The next chapter

My nephew Chad graduated from High School last week. Gawd do I feel old. I'm just sorry we couldn't be there. It would have been tough trying to finagle another trip with just returning from O.B. Plus you know I break out in a cold sweat anyplace new with the monkeys. The O.C. would have been a gigantic playground for the girls and we all would have suffered. Me more than most..

Time truly has flashed before my eyes. I remember Chad at barely a week old. Has it really been 18 years? My sister and her dh tried for a number of years before hitting a home run. Way da go Andy! *wink* Dang, it was outta the ball park!

I've never known a woman to be so over the top to be carrying around an extra 50+ pound nor look as radiant as my sister. G-d knows how desperately they wanted this baby. She was simply glowing. She rarely complained while carrying Chad. Oh, yeah her feet swelled up bigger than elephants, but nothing in the big scheme of things. She was so ready to be a mommy.

I can hear the phone ringing as if it we yesterday. We were all waiting for news of his arrival. We could barely stand it. The anticipation was almost more than I could bear. When oh when would he come?! But when I finally received the call I threw a bag together and hopped the first flight to Orlando. Thank goodness for my CAL free flights.

He was the most beautiful baby I had ever seen. Perfect. Enormous crystal blue eyes and a perfectly round head. We even referred to him fondly as our little "Popeye". I'm sure he's more than glad we dropped that nickname...would stud be more appropriate or "hottie"? Oh, I know... don't embarrass the grad. (eyes rolling).

I think (so I hear) he has a way with the ladies. No, not in a bad way, just that they all adore him and want to be his friend (right). I'm sure he'll be "big-man" on campus in the fall. He is a truly great kid.

I hope you know Chad how much we all love you. I hear from your mom
that she did not sob a river at graduation. I was surprised. However I think
she may be trying to put up a brave front. I know she will worry so about you when you go off to school in the fall. This chapter of your life has closed but a new one is just beginning. You have the world at your finger tips. Just remember to make good choices. *wink*.

We are all so proud of you. Sending you big hugs and smooches.

Auntie Rony