.
Have you ever been knocked unconscious? No, can't say that I have.

If it were possible, would you want to know the day you were going to die? No. I live life fully. if I knew I would not enjoy my last days.
Is love for real? Yep.
If you could change your first name, what would you change it to? Your highness.
Have you ever swallowed a non-food item by mistake? My mouth is always open. Yep, a bug or two.
Have you ever saved someone’s life? Does it count if you covered someone's ass so their spouse didn't kill them?
Has someone ever saved yours? Yes, my husband who saved my from myself.
Would you walk naked for a half mile down a public street for $100,000? I'd do it for kicks.
Would you kiss a member of the same sex for $100? Only if they're super hot.
Would you allow one of your little fingers to be cut off for $200,000? Depends on which one.
Would you never blog again for $50,000? No, up the ante and I might consider.
Would you pose nude in a magazine for $250,000? Ha ha --No one is that desperate. Since when did cellulite become attractive?! YUK.
Would you drink an entire bottle of hot sauce for $1,000? No. The thought of the squirts does nothing for me. And you?
Would you give up watching television for a year for $25,000? Only if I could blog--yes.

What is in your left pocket? My boobie of course! My kids will tell you.
Is Napoleon Dynamite actually a good movie? Ummm--yeah. Didn't it win an academy? Vote for Pedro.
Do you have hardwood or carpet in your house? We're woodies.
Do you sit or stand in the shower? Is this a trick question? I prefer the horizontal position while showering!
Could you live with roommates? No, too anal and too many secrets.
How many pairs of flip-flops do you own? 10
Last time you had a run-in with the cops? Recently going 20+over speed limit. Didn't have to do any lip action but cop reduced the charge. Whew... girl still has it.
What do you want to be when you grow up? Dependant on someone else. no cares and no worries.
Last friend you talked to? Marianne. She dropped in tonight to visit with my mil who is in town from Florida for a couple days.
Last person you called? Sen--stalked her three nights in a row. Note to self: must remember to *69-- she screens her calls. really.

First place you went this morning? The can.
What can you not wait to do? Watch season finale of LOST.
What’s the last movie you saw? At a theatre? Are you nuts? No, no time for movies here. Plus I have the attention span of a hamster.

If you want to play please feel free to join in

"I do and they did"

Introducing: Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Moore

Gosh, I did not expect this to take so long to no free time lately put together a wedding tribute for Dan and Carrie. But I wanted to get through the Mother's Day hoop-la being that it's all about me.

I wanted the world to know that Dan Moore had taken finally the lovely Carrie Sobczyk to be his wife. This girl makes Uma Thurman look like a dog. bow-wow-woof. Truly beautiful. Inside and out. The kind of girl who will take your breath away. Gosh, I may have a girl crush on Carrie. *snicker*.

As many know we were in the Outer Banks for their nuptials. It was a wedding of all weddings. Swanky. The bride was drop dead stinkin' gorgeous. Stunning. And she was cool as a cucumber. The groom too--so so handsome. Carrie made *gasp* the morning of her wedding the gorgeous flower arrangements (I remember back to my wedding day and *blush* I ordered my flowers.....both times....shameful) for reception and her bouquet as well as the wedding party. (fresh herbs and flowers). Now, I am not easily impressed, but dang this young Uma Thurman look a-like blew my panties off! (yes I was wearing them too) She was amazing. Danny is one lucky dude. *wink* Don't screw it up Dan! We want to keep her......really we do.....can we, can we?

The weekend near perfect-o when all of Jeff's college (cuuuuties ) buddies showed up for the party. Only Clooney, Depp and Pitt were unable to attend. Something about a premier or something...

The crazy (and still sooo single) Larry Lamont had flown in from Melboring, Florida. Always lots and lots of craziness with Larry. (hopefully nothing too crazy on that early am walk on the beach-Larrrrreeeee...) He had arrived in with little or no sleep in days. He had just barely returned from a two week business stint in Korea. Something about buying a country or something like that. The boy was dog ass tired but as we all know always up for a party. Mike and Beth Roy (First time meeting Beth-I was unable to attend their wedding two years earlier-man, what a doll) had drove in from Atlanta, Georgia. A really cute, cute couple. They seem to really dig one another and are currently trying to have a baby. We all know what that mean. They're having a lot of sex. And that's exactly what Beth said.!! Go girl cause you won't be doing that when that baby comes nor will you want to! Not to be forgotten the ever so sexy group legal council Jason George(always immaculately dressed for any occasion) and his gorgeous wife Lori drove in from D.C. Actually Lori was on a business trip in South beach until the morning of the wedding and pulled herself off of a yacht to join the party. (I want her job...). Thankfully we did not need to utilize Jason's services as everyone was well behaved. Phew... Although I did hear about someone trying to steal a bull dozer on the beach... hmmm... must get to the bottom of that. My guess it was Larry who suggested...just a guess.

