Foto Challenge #35


Donna's Family Foto Challenge#35

This week's photo challenge is "Love". Want to play? Here are the very simple rules.

We wanted to play this one as we gotta lot of love to share.....and some great "love" shots!Girls "loving" on one another and for a change not fighting, pinching, and hitting. *sigh*.

Mommy (no, that is not a beached whale!) and babies day at the pool.

Jeff and I on our way to meet our daughter's for the first time. I think that was the last time I wore lipstick!

Mommy trying to figure out how to feed two at a time? What you don't see here in the foto I too was eating...multi-tasking.

This was the way to travel! They couldn't get away from us strapped to us like the "Una-bomber".


Mommy and babies opening gifts on their birthday.

"My peeps"!