Where ya From?

While I'm wracking my brain busy over here compiling my lies answers to your probbing thought provoking questions(some more thought than others--hee hee) for me I have something I'd like to ask all of you. There is no right or wrong answer, just wondering how you all would answer. Me and a friend of mine have a difference of opinion when asked "Where ya from"? She thinks it means where you were born. I have
always been running moved around a lot and do not live remotely in the area of where I was born or even the state. (haven't lived there in years--and most of family not there either). So, I have always answered where I just moved from. And being in new home sales I sell to a lot of "re-lo" people, people not from the area. I live in a highly transient area. People move in and out faster than the Concord. Anyhoots, whenever I ask someone I am usually asking you "where are YOU coming from"? (I could care less where you were born..what will that tell me?) My friend always responds by telling the interrogator where she was born and grew up. So, what do you think?

I'll be posting my responses tomorrow to my "Ask Me" post.

Update, I will be posting The Ask Me blog next week. I'm not half way through it and I'm slammed at work......Be patient. I promise not to disappoint.