We're Moving...

Such a bittersweet experience. We have loved our home and neighborhood these last couple of years. So many of our friends live out here and we've really made this house feel like our home. However, with the real estate market being so horrible right now, we figure it's a great time to get a good deal on a home closer to Shad's work. So we are moving at the end of the month. The upside: 1/2 block from Shad's work and central to most everything in the area.

I have been packing like crazy. With Shad being so busy at work, it's pretty much just me, myself and I packing up the whole house. Oh yeah, Kate and Tanner are also a big help. = ) At least they think they are....re-organizing things, putting things in boxes, taking things out of boxes, etc.

So that's it. Who knows how long we'll stay in this next house. We seem to make a habit of moving every 2 years, but we hope to stay in this one a long time. We'll see.