New pics

These are a few pics of Tanner and Kate from this morning. The last one is a picture of their Halloween costumes!!! I had to get something that Tanner would actually wear. There is no way that he would wear a hat, long sleeves, mask, shoes, cape, etc. Sooo, he is going to be a BYU football player and Kate will be a cheerleader. I ordered their costumes from the BYU bookstore. I'll just have to find some football pants for Tanner and white tennis shoes for Kate. I'm so excited for Kate's costume, because her hair is long enough to put in full pigtails and I'll put ribbons in too. = )

Tanner bit Kate's finger so hard today I am surprised it didn't come part way off. The marks were so deep and on one side she had a blood blister starting to form. He got a time-out and a bite back from Mom. I was to scared to do it very hard, but it upset him anyway from pure shock. I've heard that is the way to stop them from biting. I am so sick of it. He does it when he is super excited. He'll just bite down on whatever is there....even if it's Mom, Dad or Kate.

So that's Kate's latest for Tanner's. You can tell in the picture that he has a HUGE bruise on his forehead. Two days ago in the pool a little boy threw Nemo (a large and heavy plastic fish) into the pool, but missed the water and it landed on Tanner's forehead instead. Then, that night he tripped on the driveway and hit is forehead again. Poor kid.

Tanner is at an age now where it is soooo hard to take him shopping. He wants to buy every car he lays his eyes on. I swear there is a car on every isle you go down, on some object....cereal box, arm floaty, backpack, markers, whatever, it's on there. So he always wants to get out of the cart and "play cars". Then he will look and look and say, "I think this one Mom." He puts it in the cart. I take it out, he throws a fit, people stare with faces that say, "How old is she. I can't believe she has kids. She can't even control them." Then, I pick him up while he is literally kicking and screaming and try to put him back in the cart. Then he cries all the way to the check out line saying, "Mom, I want it. I want to buy it." We got to the check out counter and they were stocking Halloween peanut M & Ms. I just wanted to buy bag and eat them all the way home. But I didn't. One of the high points of the outing. I called Rebecca on the way home and she gave me no hope, saying that Anna has just finally gotten better in stores (when it comes to wanting to buy everything).

All in all, I love both of my kids to pieces and wouldn't trade them for the world. = )