Over Exposed 1991

Yep, those are my sweet golden cheeks! Where did they go? I keep asking myself the same question? No, the picture is not "airbrushed" and yes my bum sat up at attention as perfectly as my enhanced titties--back then. Once upon a time I was an avid runner(don't look at me like that-you meanie-look at my ass) and fitness guru. I spent an ornate amount of time in the gym working out to have the body of purrr-fection. Great place to meet single attractive men too. It was a cold day in hell if I missed a work out. I was a freak. True dedication. Um, I think the word that comes to mind is narcissist... lol. Pictures you are viewing are taken

from one of the many playgrounds that me and my entourage frequented.

No hangin' here, and look thighs don't touch! I want that body back!

On reviewing "area 56" recently I've noticed that my ass has truly fallen. No amount of me bending over and touching the floor will lift it off the floor. So, when I need a little "boost" I pull out my "yester-year" pictures and tell myself "you are beeee-you-tiful even with your saggy ass can!

Thank g-d for that smart intelligent woman who invented "Spanx". Truly after my heart. Someone who gets it. No jiggle what so ever and what's even better tucks, and sucks it all in. I don't know that I would be wearing it with my swim suit(yuk-yuk-yuk) or that I would dare brave it and put a thong on my rear today --- but I can still feel good about myself! Ok, ladies... pull out your skeleton's! Steffie first...Crazylady needs no encouraging.