You got what?!?!

"Mommy, you want some juice too"???

"Olympic hopefuls"??

Rounding girls up tonight for their bath I had to laugh. They are funny, funny little girls. They love telling me about their day and what they did. What they learned. Where Mai took them to lunch. Oh, yes. Lunch out. Don't be hatin! Lol. Make no mistake ....Mai does not take the precious little princess's to McDonald's. No way. They dine at our local Vietnamese and Chinese restaurants. Lol. Such little ladies too. Sipping their soup like pros not slurping like some adults do. Their regular treks to the library now and story time! Although Katie cried. Ahhh. She is still my tender child. Anyway, another snippet of a conversation with my chicks tonight.

Me: C'mon girls, bath time"

Katie, "Cuz we're durty mommy"?

Me: "Yep, dirty, dirty, dirty"!

Katie: "Cuz we have bugs in our hair"?

Me: laughing "Umm, no... no bugs in your hair silly girl".

Abbey: "No Katie, cuz we got crabs in our butt"!

Me: "Hello. Nooooo, you don't have crabs in your butt"..... I hope......they don't..........what next?!

Ok... gotta go. My girl is delivering her speech endorsing our next Commander in Chief! We can hope............