Kate's Birthday!!!

I know, I know....I lasted four days and I'm back on the computer. Well, my kids are so dang cute I had no choice but to get back to posting.

Kate's birthday was Friday, but Shad was out of town, so we celebrated it today. She was hesitant about the cake at first, but once she got the hang of it, she ate SO MUCH!! She just kept eating and eating. After a while, when she started smothering it through her hair, we called it quits. Tanner was much more excited than her to open the presents. And he had a hard time letting her play with her new toys, but overall, he did quite well.

This is Kate helping with the frosting for her cake.

Here's Tanner staring at Kate's cake and presents. He sat there forever waiting for the festivities to begin.

So this next part I am mainly writing for Kate, for her to read in the future, since this is our family journal/scrapbook. Here goes:

Kate, I am so absolutely in love with you. You have brought me more joy this year than I could have possibly imagined. You fill me every time I look at you. There is something special about you, and it's not just me that notices it. I get comments from other people about how beautiful you are all the time, and then they'll tell me that it's something more. That you have a special spirit. You have been such a wonderful baby. I have loved every moment I've spent with you. I get stopped multiple times a day when we are out, with strangers stopping in awe at how gorgeous you are....and at how much hair you have. I love that you love me the most. = ) You love your Dad too, but you prefer me and I love it. You are a great eater, great sleeper and happy almost always. We love you so much Kate. Happy Birthday.