MOMS Club State Luncheon

Lonna, Laura, and Yvonne attended the yearly State Luncheon in Scottsdale this Saturday. Over 100 women attended from various clubs all over the state. They arrived at 9:30am and had fun setting up the display the whole Board worked on. This years theme was "Mommy Boot Camp" so the ladies went all out with it!

Thanks to the clubs many donations from our members we received the 1st Runner Up Award for Best Basket. Way to go group!!! The ladies learned a lot when each position broke up into groups and from other club members throughout the state. They came back with lots of fun ideas and a few changes that will be taking place soon. Below are some pictures from the fun day. They walked away at 3:30pm with 4 Club awards, Yvonne with two Mommy Awards, and Laura with a basket.