Oregon Trip

I ended up taking a last minute trip to Oregon to go to my Great Grandmother's funeral. My dear friends, Shari and Lillie took turns watching Tanner and Kate while Shad was at work, so I could go all by myself!!!! I have such good friends!!! It was so nice to only have to pack myself, fly by myself, eat my meals while they were still warm, take a shower without two kids staring at me through the glass shower door, etc. I missed my kids and hubby a ton, but it was nice to have a couple of days off.

Highlights of my trip:

Meeting Miles, my brother's new baby boy. He was so precious and I fell absolutely in love with him.

Seeing my most of my siblings and their spouses. We missed you Danielle!!!

Seeing Gracie, my sister Rebecca's little .

Staying over at my dear sister Amy's house with her husband Mike. They were so kind to put me up for 4 nights in their apartment!! Mike was so sweet and even let me sleep in their bed with Amy while he slept on an air mattress because my back was hurting so bad. Thank you Mike.

Watching my sister Megan, firedance.

Hanging with my brother Jake, who miraculously had the whole weekend off!

And of course seeing my parents, Grandparents and other family members at the funeral. I was really glad that I ended up going to the funeral. It was really neat to hear more about Grandma Grace's life and seeing her one last time. It was nice to have closure.

Lastly, my husband was amazing while I was away and this is what I came home to:

A clean house!! Not only did he watch the kids for 3 full days and 4 nights, he did laundry (I didn't know that he knew how) = ), went grocery shopping and cleaned the whole house before I got home. He didn't complain at all. He was really nice and told me that he didn't realize how busy I was during the day and how many poopy diapers I change. = )

Here's a video I took of Kate before I went to Oregon.

Here is Kate with her current black eye. The picture doesn't really do it justice. Tanner and Kate were on the top landing of the stairs playing and I think Tanner though he needed a little more room. So he "scooted" her over, also know as "pushing" her down the stairs. Thank goodness our stairs are split so she landed on the middle landing which is carpeted. There is a long blister under her eye and a scratch on her nose. Poor kid. She cried a little about getting hurt, but what she was most upset about was not being able to go into Tanner's room with him, while he was in time-out.

Tanner's been really into calling me Lizzie lately. I'll say, "Tanner, I'm Mommy" and he'll say, "No, you're not Mommy, you're Lizzie!"