The Nominees......

Well, hooty-hoo. What a surprise! Let me, ummmm digging for my notes, ahhh, yes there they are tucked safely between "the girls" say "thank you for awarding me the coveted Blogging with a purpose award"! Does this mean you like me?! I am flattered that the oh-so talented and inspiring Daleea at Jewls of the heart and Christy who is waiting so patiently to bring her babies home and Lil Sofia's momma. who said and I quote "if I was a kid, I would definitely want a cool mom like her" nominated me for this award and lastly Sammie at Just Keep Swimming. I'm honored to be honored in the same circle as so many wonderfully inspiring people. I'd like to think I have purpose. I started this bloggity blog thing last March. Or was it last April?! It all began as a way for me to journal my day to day activities and in the process raise my twins. But it has grown into something far more. I have gained so many warm and wonderful friends here and in the process I've discovered I'm having a pretty damn good time! Thanks for reading. Even us "old" babes have a purpose....

So, the rules are: Always rules....

1. Awarded parties must nominate five people who have not received the award.
2. The blogs that receive the award must serve some purpose.
3. In their post about the award they need to link back to the original entry.
4. Awarded parties must post the award banner on their site. The banner must remain linked to Eric Novak's site.

You know what they say about rules. They were meant to be broken. I'm flying my freak flag today and I'm making my own rules. These are the blogger's who make me think, laugh, and cry. Some days all in one reading. Most have already been nominated but there special to me.

Sennie at search and destroy is my twin in every way. In every way (right....) but the smarter one. It started off slow but has become a lifelong affair. My leading lady. She is who I seek out when I need to vent,(scream) a shoulder to cry on, or ask advise about anything. She's my Erma Bombeck. I look forward to her posts everyday with anticipation as if the first day of school. She tickles me. Everyday is something new. It may be funny, thought provoking or something she is fiercely passionate about. She has no fear of retribution for her beliefs or opinions. I admire her most for this. When it comes to her beloved children and fm she truly is a "Superstar"! You rock.

Daleea at Jewels of my heart. She won my heart. She was last year's sleeper who has become this year's run away at the box office. Rumor has it she is up for an Oscar. (prepare you acceptance speech...) She has allowed us to press our faces up against her window and peep inside of her world. She has heart. Damn does she have heart. The girl is the most talented of anyone I know. She is the new face on my blog. Yes, she designed it. I am pressing her to design for others. She and I have spent many nights up late laughing until we cry. She is my favorite children's designer. Again, another talent this lady has. Oh, and her photography. Amazing! And oh, there is the children's book too.... She is a sweetheart and oh so loved by so many. She is always there with a kind word or a hug. A portrait of good and a gift that I treasure knowing. Thank you Daleea for stepping into my craziness. I promise not to bring you to the dark side.

Christine at Sopia's Mom. Now this lady has one smokin hot hubby. So it would be fair to say I check her site more often than any. Obsessed? Umm maybe. She leads such a charmed life. Country living at it's finest. Simple and pure. With exception of the undesirables down the lane. (right Chris) She has such a cute feisty spirit. Warm and witty with a touch of innocence peppered with a touch of snark. She shares such a magical relationship with her children. The tales she weaves of the kids, dogs, and the guinea's keeps(and Him) me on the edge of my seat. She's another one who has an eye for photography too. Magnificent! Another blogger buddy who should set-up shop and charge a fee for her services. She is one talented lady.

Cindy at Double lucky. I feel fortunate to have Cindy in my life. We are two 46 year old mom's raising twin daughters with careers! She and her handsome hubby adopted twin baby girls from China too. And she has a really big career that requires her to travel. All over the world. Did I mention a really big career. She has a crazier schedule than me. She and I have spent many a night on the phone cheering on one another or finding a solution to the recent crisis. We lean on one another for support. I'm so glad she's in my life. She has the sweetest disposition and the cutest belly laugh. I can't wait until the next time we hook-up.

Sammie at Just Swimming. She has had a few challenges put before her that would make the strong cry in pain. But yet she manages to always look for the positive and wear a smile. I've never heard her utter an unfavorable comment regarding anything. Her inner strength is so inspiring. I applaud her for her determination and drive. And once again I find myself in the company of yet another friend who has an artistic gift for designing. She creates gorgeous tabbie blankets in beautiful colors and fabrics. Plus I love the way she writes. She can tell such a story. I can say I had the pleasure of meeting Sammie this summer. She is as real in person as she is through her blog. We yaked and chatted like we had known one another forever. Some people just have a way like that. Thanks for being there babe.