Beegle Bed and Breakfast

Oh, thank g-d the hotle confirmation finally arrived. I've had the car packed ever since she hinted to stop by. We are excited! You're wondering where the Beegle Bed and Breakfast is located? The oh so famed tourist town of Dayton. She did say "Do drop in..... little did she know we would... So what if it's a seven hour drive. We've booked the Presidential suite requested turn down service and round the clock room service. Other than that we won't be much trouble at all. Yep, we're stoked. Did I just say stoked?! Can't wait to see you sweets. I'll bring the wine and some snappies....

p.s. Sen your were only saved by the sheer misfortune of not having passports for the little people. Don't fret, we're working that out....

Thinking silly me SC (sweet cheeks) might be missing us while we're away say to him tonight while preparing dinner.

Me: "Honey, you're gonna miss us while we're gone". We're going to be gone a whole week. A. Whole. Week.

SC: smiling a wicked grin... "Ummm, yeah, sure I'm gonna miss you guys".

Me: "No you're not. I can tell. What do you have planned"? Sleeping in...watching whatever he wants to on T.V. Doing whatever the heck he wants without a care in the world. Oh, he's NOT going to miss us.

SC: "Working". Liar.


SC: "I've got a lot of work to do".

Me; You're not gonna miss us at all".

SC: "Maybe you could take the dog too. I've already got the party planned in my head"!