Update August 23, 2007

I never really posted again about my veins, so here it is. Boring to most of you, but some of my family wants to know.

I had my first appt a couple weeks back, and I loved the doctor. I've never met a surgeon that was so humble. He took so much time explaining things and answering questions-he was great. I also like him because this is a very small thing for him, not a money maker. He does big surgeries on the veins in peoples hearts, so I know he's not just trying to rob me or make up stuff. Last but not least, he's on our insurance plan, so if the procedures are medically necessary (which they are) they will be covered at 90%.

Since I don't know all of the medical terms, I will explain it the best I can. Pretty much my blood goes down my legs fine, but can't go back up very well. It's all caused by a vein in my thigh (not my calf where all of my veins bulge out). The blood can't quite make it up all the way, so it spills over into these other veins. He will fix (basically sear the inside of the vein so it closes) the vein in my thigh, and he says there is about 70% chance or more that it will solve the problems in my lower leg and it might take care of the ones in my ankle (but those are caused by some other veins too). There is a chance that my veins have bulged for so long, that even after the upper vein is fixed, the veins will work properly but might not go back in. Basically, nothing is for sure, but this is our best bet. I am just excited for the pain and itching to go away, especially before I get pregnant again because then they're horrible. This is the least evasive surgery and the one he thinks will fix problems. If it doesn't there are other steps after that. We'll see. I probably won't get it done until after I go to Oregon (I bought tickets last night), which will be in October. I have to take it pretty easy for 3 weeks after it's done.

So, yes I am going to Oregon from Sept 22nd to October 2nd. I am sooooo excited. I can't wait to smell the salty air, eat fresh fish and crab, and pick fresh veggies out of Mom's greenhouse. I am excited for Tanner to play in the sand, go to the aquarium, eat salt water taffy, make cool shaped waffles with my mom, see my dad's boat, see crab (and hopefully eat it), for everyone to see Kate and of course see my family. For my siblings: can you all come up the weekend of Sept 28-30? I don't think we'll be going to Eugene, so if you wanted to come to the beach house that weekend, we'd love it.

Tanner and Kate were both in bed by 7:30pm last night, which is an out right miracle in our house. It was soooo nice to just be with Shad for a while before we went to sleep. Tanner will only go down that early if he doesn't fall asleep on the couch earlier in the day. Unfortunately now that Kate goes down earlier, she wakes up to eat in the middle of the night. I'll have to figure that one out again.

Kate is continuing to love all real food, just no baby food. However, she is now constipated all the time. It is sad. So today I made some all-bran muffins for her and hopefully that will help. Tanner didn't care for the muffins...I guess they're little too grainy for him.

I have started planning our next ward activity. Yippee. Shad says I'll never get released unless I have a better attitude. We're going to have a ward movie night and watch a movie in someones back yard on a big screen. Everyone will bring their own chairs, bean bags and blankets and we'll provide popcorn, soda and candy. We are going to watch the movie "Cars". Right after that we get to do a trunk or treat and somehow I got nominated to provide a trunk or treat for 3 wards. Again....yippee. Then it will be our Christmas Party. If anyone has some fun, simple ideas for Halloween or Christmas-let me know.

Love you all!!!