Journey to Our Daughters

We started our journey Thanksgiving (2004) to adopt our daughter. (before we knew there would be two!) We had no clue (I thought I did) what a process it would be. Jeff and I had yearned for a child for a really long time but unfortunately we were unable to conceive our own biological child.

Our dossier was sent to China on April 15, 2005 the same day Jeff's cousin Ronnie and wife Wendy returned from China with their daughter Skyla. We were logged in April 27, 2005 and were prepared for a wait of six months. I had plenty to keep me busy like painting and decorating our new home. I finished up project in August. Thankfully I was so busy at work that I didn't have a lot of free time to think about much. But September came and no news on the baby front. I was a freaking nut case. My good girl friend Sen suggested I start a life book for the baby. Anyone who knows me knows I'm not "crafty". I had never done this type of thing before so I was a bit skeptical. I signed up for a class at our local scrapbooking store and I was off and running. Not only did I finish one book, but I finished two more!!!

October came and went and we soon discovered that we would not be receiving our referral for a while. Of course we had no idea how much longer.

We finally got the call January 25th. OMG, we were matched with twins. Did they say twins?! And 7 months old? OMG. Was I dreaming? Someone wake me up.

We are packed and ready to depart for China on March 26th. We arrive Nanning on March 27th very late and will have our girls in our arms at last March 28th! Please welcome the two newest members to our home.