View from my Nest

Christine from Sophia's Journey wants to see the view from our front porch. Miss nosey pants.

We have a couple famous folks(really famous) who live in the hood, on our street, so I can't complain about our
view. We live in "skin" county and he lives directly across the street from us and I sold him his home which was just 4 doors to the right of us.(they moved--nothing to do with the restraining order). No, there is no stalking, well ok, so I'm lying. Any excuse to get a glimpse of how the famous live. Plus it doesn't count if they know you're stalking. Right?! We have taken to walking the dog every hour on the hour just to peer in their windows.

We don't have anything too exciting going on in our life so yeah, we are a bit star struck and fh thinks they are tight. lol. Not slingin' back beers yet but he did get him V.I.P. tickets to opening day since his connection moved! He's big man. Lol. Not to shabby of a view though....Dropping names? My bad! Bwaahaha.