Warning----heed with caution

For those that don't know what it means. Proceed slowly. It may get a bit bumpy. I unfortunately say it like I see it!

Well, I've had a bit of time to think about the public lynching (must have made X --no I won't tell you who feel warm and fuzzy knowing that people could say such hateful things--name calling from adults?--nice) that I received this week and I do have something to say. I'd much rather have a frontal lobotomy. Or, maybe I should just shoot myself instead. Yeah, sure. I was dragged though the mug with my shoelaces tied around my neck. I personally would have handled the situation differently. But I personally give people the benefit of the doubt before jumping to conclusions. After all you don't know me how dare you judge me?

This I do know:

  1. My children are the most gorgeous precious babies on this earth! No comparison-- ever!! NO need for substitutions. Irresistibly cute. Don't be jealous. See fotos for yourself...
  2. I would have contacted the person (duh) in question rather than put it out for the masses. I don't need anyones confirmation or the thrill of dragging someone from their nose hairs to make myself feel better (my self esteem is in check). I guess I'm just not mean spirited. (don't bother bashing me--- I will delete your post). This does not exemplify the type of behavior I would pass to my children nor want them associated with. To much drama for my ass.
  3. I don't write this post to be anything more than a journal for my kids. I'm sorry that You found it boring. Don't read it! Oh and excuse the grammar errors. I'm usually in a hurry and don't check. Who gives a flying fuck-really? I don't see well...do you make fun of the blind too? Nice.. What is your blog address? I would love to read all your interestingly funny and informative news flash. Not.
  4. I'm shocked that you didn't learn anything here. Did I forget to mention what my kids said today?! "I love you mommy". "Mommy, poo-poo". "K poo-poo". ""Daddy poo-poo". Peeeeaaase, mommy, peeeeassse". Is that enough for you or should I tell you how they toss their clothes in the clothes basket too and washed the cars?! Einsteins.
  5. If you have something to say don't leave an anonymous message. Unless you're chicken shit and have no balls.--Which obviously you don't.
  6. If you really had credentials you would have signed your name boldly(haven't known a doctor yet who doesn't--well a real one anyway) and not hide behind the key board. You claimed to be a professional, are you?! I too have studied for the psychology exam. (really) My guess is you didn't pass....My friend(who I helped study) has two thriving practices with a Dr. title. Don't use your psychology bullshit on me either. I'm quite familiar with it...
  7. I refer to my children fondly as "twinkies" nothing behind it. Please don't inflict your thoughts or opinions (you call yourself a professional?)on me regarding the meaning behind it or your prejudice. I don't buy into any of that "black-white" stuff my family is one giant melting pot--we got it all going-- we even have brown bear and a jew--- ** gasp* Did I forget to tell you we're raising our twins jewish? Idiot. Again, credentials......
  8. Treat other's as you yourself would want to be treated. Is that too hard for you? Before you jump to any conclusions ask........not to difficult... Again I'm a pretty easy person... but don't think you can come in and flam me without so much as a kiss! So, if you want to comment I've set this up for registered visitors only! (this is for all the cowards who think they can come in with their little "quips" and then run. Don't think so -pal).
Wow. I too feel much better getting that off my chest. This blog thing is grrrrrreat! I think I'll go for a run now. Or not. Note to self: must take my meds...

I welcome you to stop by my site as long as you play nice. I work, full time outside the home. Some days are better than others. Let's just leave it at that. I'm a nice person and a good mom and I love my dh. Yeah, I make mistakes, who doesn't? I have to go, my family needs me.

Have a great day!