Beneath the surface

I've been caught in a blog-go-around by Christie from Our Red Thread Journey. These are a few of my favorite things.

Sound - My babies squealing and laughing
Late night snack - Wine. No surprise here.
Smell - Citrus or anything that doesn't smell like a crap fest.
Color combination - Pink and Black.
Nut - Sen. (she makes me laugh)
Time of the year - Spring.
Author - Elizabeth Seabolt.
Books - The Lovely Bones.
Vegetable - Broccolli.
Male Actor - George Clooney.
Flower - White Roses.
Vacation spot - Anywhere with sun, sand and beach. Family included.
Pizza - Emilio's Brick Oven Pizza. Good ole' pepporoni with cheese. Local establishment.
Sport to play - Golf.
Subject in school -Lunch.
TV channel - NBC.
Radio station - Don't listen to the radio. I have satellite radio.
Holiday - My babies birthday.
Perfume - Something Frenchy my fh bought last time he was in Paris.
Shoes - High heel strappy sandals.
Candy - Chocolate with nuts.
City to shop - D.C. or on-line.
Female actress - Julia Roberts (twin mom!)
Beauty products - Pevonia-spa product.
Item to shop for - Children's clothing.
I am sending this to my favorite bloggers: Crazylady Yes, Minister, Ladybugs and Dragonflies, and Primrose Princesses.