Twins, twins and more twins....

fun, fun and more fun
Warning: What your about to see will make you smile. *wink* The cuteness will jump out and smack you. Now, grab yourself a glass of wine and join me as I give a re-cap of a fun-filled weekend with Rony and friends.

This weekend was more for me than anyone. It's always about me, me, me and more me! Of course typical of a "Rony" escapade of any kind it would be riddled with drama and excitement and tons of laughter and wine.Did I say tons of laughter and wine?! Yes, we were meeting her and her klan and also my dear friend Ann Marie, Dave and her twins. But, boy oh boy was this the weekend of all. Twinfest here we come! I so needed this time with other moms who were just like me. You know, twin moms, 40 something moms, working moms, adoptive moms. We were normal. Well, at least this weekend we were. Sort of......

I am still coming (oh am I coming down) off of myheroin uber high induced weekend laced with sugary twin cuteness and adult fun. Way too much fun. It was to be a celebration like none other. They were even (hard to believe) cuter than their pictures. They were tiny little itty bitty carbon copy identical twin dolls. I couldn't drink or suck up their cuteness(all of them-including mommy) fast enough. The cuteness was blinding(yes, I said that) and of course you know typical of The Crazed Mamarazzi there would be photos. Lots of photos. (hush Sen) I couldn't stop staring at them or their mommy. She was bigger than life and stinkin skinny. Truly beautiful inside and out. Sweet, kind, compassionate and so damn fun. I simply adored her. Yes, this was my first real girl crush. Don't all of you get jealous at once. We had connected so long ago by phone but now on a different level. We were friends. We had so much in common.
The day had finally arrived. I sprung out of bed like a jack-in-the box. You remember those days. Loaded with energy. Before the vim, vam voom turned me to dragging my butt on the floor and I can't get up and why did I have that last glass of wine? I set the alarm for five thirty and not a minute past. I was giddy with excitement and couldn't wait to get there. I had been anxiously marking the days off the calendar for weeks in anticipation of this day. We had agreed to meet at the famed amusement park an easy two hour drive for both. Make a plan and do it-that's Cindy's motto.

We were were within minutes of the hotel (the planned meeting spot) when I decided I should feed my little hungry monkeys before meeting our new friends. I wanted to make a lasting impression, er well for the first initial meeting. The girls had barely eaten any of their yogurt before we fled what seemed to be the the middle of the night. They must have wondered what their crazy momma was up to running around at this crazy hour dragging everyone out of bed. But, as usual this would prove to be on the later side of when we should have pulled over. I heard a strange gurgle from the back seat. It was one of those noises that you instantly think "Oh crap, js-suz say it ain't so". As I squinted in the rear view mirror I could see Abbey holding her hand over her mouth and with a panic look on her face. Me too for that matter. I knew from the expression on her face we were doomed. So doomed. I asked rather nervously with a sideways glance "Abbey baby, are you ok, huh"? I had barely blurted the question out when she hurled all over the entire "mommy machine". It was a scene from the Exorcist with her spitting up chunks of morning fuel and her head spinning. Puke everywhere hanging on her like icicles from Christmas past. The leather seats, car seat and Abbey were covered in a sea of slim. I frantically rolled the windows down hoping to avoid the puke smell. Gasp, gasp, gasp too late. The smell was permeating through the sardine packed "mommy machine" like an explosive gas. Oh, shit, shit, shit. Mai pointed out that there was a McDonald's up ahead. So I whipped my stink bomb over to the left lane and as I'm trying to make a hard left I realize there is no effing traffic light and the traffic is not letting up. Oh, crap someone please let me cross. I am holding my breath, oh damn I think I'm going to be sick the smell is so gosh darn awful. We finally pull into the parking lot. Not knowing what to do first I yank Abbey out of the car. Poor thing had chunks of puke hanging all over her. Everywhere. She was so quiet. I didn't know where to begin. So, I stripped her clothes off in the parking lot and just for good measure I stripped Katie too. With twins it's equal everything. I re-dressed both of them and grabbed Abbey like a football and hurriedly head for the potty as if running for the 50 yard line. I scrub her from head to toe but she still smells like a vomit bag. I decide we need to eat, but oddly nothing sounds good at this point. Surprise. We gobble up a burger and I half ass try to clean the car seat up before hitting the trail again. Of course at this point it's like 110 degrees outside and as I open the car it hits me like a ton of bricks. Eeewww it's bad. I load the kids back up for a quick ride up the road. Or at least I hope so.

