"Before I was a Mom"

I use to think being a mom was easy. (yes, I judged from afar) That was before I became a mom. I know now it is effing hard! As I sit here watching my girls play with one (rare occasion) another without hitting or screaming I think about the things that have changed in my life since the babies and the things I swore I'd never do!

  • "I''ll never let my kids watch T.V. ever". Does it count if it's edumakational?
  • I've never left the house without my purse or drivers license. Had a sinking feeling I had put it on car and all my personal effects and tampons were strung all over my neighborhood. Relieved when lm confirmed it was still safely sitting on the counter.
  • I've never gone to the grocery store without a wallet. Yeah this too has happened to me with a cart load of groceries and a line of people. The mind....
  • I've never missed a doctor's appointment nor showed up a week early for that matter!
  • I have missed more mandatory work related meetings than I can count.
  • I didn't know that dementia would set in so early.
  • I have not used the word "No" so much in my life! Note to self: Must come up with a better word.
  • I have not had so little sex since bc. Sorry honey--just so damn tired.
  • I have not slept through the night since bc. The slightest noise and I'm awake--the rest of the night.
  • Sleeping in? Oh yeah, 7:00am.
  • I have not been so tired in my entire life. Dog ass crawling tired.
  • I never thought it possible to miss my "spa" treatments.
  • I haven't worn lipstick in so long that when I do the girls look at me like I'm an ailen.
  • I have not laughed so hard or for that matter cried too.
  • I never thought that I would be a sucker for a "pease mommy, pease". Yep anything they want!
  • I've never taken so many fotos of same subject (my gorgeous sweetie pies) in my life! Over 10,000 and counting.....
  • I know what a landfill is....(I've changed more diapers than you can imagine).
  • I never knew raising twins would be so challenging. I know I told you it wouldn't...jokes on me.
  • I never knew being a mom would be so gratifying.
  • I know what it is to love. Unconditionally.
"Mamarazzi" in action again.... see for yourself the cutie pies helping daddy water our 3x3 Barbie lawn.