Mom's Visit

Tomorrow I go in for my varicose vein surgery so my wonderful and kind Mother came down to help me out. I also missed her a ton and called her about 6 weeks ago telling her I missed her and really wanted her to come out. Shad still calls me a "Mama's Girl". Oh well. I am a Mama's girl and happy to be one. = )

The pictures make her look like she has just been basking in the sun and making fun things with Tanner, but pictures can be deceiving. The kids and I are sick and she's totally been taking care of us all. Making our meals, cleaning up after us and watching the kids while I lay down in the afternoons. She is the best Mom. And isn't she beautiful?? No one would ever believe that she is 51 and has born 6 kids.

Her and Tanner made these fun cupcakes shaped like race cars and then decorated them. We made the cupcakes out of Deceptively Delicious so they had a cup of avocado in them and then we decided to do 100% Kamut flour. Not the best combination, but Tanner loved the healthful cupcakes and my Mom and I had no desire to eat them. So a winner recipe for us all. = ) By the way Danielle, can you tell me how to do that sit-up that burns off a cookie dough ball each time you do one? That would be a great exercise for me.

Since my Mom is here I've decided go give American Idol another go. So far so good. I would love to have voice like those people. I can't imagine.

The last pic is of Tanner and his very best friend Sophia or "Sia" as he calls her. They are so cute together. That night she pretended to be the Mom and she put him to sleep saying over and over, "Cose yo eyes". Then she would read him stories while he was pretending to be asleep. So cute.