It's All you about you Ms Queen Bee!

But of course. Our own little "Queenie". What else is new. You have yourself a following girly girl. A real fan club. No, not the Mickey Mouse kind either.

Ok, so I let the cat outta the bag. I know some will be roasting your arse off, no not to be mistaken for mine.....buckle up babe it's gonna get bumpy. They do love you doll.

Today my friend is your birthday. Not quite the big one but still reason to celebrate 36 effing years on this big universe. You look mah-velous! I only wish I were there with you uncorking a favorite bottle of wine or two and sitting up until the wee hours laughing and telling stories. I know I have told you before but I feel so lucky to have you in my life. My world. Fortunate. People do come into our lives for a reason. You were my reason. You were there for me during the tough times. The dark times. You are still here with me. You are the one who taught me how to scrap book. Make a life book for my babies. Long distance. You were patient with me... oh so patient. I'm laughing at my insecurity of attempting it the first time. You held my hand and assured me that it would be great. It was.

I know when I'm having one of those days you're the one I want to talk to. You always have a way of making everything alright. You so get me. With you there is no judging. Oh, yeah there was that time... You are kind and compassionate and a terrific mom and wife. You are able to easily laugh at yourself and also you can admit when you're wrong although that happens so rarely. True my friends.

I know from many discussions how much you adore your babies and fm. I also know that he loves you more than China. Lucky you.....You hit the "jack-pot" with fm.

Sen, you are more than a friend to me you are like family. You are a sister to me. If I could have any wish come true it would be that you and I lived much closer together. My wish to you is that you have the best dang spankin' birthday ever. I love you ---- Rony

Now let the good times begin! Happy Birthday!!!