Home Schooling?

I was chatting with one of the girls I work with today when she blurted out that she was home schooling her child. (something about problems with the school and kid) Ummm...(puzzled) I asked. "How can that be"? "I mean you work from 11:00am-6:00pm". Who the flip is teaching the kid? Better yet who is supervising?

Me: "Uh, how do you home school when you're working"?

Worker bee: "Oh, she has all her homework finished before I leave for work". (Worker bee leaves house at 10:00am)

Me: "Well, what does she do the rest of the day"? G-d I could think of a million things I could get into.

Worker bee: "Oh, she watches T.V. or plays on the computer". We watch Nogin in our house. Great education. Well, for a two year old. I don't know about a 16 year old. I'm guessing she's not watching Nogin... The last thing I would want the kid on unsupervised would be the computer!

"Don't you worry about her interaction with other kids"?

Worker bee: "No, she isn't that social". Yeah, that's weird.

Me: "You don't worry about what she's doing all day"? I would be frantic--kid in an empty house all day-- I'm thinking parteee! (I too was young once).

Worker bee: "Oh no she usually sleeps too". Alone, right?

Me: "Yeah, that's normal". Why didn't my mom home school us?

News Flash, we won't be home schooling. I want to know they are someplace where someone is responsible! Not me.....plus I need a break. *wink*