"I do and they did"

Introducing: Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Moore

Gosh, I did not expect this to take so long to no free time lately put together a wedding tribute for Dan and Carrie. But I wanted to get through the Mother's Day hoop-la being that it's all about me.

I wanted the world to know that Dan Moore had taken finally the lovely Carrie Sobczyk to be his wife. This girl makes Uma Thurman look like a dog. bow-wow-woof. Truly beautiful. Inside and out. The kind of girl who will take your breath away. Gosh, I may have a girl crush on Carrie. *snicker*.

As many know we were in the Outer Banks for their nuptials. It was a wedding of all weddings. Swanky. The bride was drop dead stinkin' gorgeous. Stunning. And she was cool as a cucumber. The groom too--so so handsome. Carrie made *gasp* the morning of her wedding the gorgeous flower arrangements (I remember back to my wedding day and *blush* I ordered my flowers.....both times....shameful) for reception and her bouquet as well as the wedding party. (fresh herbs and flowers). Now, I am not easily impressed, but dang this young Uma Thurman look a-like blew my panties off! (yes I was wearing them too) She was amazing. Danny is one lucky dude. *wink* Don't screw it up Dan! We want to keep her......really we do.....can we, can we?

The weekend near perfect-o when all of Jeff's college (cuuuuties ) buddies showed up for the party. Only Clooney, Depp and Pitt were unable to attend. Something about a premier or something...

The crazy (and still sooo single) Larry Lamont had flown in from Melboring, Florida. Always lots and lots of craziness with Larry. (hopefully nothing too crazy on that early am walk on the beach-Larrrrreeeee...) He had arrived in with little or no sleep in days. He had just barely returned from a two week business stint in Korea. Something about buying a country or something like that. The boy was dog ass tired but as we all know always up for a party. Mike and Beth Roy (First time meeting Beth-I was unable to attend their wedding two years earlier-man, what a doll) had drove in from Atlanta, Georgia. A really cute, cute couple. They seem to really dig one another and are currently trying to have a baby. We all know what that mean. They're having a lot of sex. And that's exactly what Beth said.!! Go girl cause you won't be doing that when that baby comes nor will you want to! Not to be forgotten the ever so sexy group legal council Jason George(always immaculately dressed for any occasion) and his gorgeous wife Lori drove in from D.C. Actually Lori was on a business trip in South beach until the morning of the wedding and pulled herself off of a yacht to join the party. (I want her job...). Thankfully we did not need to utilize Jason's services as everyone was well behaved. Phew... Although I did hear about someone trying to steal a bull dozer on the beach... hmmm... must get to the bottom of that. My guess it was Larry who suggested...just a guess.

The day of the wedding I was given a small (not so small in reality) responsibility. Did I mention that the wedding was outside? I should have been paralyzed with fear. No gates, no doors! Ok, I'm scared. My little grrrr-illlas were the flower girls. Yeah, if I were Carrie I would have been drinking! It would surely numb the pain for what was to follow. Anything was game at this point.

So, they ask me to keep the children (my twins and Danny's son Ronan --age four) in -tow until their turn to grace everyone with the ooohs, and awwws. Have you ever tried cornering twinkies almost two and an active four year old?! That's Beetle Juice heading spinning. Oh, and make sure Ronan's shirt is tucked in. Ah, yeah, right Danny. Sure.

Well for anyone who has seen "My best friend's Wedding", that was me but chasing Ronan, Katie, and Abbey. None of them running in the same direction! I was also suppose to signal the bridal party when the guitarist had finished playing Ava Maria' and started the next tune. Umm, ok it all was sounding the same to me. So, I reluctanly gave the thumbs up that it was time. Sure, I think the tempo changed. Sorry, Carrie I hope I didn't screw your oh-so special day. You still looked beautiful.

Not surprisingly but right before Abbey and Katie (Abbey who had already tripped and fallen in the dirt earlier-twice--well of course she did) were to skip down the lawn -- Abbey fell and hit her head on a rock. Big rock. Oh great, no,no don't cry baby as I grab her hand and Katie's hand and we sail down the lawn like the flying nun and her sistas'. Their little feet barely grazing the ground as we zip down the lawn and circle the wedding party with mommy whispering "smile" kid. Lord help these children 'o' mine . Mai tailing us as we locate a safe place out of earshot for us to sit. You might call it "drive-by flower-girls" with their own entourage in tow. *snicker*. I'm praying that the girls don't start screeching as Dan and Carrie are saying their vows when Katie starts chanting "Daddy, daddy, daddy". Me wanting to dig a hole where I'm sitting. Oy. Abbey my mood ring on a good day gets fidgety and within seconds has destroyed the gorgeous hand bag Carrie had put together just that morning with fresh flowers. "The Destroyer". *sigh*.

We sipped on home made tea with fresh mint courtesy of the bride--she's a true southern belle as we all milled about the gorgeous gardens. (The Queen Elizabeth Garden in Manteo,NC) There were plenty of pictures to be taken as the back-drop was too perfect. Unfortunately for me Katie was not going to cooperate so they were forced to have me sit in one of the photos with Katie perched on my lap. I wonder now if I remembered to put my lipstick on?

Carrie did not miss one minuet detail. Everything about the weekend was perfect. l had a good time. Conversation without limits. Ahhh my favorite. I was high as a kite that my kids took naps without medication (joking) and went to sleep at night (in a strange bed not a crib) so that mommy and daddy could enjoy the evenings with good friends and spirits. It's good to have friends. Awww, yes babies sleep...

Thank you Carrie and Danny for including us. I am honoured and grateful that we were included in the company of such loved ones. I will cherish the memory always.

Larry you've been tagged.....you're next. Surely you know what this means..... Don't make me stalk you to s'plain it to you. *wink*