Life Lately...

Here is my beautiful little girl. It would've been a better pic, but when Tanner wasn't trying to steal my camera away from me, he was trying to weasel in the picture himself, and then Kate kept trying to crawl away. But I still love this picture of her.

I was in the playroom snapping away pictures of Kate and then she turns around and I see a massive amount of poop all over her back, shirt, pants and various spots in the playroom. So after I cleaned her up, she crawled away as fast as she could, grabbed a bowl of popcorn and plopped down to watch tv. It was so cute.

Tanner never wants his picture taken anymore, so I always have to sneak them...hence the very serious expression.

Kate loves to look at books. It will keep her occupied for a long time...or until Tanner steals the book away from her. = )

Tanner has been really into "cooking" lately. This is he and Sophie cooking together.

That's all for now. I will write more later. Sorry I haven't looked at all of your blogs in a long time. Life's been crazy lately. Love you all.