I'm nominating Cindy's man for the best hubby award because in the "inth hour" Cindy's darling super hot,super smart, super everything dh decided (insisted) upon being her personal driver,escort and all around wait on us good guy so she could have some girl time. ( girls night alone with no kids-or husbands--smart man) What a sweetie. Not only did he have his hands full with his family but he waited on my klan as if we were part of his brood. He treated all of us as if we were "royalty". Lady Di never had it so good. Truly a class act. Everybody needs an "Ed". I want an "Ed"! I don't know anyone that would have volunteered to clean up (true he removed car seat and took up to his room) the vomit covered car seat of a total stranger?!?! Big points here Ed. Big! He made sure wine glasses were filled and no glass sat empty AND feed the babies. A real babe. Lucky Cindy. Lucky us.

We headed to the park but it was short lived due to the intense heat. The sweat balls were rolling down between my loins and between my breast. Cindy asked me if maybe we should consider leaving? I think she too was a bit faint. Um, yeah. My thighs were rubbing together like a freight train and I was a little concerned that we may have a fire soon under my dress due to the intense heat. To make matters worse my underwear were soaked. Thank g-d I was wearing them!! "Yeah, I think it's ok to leave Cin". The babies had barely uttered a single word since arriving at the park. Their little heads were soaking wet. They were truly delirious. We later discover that the heat index was 108 degrees. Dangerously hot. What were we thinking?!

We arrived back at the hotel and tossed the girls in the tub and put them down for a nap. Surprisingly they went to sleep immediately. I took the opportunity to take a cold shower too to freshen up.

While babies were sleeping Cindy, Ed and I slung back a few glasses of wine and got acquainted with one another. When the babies woke up Ed (it was his idea, right Cindy) volunteered to take all the girls swimming. Umm, well, we should have known this would never work. There are 4 of them and damn if they don't just scatter and run in different directions. I sat down on the side of the pool with feet in(couldn't hurt, right?) and Cindy did the same. You probably know where this is going. No, we did not bare it all! Be - still you crazy people. We did not however have bathing suits. Yep, Cindy and I end up in the pool with our clothes on! No, we were not drunk either. Ed was having too much fun with the babies and we wanted to join him. I was in my dress and she was in her shorts and t-shirt. We laughed until I swear we pee'd. I'm sure the other hotel guests thought the "Beverly Hillbillies" had arrived! I guess if I were witnessing this I too would've thought "hicks". lol.

While Cindy and I were getting ready for our date Ed picked up dinner for Mai and himself. Again, points Ed, big points. Anyhoots, somehow Cindy and I (shocking) managed to close down Ruby Tuesday's with the help of two gorgeous martini's and great conversation. Over the course of the evening we discussed everything. I mean everything. Now, if we could just figure out how to keep our men sexually satisfied without being so darn tired we'd could be President. We could have sat up all night talking. Actually we almost did. We had breakfast the next morning together as our children trashed the restaurant and we were oblivious to it. Isn't that what parent's do?? After many, many hugs and kisses we said our good-byes and promised to get together again real soon.

The drive home was a bit rough as my brat whiny Katie screamed all the way home. We didn't arrive home a minute to early. I tossed them into bed for a much needed nap. Mommy was spent but so looking forward to another evening of fun and laughs with our friend Anne Marie, Dave and their little twinkies. Nothing better in this world than going to Ann Marie's. She has the biggest toy room of all. It's FAO Schwartz on steroids. Seriously. They got the good stuff. My girls always stand there as if to say, "where do I begin"? It is the mother lode of all toy rooms. Tons of fun kid stuff.

I'm very comfortable at Ann Marie's and because of that able to let my hair down and let it all hang out. Literally. Anne Marie is just so unbelievably good and such an incredible mom, great role model and a super great cook too. *wink*. The daddies were jamming and jumping up and down to some of their favorite blues music while the babies were imitating them. Daddy was sucking on 9% beer and loving it. So out of character for daddy. After all someone has to stay sober to drive us home. I think he might have wanted me to take advantage of him... I did want to too!

I know at one point Anne Marie and I were swinging and snapping our dinner napkins as if we were throwing our underwear at a famed "rock star". The girls just laughed and danced. Pity them they don't stand a chance in the "jive"
department or winning any American Band contest. Daddy doesn't have much
to speak of in the rythem department. He kind of bops his head back and forward. lol. Yes, this was by far one of my favorite weekends of all time. You and you must join us the next time! I promise you won't be disappointed. Nothing is off topic either. Right, Cin? Lol.

fun, fun and more fun