McCutie's at the Spa

Today was a good day. Yes, this is what our life has come to. Rating our days. But, it was a good day. *sigh*

The girl's first hair cut last November was so riddled with trauma that I promised myself I'd never ever ever repeat the pain. Only an idiot(be still) would put themselves through that kind of drama. I would rather walk on hot coals. Seriously. To make matters worse it was morbidly expensive -- for a child's hair-cut. Frankly I like to be kissed if I'm going to make your car payment. That said my "mil" was coming for a visit and she had mentioned(in passing) cutting the girls hair. Umm, no offense dear "mil" but we (dh and myself) aren't do-it yourself kind of people. (Meaning do anything ourselves) We insist on paying for what we want and full price. Shzzz. Yes, we're idiots. So me, Mai (g-d love her) and the girls headed to Hair Cuttery. I know what you're thinking. Well that certainly is no "spa". But it was "magical" Yeah, that's it. The girl did a better job than the swanky say-lon with the gold sheers. No $$$ haircuts for the "twinkies"---yet. If they want mommy style cuts, they'll be busting their piggy bank!
The pictures speak for themselves. We had a great time and the girls hair looks better than the schmancy fancy place we spent a fortune in November! Mama had a good time too...