The Stork Has Landed!

Two years ago today I received the call that changed my life forever. I was going to be a mommy! Twins. Finally. I had questioned not working that day, but at the last minute decided what would be worse, pacing at home or at work? I was a wreck. I was restless. I couldn't focus. We had been alerted by our agency the day before that the "Stork" had landed so I was anxiously awaiting the call. The referrals were rolling in. What I didn't know was whether there were twins in our group. (45 babies) It was January 25th, 2005 at 4:59 p.m. I was shutting my computer down when the phone finally rang. I had worried that the call would come on my way home for work. I was prepared. I had printed questions I wanted to ask and I knew that I could not do this if I were in the car. I answered the phone and the person on the other end of the line identified herself as Lacee from GWCA. I let out a sigh and barely whispered "I know". She then said "I am staring at your beautiful daughter and her twin sister". Omg. My head was reeling. Did she say twins? She was asking how many cribs do you have? I tried asking the questions I had prepared but I couldn't see due to the tears that wouldn't stop. I was overwhelmed with joy. Before we hung up I asked Lacee if she had called Jeff. She said she had however he asked that she call me first, although he did ask "how many". She tried telling him about the babies but he wouldn't hear of it. He wanted her to call me first. So characteristic of Jeff. We were on the phone all night with friends and family calling as word spread of our good fortune around the world.

The girls were 4 1/2 months in the picture above and they weighed 14 and 16 pounds! They were healthy babies. Katie is on the right and Abbey on the left. Funny how Katie was the bigger baby but is 5 pounds lighter than Abbey now.