Which way?

With the expense of some of you snorting out loud (Sam be still) I will give you an upfront view of our trip to Ohio. I have made this trip from northern Virginia 100 million times and well, gosh darn I know how to get there. But, as we were wiping the crumbs from our face at the McDonald's we stopped at in West Virginia I asked the worker bee how far to I-70? After scratching her head and repeating "I-70" three more times she finally said she would get someone who would know. Well, the "manager" politely told me I needed to jump on I-79 North that I had gone oh, um about 75 miles out of my way! I smiled and told her very politely (I really did) no, I've traveled this route a gazillion times AND I always go SOUTH on 79!! Much to my dismay I was wrong. Especially AFTER I quickly turned on the "nav" system (that had not been turned on) and yes, she confirmed too that I needed to be going NORTH. Who would have thought from Virginia to Ohio I should be traveling NORTH?! I must have thought I was heading to Florida. Yeah, that's it........ laugh, laugh hard.... I'm a wallking mapquest.! Needless to say I am using my nav system to get to "The Beegle Inn". See you soon sweets!
Update: I knew you'd all get a chuckle out of my sense of direction. I do get lost in my neighborhood and I live on a dead-end street. To Potomac River!! We are having a fan-tas-tic-o time and the girls love this "bed-hopping"... ahhh truly like their momma... We are having lunch at the "Mowhawk and taking a mini car tour of downtown Columbus and then... and then... we're off to see the Wizard. Bwahahaha.