Tanner went to nursery!!!!

An unbelievable event took place today in our family today.....Tanner went to nursery all by himself. Tanner just turned three years old and today was the first time he went to nursery and didn't cry the whole time!!!! He got some new leaders that he loves and they are consistently there each Sunday. So today I said to Tanner, "Today is my last day in here with you. Next week I am going to my class and you'll go to nursery all by yourself." He almost started crying, and I reminded him that Melissa (his new teacher) would be with him and that if he was really brave and stayed the whole time in nursery that he would get fruit snacks when he got home. He thought about it for a sec, looked over at at Melissa and say, "okay." Then I said in a super excited voice, "Do you want to stay in here by yourself today and get fruit snacks today when we get home?" He jumped up and down said "yes" ran over and gave Melissa a hug and said "bye". We have tried bribery before with nursery and it never worked, but I guess he was ready this time around. I am still in awe that I got to go to Relief Society all by myself. It's probably been almost 3 years since that's happened. I felt like I got to go to Disneyland. Only 5 more months and Kate goes to nursery!!!

Here's a cute conversation Tanner and I had yesterday on the way to church:

Tanner: It's so beautiful outside today.

Me: It is so beautiful outside today...the clear blue skies, the pretty green trees. What do you think is beautiful outside? (I'm looking around at our 70 degree weather, palm trees, snow-capped mountains, blossoming flowers.... wondering what he will say)

Tanner: (pauses to think) The cars.....all the cars are beautiful.

Such a boy.

Today was sooo beautiful and Shad took the kids out to play in the sandbox. Here are some pics of Kate eating the sand and Tanner discovering cat poop on his hand. By the way, we discovered the cat poop in the sandbox after Kate had eaten a fistful of sand.

Today was also the first time Tanner wore real church shoes (normally he wears crocs) and a tie!!!!

I made my appointment to get my varicose veins taken care of. It will happen in a couple of months. I thought I'd include a picture of a vein on my ankle. This is just a small part of my vein (they go up and down my leg), but it's the part that hurts the most.

My great-grandmother, "Grandma Grace", passed away this morning. She was almost 97 years old. I feel so much peace knowing she is in a better place.