Kate Cooking

I've always kind of prided myself on how early Tanner started sitting on the counter to watch me cook and then eventually helping me cook. Well, today Tanner wanted pancakes, Kate didn't want me to set her down, so I thought, "Hey, it's time for her to start sitting on the counter." Of course she loved it, and again, my head started enlarging at the fact that my 7 month old baby was on the counter while I cooked. Well, I turned to grab a spatula and within 2 seconds the pancake batter was all over the counter and Kate was just gobbling it up, raw eggs and all. I love how quickly the Lord will humble you when you start to get too full of yourself.

The first pic is before the spill, the second is during, and the third is after she got cleaned up. By the way, Tanner was going to flip out if he didn't get his pancakes soon, so I got a rubber spatula out, scraped the batter back into the bowl, and made his pancakes. Yum.

Here's a video of her this morning.