Bed Hopping

We bed hopped our way through Ohio last week on a fun filled adventure. I can tell you who has the best soaps, (french milled) who's sheets are made for a queen and who has the fluffiest Egyptian towels ever. AND who makes a cup of java that literally makes me moist between the loins. Full lead! I enjoy my coffee. Nothing warms my heart more than to see the half and half starring back as I peer into the refrig and a nice bean to suck on. We were not in any spot long enough to settle in too comfortably. Five beds in eight nights. You would have thought we were on the run! No sooner had we arrived and carried in enough luggage for Paris Hilton then it was time to check-out. Brought back memories of my airline days but without the diapers. All the while dragging the piss potty into each hostel as if it were the golden latrine for the Queen herself.

After careful planning I had worked out the details of our travel itinerary. Remind me to have my head examined the next time I decide to travel with the gran-amals alone in the midst of a winter blizzard. Alone. To Ohio. Must have frontal lobotomy.

February 15, 2008 depart northern Virginia 9:00am 11:00am for Zanesville, Ohio to stay with sister and her husband in their humble abode. We had originally planned to stay with my parent's but my mom was really sick so had a change of plans last minute. Will catch them on the tail end of trip.

February 18th, 2008 depart Zanesville for Columbus to hang with long time friends Dex and Rock.

February 19th, 2008 depart Columbus for the emerald city of Dayton to stay with "The Wizard".

February 20th, 2008 depart Dayton for Westerville, Ohio to stay with long time friend "Jo-Jo".
February 21, 2008 depart Westerville, Ohio for T-ville, Ohio to finally visit with mom and dad.

February 22, 2008 return to northern Virginia. We got stranded an extra day due to the ice storm so didn't depart until Saturday. All was good as we were enjoying ourselves.

We finally arrived at my sister's after a slight detour due to my stupidity to turn on the nav system inability to recall that Ohio is north of Virginia! I did well in geography and I've made this trip a trillion times. I promise you. But as I recall the events leading up to our dash for the border I realized I left behind a marked material possession. My wedding ring. It was one of the first times in my life I remember feeling as if I'd left something behind. As I drove my heart felt really sad not to have sweetum's with me. Of course I would later discover there was speculation of "why" I wasn't wearing my rings.

Highlights and moments of our trip. Part I.

Well, within barely 24 hours of crossing the Ohio boarder we were sitting in the the the local ER with Katie. I'm not an alarmist, however when she started gasping for air I knew it was time to seek professional help. The doctor seemed to think my sister's dogs threw Katie into an attack. I would never have guessed it. We have a dog. Different dogs, different dander. He was hesitant to note it as an asthma attack, however hurriedly ordered a breathing treatment and predinzone stat. Within seconds she was running the halls and screaming in ecstasy. She would have a repeat performance the following evening minus the ER. Thank g-d I had the sense to fill the prescription he prescribed!
Anyway, after three fun filled hours of insert: sarcasm giggles and grins in the ER Katie was discharged. They ran the halls faster than Flo Jo racing for the finish line with their blankies draped around their necks yelling "Cinda-brella mommy look at me"! Licking and lapping the ER floors and using Pinky and Barney as a mop ---they did, oh, oh and singing at the top of their lungs. The single cutest moment was when Katie squealed "I got hiccup in my butt"! But no we would spend yet another 30+minutes there charming them with their undeniable cuteness. Why you ask were we still there? Someone *cough* sister left the lights on in the car. The staff could not have been any nicer. They treated us like movie stars. The security guard jumped me my car and then delivered my children to me as if they were his own flock. Sweet man. He got a good chuckle out of knowing that I had know idea where the hood release was!

While shopping at the mall the next day I ran in to an old school mate. She had her two grandchildren with her yes, grandchildren who were about K & A's age. I know she thought K & A were my grandchildren as she asked twice if they were mine. She was as sweet as pie and still so darn cute. Anyway as the girls were skipping and jumping a mentally challenged girl asked if the girls were twins. Now, I assume she was "challenged "because of the conversation that transpired. I smiled and replied "yes, they are twins". She seemed to ponder this for a moment and said "are they the same age"? I looked at her and repeated again "yes, they are twins, they share the same birthday". She starred back at me and then started laughing and said "nah, they're not". To which I said "yes, they are". I walked away realizing she wasn't challenged. She was an idiot. I'm still laughing.

Sister's dahling man slave prepared a supper greater than the "last supper" for us. Deer Steak. Succulent. No surprise my sweetum's is not a hunter. Not of the four legged kind. At any rate we were tempted to stay another night!
The older I get the more unexpected "Flo" gets. So, it should be no surprise that I would spring a leak as we arrive to spend the evening with "the boys"! Not only did I forget my wedding ring, but my "protection" as well. Dex made the mistake of calling to see if we needed anything while out picking up our Chinese take-out. I figured, well, he asked why not. His response was "Pink or blue"?! My man wouldn't (ever) pick up my feminine stuff! The boys also tolerated the piss potty sitting in their dining room as we dined on gourmet Chinese. The girls would run back and forth peeing in the potty as we sat devouring our delicious meal sucking and licking our fingers. No inhibitions with those two. They'd drop their panties, pee and grab the potty and dump it in the sink. Kitchen sink! Eww.. Gross.
To be continued.........
p.s. All clothing and blankets were washed after the hospital visit...