So I've been tagged like 10 times, with different versions....so I picked one and here goes....

Jobs I’ve had:
-Cleaning my Dad's office
-movie theater
-miniature golf course
-City of Eugene, landscaper (glorified name for the disgusting things I had to deal with downtown...I HATED this job)
-European/Argentine Bakery (I was the only one that spoke English)
-2nd grade school teacher

Places for a Weekend Getaway:

-if I lived in Eugene where some of my siblings live, it would be my parents house on the Oregon Coast. I LOVE it there.

Movies I Can Watch Over and Over:

-You've Got Mail
-How To Lose a Guy in 10 days
-Anne of Green Gables/Avonlea

Guilty Pleasures:

-Sometimes, I will make a treat during the day, eat a ton of it, feel guilty, throw the rest away, wash the dishes and it looks like it never existed. That sounds so close to an alcoholic...
-I love the trashy movie star magazines like Us and People, but rarely indulge.

Places I’ve lived:

-Springfield, OR
-Provo, UT
-where I reside currently

What I First Thought When I Saw Shad:

-Clean cut, preppy, smiley, and WAY too old (he was a whopping 22 years old).

Places I’ve Been on Vacation:

-Oregon Coast
-Crater Lake, Oregon Caves, etc
-Victoria, Canada
-Hawaii-once for senior trip, once with Shad, Lillie and Ross
-Florida Keys
-Southern California beaches
-San Fransisco
-Redwoods and Yosemite
-New York, once with Shad and once with my sister Rebecca to see Martha Stewart
-Yellowstone Park
-Idaho and Utah
-Las Vegas

Favorite Foods
-fresh dungeness crab...there's really no comparison

If I’m In a Jam With Shad, Tactics I Use To Get Out of the Doghouse

-If I have bad news to break, I make it sound really really bad first and then hit him with the news (which is always better than I made it sound).
-If it's money I've spent, I explain what a good deal I got. Shad LOVES good deals

Websites I Visit Daily
-my email
-websites I visit often, but not daily: oldnavy, shade, layers, childrens place, potterybarn kids, blogs, Orbitz, amazon

First Kiss Locations

-very first kiss (are you ready Mom?).....5th grade, I rode my bike to the water tower on a huge hill, met my boyfriend up there and we had a 1/100 of a second peck. I didn't kiss another boy until I was a month away from 16 years old.

Places I’d Rather Be:

-with Shad in Hawaii
-with my sisters, anywhere
-with my Mom in NY right now

People I Tag…
Well, I think everyone I know already tagged me, BUT just in case: the one person I want to more
than anyone....DAD