Childhood memories

I have been tagged to do a meme by Kerri to list 5 childhood memories. Well, as long ago as that was..I actually had to call sister to remind me of my "fond" memories. I know there must have been some memories floating around up there just needed a jiggle.

  1. I remember when I was about 12 (maybe 13) my dad bought us a pony. Not only did he buy the pony but he built this awesome riding rink and shed for pony. My dad's brother had a gorgeous horse farm and I remember feeling like we were the shit. Literally..... Pony was sold when he bucked(the damn horse never moved quicker than a walk) V3 off of it and she broke her collar bone. Our stable days soon after were spent at Uncle's.
  2. I remember my first (and last) motorcycle. My dad (he was a sucker for his four girls) bought himself a big ole ride and he figured it would smooth things over with mom if he bought us girls a "bike" too. Crazy man. I think he secretly wished we were boys. We loved that motorcycle. Until my sister V3(seeing a pattern here...) oh yeah, we four girls all have the same initials. Sorta like cousin Daryl and other cousin Daryl... youngest sister and I share a middle name too... must have run out of L names by the time she was born. Anyway, bike was sold after V3 took a chunk outta the house(slammed in to it) with it and then ran it under dad's flat bed truck! Apparently she forgot which was the brake and which was the gas. She was not hurt but dang was she shook up. We knew we were going to be in big trouble with mom. V3 was only about ten years old at the time. V2 and I were told under no circumstances were we to put her on the bike. Her feet barely touched the ground. No way! Well, we obviously did not listen well. She fixed us. She sold the bike immediately.
  3. I remember vividly the first (yes, there were many more) party my mom busted. I was a sophmore in high school and my best friend J. (still bf) had a big party at her house. (drinking--and other stuff kind of party...) Her mom was kind enough to go to her granny's so we could enjoy ourselves! I would never agree to this with my own girls. My mom and dad had dropped me off (I think I had been grounded prior for something so they took me to party) and as they were pulling away from the house they saw a bunch of the football players running towards said friends house with 12 packs under each arm. My mother being the ever so sharp eagle puss(you would have thought she was an effing detective) that she was back then instructed my dad to whip their "ride" around and follow the boys in. I'll never forget the words that bellowed out of my moms lips(as I stood clutching my bottle of Tickle Pink) as she grazed the threshold. "I'm calling the cops, where are your parent's J."! Jesus! I could have dug a hole to China at that point. My other girl friend was under the kitchen table hiding and hoping my parent's did not see her. I've never seen 100 kids disperse so quickly. Needless to say my threats of quitting school never panned out. Instead my parent's eventually moved us to a remote town which I couldn't get away or out of quick enough. "Slowtown"....
  4. I use to stay at my dear, dear friend T's almost every weekend in high school. I loved staying at her house. Her mom was so awesome and totally cool. We would drink her dad's liquor(unbeknown to her parent's) and then we would streak up and down Cherry Bottom Road doing gymnastics and splits! We would duck into the bushes when we heard a car coming. We thought we were so daring. Well, until we almost got busted by her dad one night. We heard a car coming but it was coming down her lane. So we ran into the house. It was her dad pulling down the driveway! We both jumped into bed and dove under the covers. I can't remember to this day if we had a chance to get our clothes back on. Ahhhh.....yeah we were definitely a little on the wild side.
  5. I remember visiting my great grandmother's every weekend up until I was about 12-13 years old. She always had something coming out of the oven (usually hot homemade bread) or some type of homemade stew on the stove top. We use to spend every holiday at her home until she was killed in a car accident. The family never really recovered. She and my great grandfather were the matriarchs of dad's family. I use to love going to their home. As they got older I would help grandma clean her house.Memories....
Well, I don't know if that's what you were looking for but those are my memories. There are a few others however a bit randy so I won't go there..... I am tagging the following to share their childhood memories.

Just remembered a couple of memories that made me smile. Staying with my grandmother over the summer's and listening to Paul Harvey while she fried up some of her home cooked fried eggs, potatoes and home made biscuits. I can smell the bacon now. Also my grandfather rescued a couple raccoons and my grandmother cared for them until they were about 10 or so years old. (kept em in a giant cage in their backyard). Use to fry up chicken wings and buttered corn for the coons. Cutest thing I ever saw was "Susie" taking pen and of grandpa's pocket and playing with it. They turned them loose but they came back!

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