Life with twins

As my fellow twin moms will attest(back me up girls) raising twins is anything but a walk in the park. More like hitting the lottery every day. Well, not quite every day. Exhilarating . Yes, that's it. Exhausting too. A high speed chase with out catching the villain. Bwahaha. But it is the single most rewarding thing I've ever (and I mean ever) done in my entire life. They amuse me with their funny little personalities and how smart they are. Not our gene pool--thank g-d. They have brightened our cosmos in a way I never thought imaginable. I am amazed that these two wickedly cute little people just barely 3 feet tall have us totally captivated and entertained at any given moment. More like hostage to their antics. I will share with you some of the deliciously clever things my devil children bright children will and can say on any given day. We've already conceded that our children are exceptionally talented. I know, you all think your little cupcakes are "gifted" too! Plzzzzz. Lol. You haven't met my little dynamo's. Big snort.

Katie: "Daddy cuuuuute".
Fh (faithful husband) had big meeting in D.C. last week and had to wear a suit to the office. Girls never see daddy dressed like this. His daily uniform flip-flops, t-shirt and shorts. Nice....Plus he also has lunch with the girls almost everyday. Rewards for working from home.

Mommy: "What is your name"? (Asking Abbey).

Abbey: Looking at mommy and saying "Abbey Gheeeee-leeeetter, Abbey twwwwwoooo". As if it's all one answer and why are you asking me when you know my name? She may have something there.

Katie: Pointing to mommy and instructing "Mommy, sit right there"! Ok, bossy.

Abbey: As she's looking at pictures of she and Katie, excitedly pointing. "Katieabbey, Katieabbey". Yes, siamese Twins?!

eagerly runs into their room each and every morning and and promptly kisses Katie and or Abbey. This is what fh and I hear every morning from Katie's lips. "Ow, that hurt me"! Now, where did she hear that?

Katie and Abbey recited their colours: "poo-pul", "r-ange", "ba-lew" and "lel-ooooo". Too cute.

The little schmarty pants have figured out how to stall bedtime by insisting that we read, oh, like 50 books before lights out!

A few of the different hats my girls like to display. And fh.....see for yourself.