Update August 16, 2007

So, I started this post last week, and I am finally finishing it. Tanner is actually at a friends house and Kate is sleeping, so besides my typing, there is silence in my home. I love it. I love it when there awake too, it's just nice to have a break sometimes.

These are a bunch of pictures from this last week. Kate usually has a swimsuit on and Tanner usually has swim shorts on, but their suits were drying from the last swim. Also, I can put Kate's hair in full pigtails!!! Isn't it cute? I love it. I feel bad putting them in too often though, because sometimes she will cry when I put them in and when she takes naps it looks really uncomfortable for her.

I took Kate in to get an ultrasound last night for her bladder and kidneys. Hopefully we will hear back from them soon. I let her "cry it out" for the first time last night and it worked well so far. She went down at 9:30pm, woke up at 1:30, cried for about 45 minutes and then woke up at 6am. So hopefully after a couple of more nights, she'll be sleeping through. Already last night was WAY better then Tanner ever did crying it out. She will finally eat a few solids. She will eat whole wheat noodles, whole wheat pitas, cheerios and frozen peas. I know you're not supposed to do whole wheat until they're 1, but I guess we're living on the wild side. She continues to refuse anything off of a spoon including all baby food and rice cereal. She'll just clamp her little mouth shut and try to take the spoon away from you. She is still so precious. I had no idea that having a baby could be so much fun. I think since Tanner never slept, had so many eating problems and being the first, we worried so much. Of course we didn't know any different so I figured all babies were like him.

Tanner has been so happy lately. I love it when he is happy and excited about everything. He has been wanting to do jobs all the time, but doesn't ask for the money or to go to the store. He won't even let me wipe off the counter for more than a few seconds. He wants to do it himself. He is still totally obsessed with cars. His favorite ones are from Cars the movie. He plays with them all day long and he sleeps with his Cars book at night. He is talking soooo much. I feel like he's my little buddy now.

Shad has been very busy with his calling, but so happy. It's amazing how service makes you happier. The market has been down lately, so that has been stressful for him at work. Worried clients and we make less money. But I'm sure it will go back up as it eventually always does.

I have been trying my hardest to eat healthy and workout more. I'm ready for these last ten pounds to be off. I sound just like everyone else, "If I could just lose 10 more pounds...." More than what the scale says, I really just don't want to look pregnant anymore. I want my stomach to go back to normal. Hopefully soon.

Shad and I get to talk on Sunday. I'm sure you're all jealous. It's on Gifts of the Spirit. So if you've read any great talks lately let me know. Thanks.

Well, I better go get dressed before Kate wakes up.

Oh yeah, the picture of Tanner on the back wall of the pool....he jumps off of there all by himself, goes under the water, pops up (with his floaties on) and kicks to the side. It's so cute and he gets so proud of himself. We still watch him carefully though, his floaties pop off now and then.