What makes you tick?

I don't know about you or not but I'm tickled to death to resume to my regularly scheduled programs. I know I will. Yes, I'm a T.V. addict and proudly admit it. Although I love blogging and find it therapeutic it can also be grossly time consuming and challenging to come up with new and fresh material each day at the expense of holding your interest. But my research reveals that the WGA membership will be voting on whether to end the strike. Cross your fingers......

I know some of you think you know me. But how well? It's no secret that I can be umm how do you say it delicately, an OPINIONATED beeotch who is passionate about her beliefs and the twinkies. Nah. But I also have little ticks that bug the shit out of me. Pet peeves. I'll admit I'm a little (hush Sen) O.C.D. For fun I'll list mine and in turn you leave things that make you a little nutty or freaky. Think of it as therapy. But free. This time...

I hate, hate, hate cars that tailgate. To send a message I clean my windshield while driving 50+mph. That's right. Throwing water on the clean black car behind me. Guess who slows down?! I'm sure they were cussing up a storm too.... Bwahahaha me with a sheepish grin on my face. Lesson learned.

People who drive in the passing lane and turttles are passing them in the right lane. Move over.

The toilet paper MUST roll over and not under on the ring. If it doesn't no matter where I am I will change it. Beware Sam I'm coming.....

I have a rule at my house. Clothing that needs washed has to be turned right side out before going in the dirty clothes basket. Meaning SC (sweet cheeks) turn your skivies right side out or else momma folds them the way they come out of the dryer. I ain't your maid. Teaching the girls to do the same...

All cans and boxes in the pantry must be facing the same direction. And food in the refrig is stored according to category. Meaning milk on one shelf, yogurt on another, and momma's juice in the "special" place. Dont' mix it up. I like my stuff neat and orderly.

I only use wooden hangers. Yeah, I like my woods. *big grin*

I can't go to bed until everything has been picked up and put away. Including the children.

I am fanatically about my annual mammograms and gynological visits. I never miss.

Bed has to be made every morning. My house, my rule.

I can't leave work until all phone calls have been returned, and everything on desk is put away.

I am fanatical about my feet. I schedule a pedicure every two weeks. Even in the winter.

Although I like a clean house, I detest cleaning. No surprise there! Baby Katie is taking after her momma... oh bother.

Creeps me out men who wear necklaces and bracelets. Too Miami Vice for me.

I feel the same about women too
. Don't need to wear ALL your jewelry on the same day--Mrs. T.

Big ole honking fake nails. Screams 80's for me. Bet that surprises many of you....

Ill behaved children. AND Parent's who don't parent. Ugh.

Hannity and Combs
. OMG. Could they be anymore one sided on their views.

Ok... tuning in to A.I. love the dude from Buckhead, Ga. Hot!