The day of the wedding I was given a small (not so small in reality) responsibility. Did I mention that the wedding was outside? I should have been paralyzed with fear. No gates, no doors! Ok, I'm scared. My little grrrr-illlas were the flower girls. Yeah, if I were Carrie I would have been drinking! It would surely numb the pain for what was to follow. Anything was game at this point.

So, they ask me to keep the children (my twins and Danny's son Ronan --age four) in -tow until their turn to grace everyone with the ooohs, and awwws. Have you ever tried cornering twinkies almost two and an active four year old?! That's Beetle Juice heading spinning. Oh, and make sure Ronan's shirt is tucked in. Ah, yeah, right Danny. Sure.

Well for anyone who has seen "My best friend's Wedding", that was me but chasing Ronan, Katie, and Abbey. None of them running in the same direction! I was also suppose to signal the bridal party when the guitarist had finished playing Ava Maria' and started the next tune. Umm, ok it all was sounding the same to me. So, I reluctanly gave the thumbs up that it was time. Sure, I think the tempo changed. Sorry, Carrie I hope I didn't screw your oh-so special day. You still looked beautiful.

Not surprisingly but right before Abbey and Katie (Abbey who had already tripped and fallen in the dirt earlier-twice--well of course she did) were to skip down the lawn -- Abbey fell and hit her head on a rock. Big rock. Oh great, no,no don't cry baby as I grab her hand and Katie's hand and we sail down the lawn like the flying nun and her sistas'. Their little feet barely grazing the ground as we zip down the lawn and circle the wedding party with mommy whispering "smile" kid. Lord help these children 'o' mine . Mai tailing us as we locate a safe place out of earshot for us to sit. You might call it "drive-by flower-girls" with their own entourage in tow. *snicker*. I'm praying that the girls don't start screeching as Dan and Carrie are saying their vows when Katie starts chanting "Daddy, daddy, daddy". Me wanting to dig a hole where I'm sitting. Oy. Abbey my mood ring on a good day gets fidgety and within seconds has destroyed the gorgeous hand bag Carrie had put together just that morning with fresh flowers. "The Destroyer". *sigh*.

We sipped on home made tea with fresh mint courtesy of the bride--she's a true southern belle as we all milled about the gorgeous gardens. (The Queen Elizabeth Garden in Manteo,NC) There were plenty of pictures to be taken as the back-drop was too perfect. Unfortunately for me Katie was not going to cooperate so they were forced to have me sit in one of the photos with Katie perched on my lap. I wonder now if I remembered to put my lipstick on?

Carrie did not miss one minuet detail. Everything about the weekend was perfect. l had a good time. Conversation without limits. Ahhh my favorite. I was high as a kite that my kids took naps without medication (joking) and went to sleep at night (in a strange bed not a crib) so that mommy and daddy could enjoy the evenings with good friends and spirits. It's good to have friends. Awww, yes babies sleep...

Thank you Carrie and Danny for including us. I am honoured and grateful that we were included in the company of such loved ones. I will cherish the memory always.

Larry you've been're next. Surely you know what this means..... Don't make me stalk you to s'plain it to you. *wink*

Shield your eyes.. This could hurt.

The cuteness here is totally irresistible! Can you stand it? know I am usually the "mamarazzi" (Sen will confirm--I need a sponsor!) but daddy got these great "paparazzi" shots on Mother's Day of all my girls! I just had to share.... They are too cute for words. Thank you girls (Mai too) for making my first full year as a mother so special. It's more than I ever dreamed.

Oh..and daddy surprised(no clue he was doing anything) mommy with a satelite radio for her car for Mother's Day. Now I can listen to my favorite country music without interruptions and the uncensored comedy channels... Without girls in the car of course.